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Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

This was the first bottle i started my collection with, i bought it blind based on the positive reviews it had gotten.. was really excited, got home took a sniff and i really didnt know if i could wear this. it smelled kinda like those weird wooden fans and stuff u often find in asian houses.. i really hated it tbh.. but i kept wearing it wearing it, i cant really stand the opening if i put my wrist close to my nose, but just letting it do its thing without oversniffing myself i got a very pleasant woody florally spicey sweet scent which would actually be the drydown later.. longevity is good i actually just sprayed myself 2hours before going to bed woke up in morning put on la nuit de l'homme and now that la nuit is gone, i still catch whiffs of egoiste from time to time, projection is moderate could smell myself for 4 hours when applied to chest.

gg chanel gg.
26th October, 2011