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Musk Pierre by Madini

This one is one of the better Madini Oils, it is very strong however and I think diluting it with a carrier oil might make it more appealing, it is mysterious, sweet but not overtly so. This one could also be considered unisex, this might sell really good on the right man.:
21st December, 2011

Ambargris by Madini

Madini oils tend to be very changeable and you might love it one day then hate it next. This one starts out with a strong medicinal note but then gets sweeter and mysterious later on. It reminds of of sweet smokey embers... imagine your a gypsy in Romania or something and you are dancing around a fire with sweet smokey embers burning... the more traditional types might find it weird, as does my boyfriend but I like it a lot, do I love it? not sure .....does it compare to Coco Chanel for example ? not exactly, it does however last longer- but a masterpiece not exactly.
27th November, 2011 (last edited: 21st December, 2011)

Mirage by Madini

Mirage is one of my favorites from Madini, powerful, heady and sweet. Delicious UPDATE: I had to edit this review , I am not sure why this smells very different to me since the first time , I guess it really does change a lot, I still like this but I can no longer say I love it. It starts out with a strong green or almost chemical type aroma then gets sweeter later on. its good but not great.
27th November, 2011 (last edited: 21st December, 2011)
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Nebras by Al Rehab

Nebras was my first introduction to Al Rehab and the world of Arabic Perfume oils and is one of my favorite.

Nebras: Fresh feminine fragrance with delicate Taif Rose and citrus note in the top, and a blend of jasmine, precious oudh, sandalwood and amber in its heart.

I love this one I can detect the rose note and the slight warmth of amber, its such a pretty and complex floral with great lasting power and because it is an oil, you can add drops to a carrier oil to make a fragrant hair oil, and put a few drops into a lotion or cream. I am so hooked, I love putting some drops of this just before sleep, it transports me another time and place it is so high quality but you can get the 6mil for about 3.00, which is a steal! a few drops of this in an essential oil mix with liven it up too !
20th October, 2011

Full by Al Rehab

This one was one of the top rated according to the website I got it from so I included this in my order. They describe it as a sweeter intense version of Jasmine that is Jasmine Sambac. Sharp sweet floral.

upon reading the description I wanted to ignore the sharp and was hoping more for a sweet jasmine floral but the sharp slightly bitter tone is strongly present, while the dry down will present more of the sweet Jasmine tones. I can imagine on the right person this can smell absolutley bewitching. It is very much like putting your face into a jasmine flower only multiply that by 100. this one really has the essence of an expensive essential oil than a perfume.
20th October, 2011