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Charlie White by Revlon

This reminds me of my pre-teen years. My sister had a bottle of this and every once in a while, I'd sneak a spray. The scent reminded me of spicy watermelons.
23rd September, 2011

Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsessions is one of my comfort scents.
My sister has worn this for at least 20 years and every time I smell it, I am reminded of her. I live in Korea now - half way across the world from my family - and whenever I'm missing my sister, I spray on this scent and it helps with the homesickness.
The fact that the scent is very sexy and sophisticated is a plus!
23rd September, 2011

Chocolate Amber by Bath and Body Works

I smelled in in the store and thought "meh" but that was back when I had money to blow on whatever I wanted so I bought it.
To me, it smells like peanut butter. I can't explain why. It just has a musty, peanut-buttery scent that takes forever to fade. No wonder it was only available for a very short time (I'm thinking less than a year?)
23rd September, 2011
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Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

Sweet but not too sweet. The strawberry note is lovely and I detect a sweet sugar note. Love it.
23rd September, 2011