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parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

Mysterious dirty and comforting wow

I have really fallen for Avignon, the incense is intense with myrrh and woods in it and just a bit of sweetness, not much at all but also dirtied and made deeper by the animalic notes. Just how I would imagine the Catholic church with its history but then not really, I cannot quite see this as a church scent, it is not tame at all but more like dark, mysterious and dirty but yet very comforting and warming. I have worn this out of a generous sample from Darkdreams for five days in a row and cannot get enough. The lasting power and sillage are wonderful on me, not really feminine but not masculine either, complex and unique. I love incense and this may be my favorite incense fragrance to date, definitely one I will be looking forward to own. Really surprised me as it far surpassed my expectations. The only thing is that maybe I would like a tadbit less woods on a woman but the woods can be comforting too. So nothing negative, just drawn to this fume.

Pros: all I was looking for as an incense lover and more
Cons: none"

05th October, 2013

Rose Splendide by Annick Goutal

Very true, this is a green rose with a bit of soil, kind of like Le Labo Iris 39 is and I really like this bur Rose Splendide is much lighter.
26th January, 2013

Lavande by Fragonard

My favorite summer fume, uncomplicated, beautiful, reminds me of my wonderful summer vacation in Cannes and Provence, it is a sweet lavender with benzoin and patchouli, completely unisex.
25th September, 2012
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Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie by Creed

Jasmin Imperatrice is not about the jasmine to me at all, while there are undoubtly jasmine and bulgarian rose in this gorgeous creation, this fragrance is not at all what you would expect based on the name, except if you think about imperatrice. This fragrance is for sure very royal and made for an imperatrice, not for the faint at heart with its powerful presence, which is what I want in my perfumes.

What this fragrance is about is its unparalelled drydown, perhaps the most gorgeous amber-vanilla-sandalwood trio I have eber smelled. It stays for days and it haunts you for days, it is soft, velvety, creamy, sweet, sensual and very passionate, it does not let you forget about it just like the imperatrice it was created for.

Although called a jasmine perfume, I think this fragrance is best suited for cooler seasons and/or nights, it is very conforting while seducing and though I was definitely looking for a summery fragrance, as usual I fell for something with a big presence and deep base.
18th June, 2012

Love and Tears by By Kilian

I am generally not a fan of florals but there are those rare exceptions, those that are way too beautiful or different to not be adored. As Le Labo's florals are animalic and different (Iris 39, Rose 31), Kilian's florals are too beautiful to be ignored. I am not a fan of either tuberose or jasmine, yet Beyond Love is the only tuberose I could imagine wearing and in face I am intrigued by it, finding it the bes tuberose and Love and Tears is painfully gorgeous, it is the make me cry beautiful jasmine and animalic as well, just the way I would want my jasmine to be. Even though I would no longer buy jasmine perfumes, I would make an exception here and consider Love and Tears, it is the epitome of sensual femininity.
11th June, 2012

L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris

This is an amazing scent, not for the tame at heart and definitely only for those with a refined taste as others might call it stinky as it is most definitely different and even weird to some but a very unique and magnificent creation, one of the most interesting and intriguing of all times. I am generally drawn to very complex scents and have fallen head over heels for its sister, Bal a Versailles, a very complex fume and strangely I am sort of crazy for L'air de Rien now as it is even skankier and stranger in my opinion and though very very few notes are listed, it smells refined, sophisticated and very complex nevertheless. I am a great fan of animalics and this may be the most animalic and dirty scent I have ever sniffed.
09th June, 2012

Back to Black by By Kilian

The best word to describe this truly amazing creation IMHO is addictive; it is soooo good, so beautiful, so warm, a different gourmand which is not definitely not too sweet and is most definitely irresistible, a gorgeous, perfectly rounded out, complex and exceptionally attractive perfume.
01st June, 2012

Iris 39 by Le Labo

Iris 39 is among my very favorite having a favorite spot in my fragrance wardrobe especially now in spring. I am not a person into diluted, nondescript fumes and definitely detest the popular summer fruitchoulis and while I like some skin scents (take Cartier Baiser Vole) I will never have a love affair with them. Being a greener floral chypre but wearable in hot weather too and having the much loved animalic notes, I have always had a serious crush on Iris 39 ever since I first smelled it. Though in the winter I would go for something even deeper and more animalic, Iris 39 is not your light and airy little floral but rather a pretty heavy hitter and very sensual in nature; being secretly dirty while gorgeously beautiful and very elegant as well. The moment you smell Iris 39 you will always remember it, it is very intriguing and beautiful as it is it has a character that reminds me of an entire iris plant dug out from earthy, slightly animalic dirt (take a bit of cat poop mixed in) with traces of it left on.This is how I want my Iris, not entirely innocent but somewhat mysterious, naturally gorgeous and whispering dirty secrets in your ears. I could not stop thinking of this sophisticated and slightly complicated painting of a beautiful lady, I just had to have her to enjoy her grand breath of real nature, real spring, unparalleled sex appeal, never tacky nor sweet. As typical of Le Labo you can just smell the quality of the ingredients, though pricey, it is well worth the price.

