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Mystère by Rochas

This is one of my all-time favorite scents. I was walking down the halls of the Smithsonian in D.C. where I worked at the time (early 80s). I kept smelling this incredible aroma and was trying to follow it to its source. I eventually traced to another employee down the hall and around the corner; I only caught the trail of the scent that she left exiting the lady's room. I cornered her and found out the name and immediately went to Garfinckel's (sadly RIP) angdbought a bottle, a big splurge on my income at the time. It has been in my scent wardrobe ever since, even thought it was discontinued for a while and then resurrected (hate the new bottle). Warm, dark, woodsy and slightly herbaceous, mysterious and slightly possibly dangerous. You don't wear this to an early AM meeting; too heavy. But once the sun goes down . . . . a very ambery scent, and a brave man could wear this as well.
03rd September, 2011