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Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

Happy.. happy.. HAPPY! I cant help but smile when i wear this fragrance - it's literally sunshine in a bottle! A sniff of this transports me to a sun-drenched, secluded spot in the south of France, sipping champagne cocktails and laughing softly whilst wearing a feminine full-length sun-dress & wide-brimmed hat, dripping with gold jewellery!
OK.. so my description leaves a lot to be desired, but somehow this scent makes me feel flirty, feminine, relaxed and youthful, yet refined, classy and 'grown-up' all at the same time.
For me this is the perfect scent for summer.
08th September, 2011

Mûre et Musc Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Now please dont anybody take this the wrong way, especially if you're a Mure et Musc lover .. but this scent literally made me want to vomit!
I got a strong aroma of sweaty, dirty bum (seriously, i kid you not. Does no-one else get this?) laced with sickly sweetness. Literally like someone had poured some sweet, syrupy gloop down a sweaty, dirty bum-crack. Thats the mental picture i got with every sniff, and couldnt shake off (no wonder i wanted to vomit, right?). I think the musk notes in this must be the animaly, dirty type musk? (rather than the soapy, clean white musks im used to).
And the sweet notes.. something akin to artificial (rotten) fruit. Urgh! For someone who is usually a lover of sweet gourmande notes this is just WAY too synthetically, nausiatingly sweet, even for me.
So yeah, for a scent i was dying to sample, and thought i would LOVE, this turned out to be a wholly unpleasant experience. I NEVER want to have to smell this odour again.
Actually, i tell you what else it reminded me of: When someone has been in the bathroom and, erm, stunk it out, and then sprayed a load of cheap sickly dewberry airfreshener to cover it up, but it just mingles into a sweet, poopy, dirty, gag-reflexing stench.
Yup, thats Mure et Musc in a nutshell for me. Thoroughly disgusting. :(
08th September, 2011

Ghost by Ghost

I adore Ghost. Im so surprised, as i often prefer heavier gourmade or oriental scents, but this fragrance is so enchanting.
To me the delicately encapsulating fragrance of Ghost evokes images of a beautiful naked woman draped in an airy white silk gown, floating through an enchanted forest filled with fluttering fairies, unicorns and rare blooming flowers.
Its an ethereal, light, floaty scent, but with something at its core that makes it more special - mystical almost.
I would describe this as a light fruity-floral scent. I definitely detect some watery, light, fruity notes along with the flowers.. and a sweetness that still somehow manages to feel soft & fresh.
I love to wear this scent after my bath - I feel so pure, floaty, feminine and almost.. magical! It gently envelops me like a swirl of silk & transports me to my enchanted forest every time i wear it.
The only negative i can give is that the lasting power of the EDT is not super good. Certainly not bad, but not as long-lasting as id like - to be expected with an EDT though. If only they'd bring out a Ghost EDP.. then i'd have my *perfect* scent (especially for when i want to feel like the virgin goddess of the mystical forest!). =)
08th September, 2011
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