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Nobile by Gucci

You are running through the wild fields, interlaced with rows and rows of pine trees, there is a light dusting of snow on the ground, the air is cold, and a strong smell of balsam fir lingers in the air. You are an excited child searching for the perfect Christmas tree just a couple weeks before the magical date.

Next I am warped to a hot, sunny, mid-summer day drinking a freshly squeezed and oh-so sweet glass of lemonade after a hard day’s work.

These are the first memories this scent teleports me back to. It ignites memories in my mind of sweet ecstasy and longing in my childhood.

Within an instant, after this first experience, my mind goes through a rabbit hole of a journey, all the while echoing sounds of Motley Crue’s “Kick Start My Heart”, until these words are uttered: sophistication, confidence, class, and utter sexiness.

In my mind this is a scent that the likes of Gregory Peck, Sean Connery, John F. Kennedy Jr., Marlon Brando (think a Streetcar Named Desire), and Humphrey Bogart would wear. And on top of all this, with all of these strong emotions and memories rattling inside my brain, in the fringe of my mind I constantly get this dark and mysterious vibe that really gives this scent even more of an edge. There is a reason why this is rated so highly, even more so by women that I know. If you could put a good (or bad depending on your take) romance novel into a bottle, this would be it.

My signature scent.

A couple caveats to warning this fragrance:

1. Strictly for men...I couldn't picture a woman wear this
2. Age must be 25+, this fragrance says you’re a man, if you’re not of age you would look foolish to wear it, a non-congruent fragrance with a younger physicality.
3. Those in the temperate locations may appreciate this scent more than those in tropical locations, due to the memories associated with the scent.

Scent: 10/10 (An absolute masterpiece that starts of with a pine/lemon/tobacco opening and mid notes then settles down to a nice amber dry down)
Longevity: 9/10 (4 sprays, 2 wrist, 2 neck will last you 8-10+ hours)
Sillage: 7/10 (4 sprays and others will notice when standing a couple feet away from you)
Versatility: 10/10 (can be worn with friends, when hanging out with the guys and, with your s/o, great in winter/fall, even better in summer!)
Uniqueness: 10/10 (smells very unique unlike anything else I've smelled before)
16th October, 2011