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Vetiver by Guerlain

Wow, bought this blindly, and at first REALLY regretted it. I do advise anyone to try it first.

Having said that, on first opening the bottle, just like many have stated, I almost gagged. Smelled so strongly of powder, and somewhat like Raid. Others are CORRECT in describing it like this. I sprayed it on my wrist and almost had a bad headache. I tried it the next few days, and surprisingly, I am starting to like it and appreciate it now.

On first application, it is very powder-like. However on the dry down is when I hit the citrus-y notes and very natural green, organic, wood notes (if that makes sense). The scent totally alters and becomes very, very bearable and pleasant. I don't know if it's me psychologically trying to like it since I spent the money on it, but I'm sure it's because the scent is actually very nice. It's a safe, clean smelling scent.

Sillage on me is poor, but I'm glad I adjusted to it and didn't have to chuck it out the door. In all honesty, after trying it a few more times, I'm glad this blind buy didn't turn out to be as poor as when I first opened the bottle!

18th October, 2011