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Spice and Wood by Creed

Wore this today for the first time. This is a wonderful juice that is exceptionally put together with great longevity. It is a 'mature' scent for someone very comfortable with who they are. It doesn't scream look at me, but rather introduces itself politely "I do say... Greetings! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is ________". I was unable to find fault with the scent. It is woods and spices - entirely as advertised. It is never overpowering or excessive or pushy or obnoxious in any way, during any stage. As a result, IME, it's not wildly memorable either.

You'd have to be desperately searching for this particular mix of scents and accords to justify the off-the-hook nosebleed pricing, IMO. And even then I can't imagine you couldn't do better for the money. I won't be buying a bottle, and probably won't wear my sample again - but if these sorts of "nice, polite scents" are your thing, be sure to give it a sniff and a whirl.
26th February, 2012

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

Easily my least favorite Nasomatto among Hindu Grass, Duro, and Absinth. I like the cannabis in it (it's very subtle IMO), but outside of the cannabis it's a non-special incensey-patch thing. Maybe if the cannabis were stronger, amazing, and more prominent it could be worth the $165 for a 30ml flacon. As-is, I don't think it's Gualtieri's best work.

The drydown is quality, lovely stuff. It just isn't distinctive enough from their other scents to make it interesting to me. If I hadn't smelled their other products before trying out BA, I probably would think more highly of it BUT in the end, it would still be my least favorite of the bunch. Not because it's bad or whatnot - simply because it's not distinctive enough from its own pack. At these nosebleed price-points, for me it's all about being different in compelling ways, and IMO Black Afgano doesn't meet the mark there.

That said, if you like these sorts of rich, heavy, woodsy, incensey types of things, you absolutely should try it. It very well may be your cup of tea! Your Nose May Vary!!!!!
22nd February, 2012

Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This is one of my new favorites. This is a serious scent with which you will make a statement - regardless of whether you wish to!

FM calls it a unisex scent. I agree, but you boys out there should know a few things. When it calms down it's definitely more unisex than when you initially spray it. The tuberose et. al. positively beat you with a bat upon application. This is a heady, heady, flowery juice. You will smell like flowers, and you'll need to be comfy with that! I definitely would NOT buy this without testing it first. And probably testing it a few times, at that!

I think it's fantastic stuff. Powerful. Distinct. Pushy. Gorgeous.
22nd February, 2012
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Aquae Nobilis by Profumum

First and foremost, like most Profumum Roma juices, this is distinctive stuff. Personally, I am not a fan of Aquae Nobilis, but I can imagine others really enjoying it.

To me this is a very crisp and green scent. I tried it because I love the wormwood in Nasomatto's Absinth and wanted to experience some other wormwood/absinth scents. The top and midnotes here have a strong green angle to them which I assume is a mix of the geranium, wormwood, and of course, the vetiver. The base is all vetiver and wormwood to my nose and my nose doesn't like it.

Super distinctive. If you love vetiver and wormwood you may REALLY dig this stuff!
22nd February, 2012