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Citrus & Wood by Yardley

Bought because it was deemed similar to Terre D'Hermes by many reviewers, which itself is favourably reviewed on this site and others.

However, on spraying Yardley Citrus and Wood for the first time, I thought that perhaps the nozzle was blocked, for no scent was detectable. A further four sprays, and I had a scent that projects about six inches.

A bit of soft and powdery orange and a trace of cedar.

Whilst not unpleasant it is nothing more than a weak potpourri fragrance.

Too soft and powdery to be masculine. Unisex.
03rd July, 2012

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Soft, powdery, and sweet.

I've been looking for old-school "masculine" fragrances and this was heavily recommended on the forums. I was extremely disappointed on receiving Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills to discover that it was an old-woman's perfume incorrectly labelled as a fragrance for men.

If your definition of masculine is powdery, soft, and sweet, this is the most masculine fragrance you can buy at any price. Otherwise stay clear of it.
14th February, 2012

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Prominent top notes of star anise, lemon and sandalwood.

Base notes are primarily sandalwood and musk, with patchouli lingering to the end.

A hint of spice and dark sugar throughout. There is no hint of powder or soapiness and this is a scent for men of any age. This scent is pleasant for wear at any time or place, but unfortunately it is not a knockout scent nor a hyper-masculine scent that will make ladies fall at your feet.

Azzaro Pour Homme is not a traditional power scent as regularly espoused and wears close to the skin except during warm weather or exercise. I personally use two sprays to the chest, two to the neck, and when I need a bit more scent one on each forearm. Using two to three sprays, except during the first half-hour, women I hug do not detect the fragrance unless instructed to sniff me. 3-6 sprays recommended.
31st August, 2011
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Brit for Men by Burberry

Burberry Brit is a feminine scent currently sold as a male scent. It smells synthetic, powdery and sickly sweet. It has enormous sillage and unfathomably prompts compliments from women. Despite this I must give Burberry Brit a strong negative rating. If you can not find this in stores, sniff baby powder or women's makeup before making a blind purchase to approximate the scent.
31st August, 2011

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Citrus and floral top notes, drying down to slightly smoky tea with a bit of musk. This fragrance has a linear dry down, bordering on flat, which I find fresh, masculine and clean. This scent can be worn at any time but it has weak sillage and requires 4-6 sprays to be noticeable to the wearer regardless of the weather. It is perfect when you do not want other people to detect your scent, yet you want to quietly enjoy your own pleasant and comforting smell.
31st August, 2011