17th May, 2012

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

Wow, simply amazing, one of the absolute best, most magnificent creations ever made. If you want something different, something naughty, something men will remember as the scent of the girl they were crazy for, choose BAV. It is not for the tame at heart, it is for those that will embrace their sexuality, who are daring to put on red heels with a red dress and walk out to the streets wearing bad hair. Call girl, perhaps but to me Madamme Pompadour all the way. We all have the bad girl in us but do we dare to show it off? Pure perfection to me, men are very attracted to this scent even though it is not loud but very intimate and thus best for intimate occasions, it must be those pheromones in there and what a stunning civet, bringing out our animalic side. Very long lasting and my absolute fave at the moment. BTW, I own the vintage EDT but also really love the modern EDT. They are similar yet different, as expected due to the natural notes the vintage is smoother and velvety, less sillage and definitely less lasting power but some of that is also due to the dissipation of some top notes perhaps. The modern version is spicier, grand sillage and great lasting power, some effervescent sharper notes on top. Love both and could not choose, great layered too, I would do vintage and then modern over. Vintage alone can even be worn to the office. Simply what I would call passion in a bottle.
13th March, 2012 (last edited: 13th April, 2012)

L'Eau de Chloé by Chloé

Was very surprised to find that I really like this fume, very well done. Not a fan of the "original" Chloe but love Love and I thought since I generally dislike lighter fumes I would dislike this since it would be a watered down version of the already watered down and nondescript Chloe but it is not really lighter and definitely not watered down, just has a sparkling, vibrant top with the bergamot and other citrus but is beautiful and definitely a characteristic scent still; gorgeous flowers in the heart and a forever lasting base, sillage is really good as well, unusual for fragrances falling into the l'Eau category, I find it really great for hot weather and it will surely go on my to buy list for the summer.
10th February, 2012 (last edited: 21st February, 2012)

Wrappings by Clinique

I love this fragrance as it is totally unique, nothing I had smelled before smells like it and if you prefer to have personality in your scent, this is definitely a must get. It is also quite rare, selling at crazy prices on the net due to it being only sold during the holiday season, limited edition and news every once in a while that is is now really discontinued for good. I find that it works not only during the holiday season but during every season due to the green, sparkly, effervescent notes in it.
Wrappings opens with a dose of aldehydes, which causes an explosion like, scintillating effect that lends fragrances an unparalleled passionate character that nothing else matches. The aldehydes are sort of scintillating, green but with waxy character and the green notes are there with a bit of spice and then the florals rush through almost instantly and the floral notes in it are also quite unique and extremely feminine in nature, carnations with their spicy, cinnamic scent and hyacinth. What I love about it is that the opening is of a fougere/green chypre but it does become sweeter and more floral on the skin with a beautiful deep drydown of a chypre, the perfect composition for my taste. I find it so unique because it is a fougere, a green chypre and an aldehydic floral in one with a certain animalic character in the drydown. Just perfect.
Both sillage and lasting power are wonderful in my opinion. It is a very elegantly and unusually rounded composition of greens, spices, flowers and woodsy resinous drydown, however, almost linear.
I discovered it accidentally being offered a bottle at a great price thinking it was Aromatics E which I love as well but the two are quite different despite having a slightly similar base. I was so happy to have discovered it that I went back to get a Xmas gift set which are now 25 % off at the Clinique stores, if it is discontinued I want to have my bottle for sure and one goes to my mom to enjoy.
It is quite an experience and what a ride to wear this perfume.
10th January, 2012 (last edited: 05th March, 2012)

