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    Hugo Just Different by Hugo Boss

    To my sense this is clearly from boss line, having the certain spicy/masculine edge to it.
    As so many other boss fragrances have incommon.
    The opening to me, is quite a mess and find it hard to define.
    But what really was a positive suprise, was the soft masculine drydown.
    Not exactly a summer scent, but maybe for the fall?

    14th October, 2011


    Fierce for Men by Abercrombie & Fitch

    Fresh and lemony, to my nose its a very pleasant fragrance. It seems to be quite clear to most here that it is more of a younger persons scent.
    First when had a whiff of it, it reminded of some other scent that ive smelled years ago in
    90`s. Like to hear comments, if there might be a cousin for this?
    I live in Finland "cold north", and regarding to other reviews consider my self a lucky person at least till now. If or when it gets here, I quess its a bomb specially for the younger crowd.

    12th September, 2011

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