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Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

I am a huge fan of the color purple. So, when I ran across this cologne, I was already predisposed to like it. After a long search- I live in a small city in TN, I finally was able to smell some. I purchased a small bottle. I have received several positive comments and look forwards to adding this to my top cologne list!
03rd September, 2012

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I mainly smell chocolate. I like chocolate. Do I want to give off this aroma? No.
10th August, 2012

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

In the heartnotes there is a sickly sweet note reminiscent of Joop. The drydown gets slightly better...
22nd July, 2012
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Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

One of the few scents I have had to wash off. I was drawn to it by the name, disliked the first whiff, sprayed myself with trepidation, waited a half hour, smelled again, gave up, Very disappointing.
20th May, 2012

Nautica Classic by Nautica

It is ok. I tried it, it was just meh. Nice, but not my style and not the scent I want to broadcast as a projection of myself. I wouldn't pay money for this. It didnt smell bad, just meh.
20th May, 2012

Silver by Dana

I like it a lot, but I wish it came in a spray form. I had a small bottle, and found a larger one in hopes that it would have a spray nozzle. It is also very weak, doesn't project, and disappears. That being said, I like the smell while it lasts!
18th May, 2012

Dunhill for Men by Dunhill

I wanted to like this Dunhill. When I started down the primrose path of cologne I asked the Hive Mind which colognes where the best for men. An older gentleman suggested this one. Bolstered by strong reviews I set out on a search. I especially wanted to find Dunhill as I did not want a common scent. I eventually acquired a bottle. Although I have received complements (from a middle aged lady) I initially thought the bottle was a fake because it smelled so different that I expected. But, it was confirmed, and I just almost never wear it. I have kept the bottle, but it is not one of the favorites.
18th May, 2012

Antaeus by Chanel

Wow! About 15/20 years ago I was going through an old box of my fathers and found a small sample vial of this. I liked it, but thought no more of it until about 2 years ago, when my cologne interest took off. Having seen the voluminous reviews here, I added it to my shpritz list. I was expecting wonders, but my first reaction was of disgust. Still, I dutifully shpritzed it on my inside elbow (I was wearing rolled up sleeves). I left the store without a purchase, and thought no more of it. 4 hours later, when I took off my shirt, my nose was hit by this great scent. I eventually tracked it back to my sleeve, and couldn't stop smelling it. The next chance I had, I went back about bought my first bottle of Antaeus. I have since bought a spare, just in case! This is also one of the few scents my gf could stand, and even thought was nice, which is a huge victory. BTW, the longevity is great, I could smell it on the shirt for several days! This is my number one cologne.
18th April, 2012

H.M. by Hanae Mori

I get melon from this one. Too sweet to my taste, but inoffensive
18th April, 2012

Black by Bulgari

I was really happy to try this today, as Black has been quite hard to sample. I am disappointed! It smells bleh and too sweet n light. I am happy I finally tried it, but am done with the House of Bvlgari.
18th April, 2012

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I was in the market for a new cologne, I tried this one, found it unsubstantial. I eventually bought Antaeus. However, I found myself with a gift certificate, so I went back, tried it again, and bought the EDT. I am very impressed with it now, it has leapt near the top of my list. It is more delicate than my usual, but, hey! The girls seem to like it.
18th March, 2012