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Royal Oud by Creed

I truly love this scent. The blend is beautifully balanced and the quality is beyond apparent throughout the entire wear. The spices and woods are so nice, rich, and warm. Even within it's depths it has such sparkle and it shimmers so effortlessly. Hands down this is a excellent scent and exudes class. Longevity and projection are good + if not great, as it wafts all day and easily into the next day. I personally could care less if the Oud note is straight up obvious or not as it is the overall presentation as a full bodied fragrance that I find so appealing. My only other Oud experience is with Dior Leather Oud, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud, M7, and Tom Ford Oud Wood. I detest the Dior, tolerate M7, really really like the TF, thought MFK would be more nice for the wife, and this Creed...9.5/10 for me.
13th May, 2012

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

Well...I believe the scent to be quite nice! Actually. better than nice, it's pretty great on my skin. The woods and tobacco are blended well, the sweetness is not overdone and the projection and longevity are just right, not offensive in the slightest and I've had crazy amounts of compliments with this one. I feel it is a business casual kind of flavour as it has some eligance along with masculinity; but is also versitile enough to wear with a great pair of jeans. How this scent could receive "harsh" negative comments, I don't know. This scent is beautiful and there are a great deal of niche and designer fragrances out there that are ugly in compairson to this. Ignore the (-) and try for yourself.
31st October, 2011

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels

Could have lived without this one for sure. As stated many times, It smells like blvgari black and is actually lighter and has less longevity for me. I defiantly see no resemblance to Dior Homme in any fashion or form; not even in the same class or worth being mentioned in the same sentence together. I do have the EDT of this. Those with the EDP may have a different experience.
23rd October, 2011
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