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A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

In the top the Freezing mint and Juniper berry give off a very cool and fresh sensation. The mint is not a natural mint like in Live Jazz but even though synthetic it is rather good. The Juniper berry gives a piney sweetness to the fragrance but not in a cloying way. After about 15 minutes the white pepper comes in and this is where the fragrance really shines. The white pepper is extraordinary in its smoothness and gives depth to fragrance. It is not brash like the pepper in Marc Jacobs Bang or Burberry the Beat. It combines with the freezing mint and juniper berry to create a spicy fresh scent. The dry down gives way to an excellent sequoia wood and patchouli combination that is also done very well. At this point the pepper dies down into the background. I particularly enjoy the woody sweet sequoia note and appreciate the fact that the patchouli is not overpowering.

This stuff is very versatile and I could see someone wearing this all year round due to the fresh spicy combo. This is a mature scent in my opinion. I don't see high school students wearing this but college and up should pull this off just fine.

Now for the cons. I am a disappointed at the resemblance of this fragrance to Ice Men. Add juniper berry, a little white pepper and sequoia in the base to Ice Men and you have Pure Shot. Also the longevity on this stuff is embarrassing when compared to some of the other Pure series. I only get about 4 hours currently. The projection and sillage of this stuff is average. The price point for this fragrance is also way too high for what it offers. $85 for this fragrance is a rip off given its similarities to Ice Men which can be had for $30 and its staying power. Unless this stuff comes down in price it will have to a pass in my book.
19th February, 2012 (last edited: 29th February, 2012)

Silver Cologne by Amouage

This is definitely a soapy floral fragrance. It does not smell bad but the opening is sharp. The dry down is exponentially better once the fragrance mellows out. The fragrance would have been a lot better if they would have tempered the sharpness in the opening. The reason this is getting a negative review is it is just an average fragrance and when you charge $300 average is BAD.
03rd February, 2012

Ambargris by Madini

I can only see wearing this at home. This is definitely a fragrance that will never go mainstream even if Madini did. I also don't see someone under 30 really pulling this off or women under 30 really liking this. This is a fragrance for collectors, not mainstream America. I decided to give this a try because i really love ambergris. However after trying this I detect little to no ambergris. This is a totally misleading fragrance. It should be renamed SMOKE!

To be frank the opening really stinks. Call it medicinal if you want but it stinks. I get the smoky, resinous, incense smell with little to no sweetness. I am not a big fan of incense but it is not the incense that is off-putting to me, it is the smoke. This reminds me of how I smell after I am using a charcoal grill and the smoke is surrounding me. This could have been great if there was more sweetness (maybe vanilla or caramel) and the smoke was toned down, but as is it is too dry and smoky. The Smoke smell just dominates everything. I get the whole dancing around a fire analogy that everyone makes but I just don't want to smell like smoke. This is one of those fragrances that is interesting to smell, but not to wear. Some scents are only good as supporting characters and should never take a leading role and smoke is one of them.
14th January, 2012
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Kanøn Norwegian Wood by Kanon




That's all there is to it. Yes this does smell good in my opinion but where it really shines is the price to value ratio. I bought this for $7 and have received compliments on it from men and women. It is not one of my favorites but it does its job well. If you are looking for a cheapie for fall this is it. Projection, silage, and longevity are average.

7 out of 10.
04th January, 2012

A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

I enjoy coffee but this scent gives off a stale coffee smell in the top that is not blended in well. The notes itself are not bad but this coffee is not something that I would really want to smell like. Coffee needs to be blended with other notes to such as vanilla to be successful in my opinion and while this does have supporting notes the coffee drowns them out in the top. Some people may like this, especially if you like coffee, but this won't be getting you very many compliments from females.

The dry down is more redeeming in its reminiscence of A Men but it is not enough to save this fragrance.

In short, projection, silage, and longevity are slightly above average. Execution for serious coffee lovers will be good but most mainstream consumers will not approve. This is not bad, but who wants to smell like a coffee pot? My least favorite of the A Men line. 6 out of 10.
04th January, 2012

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I am not a big fan of cedar as a worn scent. Hamster cages are generally not what one would want to smell like. Terre D'Hermes is the exception to the rule however. The orange and ceder mix works well. Sillage and Longevity are pretty good as well.

I can see how some would not like this scent, especially if you don't like cedar. This is a good scent but not a blind buy fragrance. I grew to appreciate this more the more I wore it. Very well done and put together. Definitely for the 25 and older crowd as it is very masculine. 8.5 out of 10 overall.
03rd December, 2011

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

This seemed like it would be a winner because I like tobacco, ginger (in reserved amounts) and green tea scents. I am also a fan of the Creed house in general. However this stuff gives off a foul rancid sour note, most likely do to the imbalance of the ginger note. This stuff has been compared to acetone, nail polish remover and other foul smelling chemicals. This is the first Creed that I want to wash off my arm. It is indeed a foul smelling scent and those that do like it (to each his own) may want to truly step back and separate the scent from the idea of its high quality house and origins. I wouldn't GIVE this stuff away to anyone who I considered a friend.
24th November, 2011

Roadster by Cartier

This is not a bad scent, but the mint in Roadster does not smell very natural to me. It reminds me more of menthol than mint. I was expecting a more natural smelling mint such as in YSL Live Jazz. In Live Jazz the mint smells like it was freshly picked. Roadster hints at toothpaste or gum mint to me and I know what fresh mint smells like having picked it right out of the wild before. I think the dry down is much better than the top notes though. It smooths out nicely into a minty light wood accord.

