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Metal Jeans Women by Versace

I love this scent. I knew someone who wore Versace Dreamer and it reminded me of that. Very sweet and flirty. However, I second the longevity comment. I would spray a ton on in order to have it last.
26th September, 2011

Brit by Burberry

I usuallt hate any kind of vanilla scent and Brit smells a lot like vanilla to me. However, there is something fun and simple about it that I like. I like to wear it our with the girls for wine or to a fun daytime, summer event. Flirty and playful.
26th September, 2011

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

I bought a sample based on the review and this scent just does not vibe with my chemistry. It smells awful and reminds me of this horrible Victoria Secret scent my roommate used to wear.. Ich!
26th September, 2011
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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I love this scent. The floral mixed with a musky undertone makes it a little less "old" feeling to me, even though it is so floral. Frankly, it reminds me of the camelia bushes outside my grandmother's front entrance. It is a nostalgic scent for me.
26th September, 2011

Modern for Her by Banana Republic

I love this perfume. I was introduced to it on a trip to Chicago when rooming with a friend. She had it and I fell in love. I went to get it and was told it was discontinued. So sad, but then I was at a banana outlet and they had oodles of it on clearance. I am bought about 5 bottles. I still find it on ebay too.

The scent is so clean, a tiny bit masculine, making it very modern and edgy in my opinion. It is sweet in a clean, green way, not in a sugary way. I love it!
26th September, 2011