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Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

Midnight Poison is a dark, seductive, voluptuous and a very sexy concotion. Francois Demanchy has added patchouli, amber and vanilla to this fragrance as its base notes, and belive me, I never really knew what patchouli means before I smelt this. Patchouli caught my attention in other fragrances as a cheap, herbal, pleasant but a bit boring to make anything like a scent out of it. Midnight Poison really made the patchouli for me. I must say I wear while I'm a man, and it really suits my personality, while I also like to wear the midnight blue Eau de Parfum.

I must say I really enjoyed it, its my favourite fragrance and i'll always have a bottle of this dark concotion on my dresser!
04th September, 2011