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Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Silver Mountain Water is a real beauty; a bright, cool, airy blast of citrus and aldehydes, freshly laundered (comparisons to Chrome are not unfounded) with a semi-tart punctuation rising from the blackcurrant, only slightly fruity and sans any ammoniac edge. It sort of feels like a crisp clean breeze is blowing evenly over a calm liquid accord of green tea currants. There's also the vague hint of some unidentified industrial bonding agent. It's a curious feature, but subtile and one that adds a deft quirkiness to the mix. All of this rests nicely on the lovely (if lean) standard ambergris/musk foundation. An altogether "easy" yet very interesting presentation.
The catch for me, like many apparently, is that the enjoyment plays out over an astonishingly brief timespan. After liberal application it becomes a skin scent within 45 minutes and has literally all but disappeared on me by the two hour mark. It's confounding that a fragrance with this kind of performance (at designer price points, let alone the lofty retail tag) could command so much attention. That SMW is offered in 500ml vats (granted, as are others in the line) is also an amusing irony. I'm left wondering if this particular combination of ingredients somehow induces specific anosmia in some, while other lucky folks can actually smell this stuff for an extended period of time. Either that or Creed has managed to pull off one of the great olfactive/marketing illusions in perfume history:
Now you smell you don't!!

17th May, 2015 (last edited: 19th May, 2015)

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

Somewhere between Vincent Roubert's Knize Ten and Laurie Erickson's Fireside Intense, Lonestar Memories is set upon a vaguely incandescent citric/myrrhish/vetiver backdrop. While just as bold (and a good deal more complex), I find the Tauer composition more appealing than either. Farther down the smoldering leathery burnt tar trail a dollop of sugared coumarin emerges with a subtile floral accent (the jasmine I presume) wisping about, softening the whole experience. An extremely interesting peice of work, this is definitley a ride I'd enjoy taking on a regular basis.
21st July, 2012