Overall I give this fragrance a 6 out of 10.
01st November, 2011

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This is a truly unique scent. There is nothing that I have come across that can even mimic this fragrance. It does have a metallic tinge to it but it adds to the refreshing smell of this fragrance. This fragrance is sparkling fresh, like the fizz from a newly opened can of Sprite.

It is unisex, and can be used very well by both sides. This is a very good fragrance with good longevity, projection, and sillage. Sprayed on clothes I can still easily smell this the next day. The best part of this fragrance is in between the transition from the top notes to the dry down where you have a sparkling fresh ambergris accord that is pure magic.
01st November, 2011

Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

I get a slightly green, earthy, and spicy accord from Bulgari pour Homme Extreme just as Shifty Bat explained. I can smell the tea in this but it mixes in a way that it is not a dominant note. I enjoy tea scents but this one just did not excite me. I think the spicy accord mixed with the tea felt slightly wrong to me. I like soothing tea fragrances but this just felt off. It is not a bad fragrance, but I expected to really like it do to the tea note and the fact that I like the Bulgari House.

Longevity and Projection seem to be good. Good but ultimately uninspiring.
01st November, 2011

Armani Attitude Extreme by Giorgio Armani

This is seduction in a bottle. This is fresh and creamy at the same time thanks to the lemon and patchouli. This is a dark fragrance but not in a morbid way. It is dark in the sense of mystery. This is definitely a date or going out scent. I don't know if I would wear this to a club as it is not noisy or brash however it could easily be done. This is something you would wear to a lounge.

This fragrance is sort of an unspoken hero in my opinion and that is fine with me. It is one of those fragrances that will have you looking like a weirdo on the street as you sniff your arm over and over.
31st October, 2011

Néroli Sauvage by Creed

This stuff is fantastic. The neroli and citrus mixes very well together creating a very elegant, light hearted scent. One of my favorite Creed fragrances. Projection and Longevity are average to slightly above in my opinion. This is a good scent for warm weather.
29th October, 2011

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Coconut and Lime. While this is well made it is too much of a novelty scent to receive a thumbs up. I just can't see wearing this on a regular basis unless you live in the Caribbean.
26th October, 2011
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

GIT is a masterpiece. PERIOD. The violet note is astonishingly beautiful. Anyone that enjoys cologne should keep a bottle of this.
25th October, 2011

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

As others have said, this scent is essentially a fancy soap smell. I was disappointed with this for the simple fact that if I wanted to smell like soap I would take a shower instead of buying a $60 bottle of cologne. It doesn't smell bad but it is strong. It receives a thumbs down because I expect more out of a cologne of this magnitude.

Nothing special. Pass.
21st October, 2011

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

This is good stuff. The fresh green tobacco accord blends very well with the honey and vanilla accords. This is an excellent winter/fall scent or even for an evening out but not for hot weather. Overall good job though.

This is very nice in small doses, but be forewarned, this can get cloying fast if over sprayed! 2 sprays should work fine and I would suggests spraying on wrists or clothing as the neck may become overpowering.

Projection, sillage, and longevity are all excellent for this fragrance.
20th October, 2011

Brit for Men by Burberry

This fragrance is very polarizing because the people that enjoy masculine 80's powerhouses will hate this most likely. In all honesty, this fragrance is very well done. I get a lot of ginger and green mandarin in the top notes and powdery woods in the dry down with this fragrance. To be honest when I first tried this fragrance I hated it so I can understand how some people would not like this. However, coming back and trying it again I now like it. It is well put together but this is in the more modern vein of fragrances. Definitely more of a winter/fall fragrance to me as it can becoming cloying with too many sprays or in the heat.

Longevity is slightly above average to average. Sillage and Projection are pretty good. In short this is a good fragrance but NOT blind buy material.
20th October, 2011

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

This scent is a dark fresh aquatic that never ceases to fascinate me. It is simply wonderful. I can see how some people may not like the saltiness of the dry down, but to me it is not overbearing or off putting.
I would say that this fragrance would be safe enough for a blind buy by most people. I believe that this aquatic does give a very classy and sophisticated twist on the normal aquatic genre. This is the grown man's aquatic. Not old, but rather for someone who has their stuff together.

I give this scent a 9.5 out of 10. Longevity is excellent, Sillage is excellent for an aquatic and Projection is excellent as well.

18th October, 2011