Love, Chloé by Chloé

Love, Chloe to me is the most memorable fragrance I have ever smelled or worn. It captivated me the moment I first smelled it, it is unlike any other,a very unusual, absolutely mesmerizing fragrance and to me probably the most unique scent as well.
It definitely contains vintage accords, notes most would not use today which contributes to its uniqueness but it is somewhat of a modern take on a vintage perfume, with awesome sillage and lasting power but without a headachy heaviness. Complexity, femininity, yet wearability all in one.
I can easily picture someone like Marilyn Monroe wearing a fragrance like this, a sultry sexy woman but with lots of class and elegance. In fact, in my opinion the ad does not do it any justice but that is what I often find to be the case. The ad only captures the elegance and femininity side of this beautiful fragrance but without the unique sultriness I find just as important in it and without the vintage nuances of the fragrance.
It is a very characteristic scent which people would notice on you and compliment on. In fact, it is the fragrance I have gotten the most compliments on both from men and women alike and it has started a Love, Chloe craze at work. I do wear it for work too on occasion but still I think this is more of an evening or special occassion scent, one you would dress up for and not to be worn with jeans and one you would want to wear when you want someone to notice and remember you. Of course this is in part due to its uber feminine character.
As many great fragrances, it is one that will divide people, some will love it and some will hate it but it will not leave anyone indifferent. The clean notes, which some would call old lady (and BTW, noone has ever made that comment when smelling this on me and I do not personally get it either) the soap or powder in it in my opinion provides great contrast which makes the fragrance perfectly balanced, you cannot distinguish any note separately, maybe a little bit of the florals (rose especially) but it is perfectly contrasted or otherwise we would only have one of the gazillion boring florals. The Hyacinth and heliotrope give its unusual very feminine and sexy floral character and the orange blossom and pepper make it more modern. The rice and peru balsam contribute greatly to the depth and special character of this fragrance.
The woman I see wearing this is a very feminine, classy,confident but yet sexy woman, who dares to stand out from the crowd and is aware of her own attractiveness. It is an ode to femininity and to be one of the very best ever created. I kept going back to this and I will never be without a 50 ml bottle of this fragrance as when during any season I need to feel like a woman, I can spray my Love, Chloe which would make me feel more attractive, more sexy and more feminine.

14th December, 2011 (last edited: 03rd January, 2012)

Diorissimo by Christian Dior

Diorissimo, what can I say, grand not despite but exactly because of its simplicity and different from anything else ever created. I tend to like complex scents but sometimes the simplest is the best and this fume is one of the most magical creations in fragrance history. I own vintage EDP but unsure when exactly mine was released. I have smelled the current EDP as well and I find that nice too but as usual vintage is better. Definitely the work of a genius, proven by timeless beauty and elegance and how actual it still is and will always be.
21st October, 2011 (last edited: 27th January, 2012)
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Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Perfumes surprise me these days as I find myself falling for fragrances I never thought I would like, somehow the trend has been to go towards nudes in everything, just notice the nude packaging so many fragrances have come out with. Then the bottles are awe inspiring but sometimes absolutely nonfunctional, like the one of Burberry Body, extremely top heavy (lasted me two weeks due to it falling over and bursting). The bottle Le Parfum is in is beautiful, just like a champagne diamond of light but fortunately much more functional as well.

Of course the best part of Le Parfum is the juice itself. It comes on strong and surprises you and many might feel discouraged when smelling it first. It is not a mainstream fragrance, not for the woman who likes to hide in the crowd but it is a beautiful, exotic and mysterious fragrance, one that will get you noticed when you enter the party or the office but without being too loud.

The best part about the juice is the emotions it evokes in the person wearing it, it is true that this perfume is about light; light in a way that you can see and feel in the mediterranean but in any season and any part of the day. This fragrance fits all occassions and all seasons on a woman that dares to be hersel, on a woman that dares to be different and one that has a refined taste.

It is a very elegant fragrance and very refined, a bit complicated just like I like them and totally different. Light but with the warmth of the mediterranean sun. The interesting thing is that it comes on strong almost like all notes rush to the top when you spray it on. Orange blossom and jasmine warmed up with honey and a bit of cedar but without anything being too obvious and everything perfectly melting together like you want it in the perfect perfume.

Le Perfume is my perfect perfume and my favorite at the moment.
04th October, 2011

Burberry Body by Burberry

Interestingly, completely disagree, check out my post on the forum. I thought I would dislike this scent but have fallen in love with it exactly for the reason that I have found it completely unique and very defining, a scent which is hard to forget like the lady who is wearing it, this is how I would put it.

The Intense version is what I own and the one I much prefer though still think the regular version is nice as well. Although I am normally a musky, oriental perfume person I just could not pass on this one; even though different from what I normally wear this is probably the sexiest perfume I have smelled to date. When I tried it everyone asked me what I was wearing and after sampling it for three days in a row I had to grab it right away. It is definitely my HG date perfume.

I would define it as a warm scent with a definite musky base but flowers and a bit of fruit in the mix though thankfully not too much fruit as I despise definitely fruity scents. Although yes a bit retro in going back to certain trends of the 90's and definitely not in line with the natural trends of the days (which may be why some are giving it negative reviews), still a completely unique combination. Of course every new perfume will have notes that remind us of certain scents of the past, that is a given so in that way it is impossible to create something unique but as much as possible Burberry did it, made it extremely sexy and yet very wearable.
26th September, 2011