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A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

I love a good coffee note in a fragrance. The cappucino note in Rochas Man is what made me fall in love with it. Recently, I looked for a new, higher priced, and higher quality coffee fragrance so I got a sample of this and New Haarlem. Both are pricey now that this is discontinued but I am willing to shell out for quality. Thierry Mugler is known for quality and a well blended fragrance, but I have never been able to get passed the well known "difficult" opening the house is known for. For A men it is tar, B men rhubarb, malt you smell like a brewery, and havane you smell like you have been smoking all night. This one i thought might be different. It is, it is more subtle and of a lesser quality. It fades and stays close to the skin and gets harder and harder to detect with each passing hour. After 3 or4 it is almost gone on my skin. And then there is that classic smell that is in all of the fragrances with this bottle shape. I dont know exactly what does it, maybe there is some undisclosed notes, but to me it is a waxy crayon smell. Like you sprayed a quality gourmand fragrance on an opened box of crayolas! I just cant get passed it, its unique, overwhelming, and when i smell it I just say...hmm. i dont know. Not the OMG this smells amazing you should get when you pay top dollar for a fragrance. Now New Haarlem is sweet, gourmand, coffee and patchouli and from top to bottom just amazing. None of that," hmm thats weird", or" i dont know about this", that you get from pure coffee. In addition, its of a higher quality and i get more projection and longevity. If you are looking for a quality coffee gourmand, go with bond no 9 like I am, you wont regret it.
09th December, 2011

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I...Love....Thierry Mugler. Everything this house has put out has been quality. Longevity, projection, originality. you name it, this house has it. I can not get enough of this scent. It smells like grape soda, fizz and all. It is one of my favorite clubbing scents. And here is the kicker, I'm a guy. This is as unisex as a fragrance can get, in fact many of TM's fragrances are. My girlfrend loves it on me just as much as her and it gets huge compliments. Guys, dont be afraid to carefully select a womens perfume for yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. They are stronger and it opens the doors to everything. Now there are very few that i would venture to try, they cant be too feminine or floral, but this one is right up my alley for cold weather, nightime wear. So i sprayed givenchy play intense, le male, 1 million, and Alien on papers and had few guys test them out and i asked them which one is the womens perfume. All 4 guys got them wrong. Hmm......? give it a try....everyone.
20th November, 2011

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

So this is a sillage and longevity bomb. This stuff stays on you forever. I sprayed it on the back of my hand to give it a try and 10 hours later i sit here writing this still smelling it. I also tried to wash it off twice by scrubbing the back of my hand. Still smell it. One word to describe this......Agarwood. All of the other notes kind of bounce around but the wood is what you have to like. If you have never smelt it before you must try. some people love it, others hate it. basically its what hapens to very certain and specific types of wood after it gets an infection in the tree. Its been used throughout history as a fragrance, incense, etc. I have tried to like it, but this is the last time i will try it. This is for an older gentlemen, 40 and up. If you are 20 and wearing this you are bold, or you are trying to attract a grandma. It is rugged, masculine, cigar bar, and very unique. very unique. someone mentioned a gasoline note....i can see that. it is wood, wood, wood....end of story. if you like'll love it, if you hate it, it will make you puke. Try before you buy. it is very high quality. for i give this a thumbs up for what it is great quality....i just dont like it. so its neutral.
20th November, 2011
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La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This is my "go to" scent at night. It is very high quality, projects like a beast and lasts forever. Women love this smell. It is a big compliment getter and is my girlfriends favorite of my night time scents. Typically people have issues with flankers and the majority of the bad reviews express this fact. I hate when people review a flanker comparing it to the original. I believe it should be taken as its own entity. Some may like l'homme and not this one or vice versa. Personally I like them both but you cannot compare them because it is comparing apples to oranges. L'homme is a day time spring summer fragrance and this is a night time fall winter fragrance in my opinion. Its like saying fish is better than cereal. Well they are two completely different meals. Personally i like them both but i wouldnt eat fish for breakfast. Every scent has its specific use. I think L'homme and La nuit de l'homme are essential to a good collection. YSL makes great quality fragrances that will get you complimented and noticed. Its very easy to wear, fairly safe, and has proven itselft in the last 2 years.
12th October, 2011

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

When I first looked into this fragrance I thought...hmm. Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla....some of my favorites! And since they are in the middle notes, they will be there for the bulk of the scent life as well. I was wrong! This is different than the notes imply. Like others say...everything blends and what you are left with is something much more linear and its soap, soap, and more soap. I get a slight hint of Vanilla mixed with a base of Vetiver but overall its a very unique and the rest is mixed to the point where they cannot be distinguished. Now i give this a neutral review because it is soap. You may love the smell of soap, I do on occasion. If you do this is for you but be warned that it is very strong. so much so that it burns your nose a bit on a big wiff. very strong soapy clean smell. hidden behind is vanilla vetiver. thats what you are getting. It is too strong of a soap smell for me but for others they love it. It is a quality, unique fragrance and deserves high marks. I'm not against giving a good review to a high quality, unique fragrance even if i personally would not wear it.
20th September, 2011

Brit for Men by Burberry

For anyone who is a serious collector of fragrances, or just appreciates good quality juice please dont be discouraged by the negative reviews. I read through them and 90% of them claim they did not like Brit because it smelled like baby powder, made you smell like an infant, too feminine etc. They talk as if they can only wear one fragrance and they have to choose only one. We all know that every fragrance has its specific uses and seasons while others are a bit more versatile. Brit has very specific uses that make it essential to a good collection. Its not the first cologne you should buy, not the second or third either for all of you who may be looking for one of your first half dozen purchases this isnt it. This is a fragrance for when you have 5 or 6 and you have spanned all of the different categories, ie aquatic, daring, work scent, signature, night out, intimate. When you are looking to expand and you are entering the cooler months buy this one. The heart does smell like powder. It is very fresh, very clean smelling which makes it perfect for occasions when you will be around people and dont want to offend. movie theatres, sporting event or concert when you are sitting next to people, a show. If someone is going to get stuck sitting next to you for a while, you want to smell fresh and clean and safe. who has ever said they hated the smell of baby powder? everyone likes that smell. people may not Love it but they certainly do not hate it either. no one would ever sit next to you and say..."oh my god this person smells like baby powder its gross". they would think....geez this person smells fresh and nice. this is why this fragrance has its use and is perfect in certain situations. close minded negative reviewers who dont have a good nose cant see this. In addition....I think this has an amazing dry down. the tonka bean...vanilla like woody smoth aroma is awesome. i cant get enough of the dry down. this cologne is very useful....very original. i havent smelled it on too many people. you will stand out and just smell good. go for it.
13th September, 2011