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Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

An overall good fragrance with both high points and flaws

If you've been part of the fragrance community for a while, you probably know what people were saying about this one. It's hate or love. It's romantic, sensual, and sex-in-the-bottle. It's strong, powerful and daring. It has a strong controversial clove opening that you won't like but dries down into something truly special. This has been the hype. However, as I've tried it, I've personally had a totally different perspective on it.

First, that opening. Yes, it is strong. It has cloves/civet/musk/etc, lavendar, a blast of citrus, and the sweetness of the base. The opening is certainly a bit dirty and animalic, but not nearly as much as I expected it to be. It's overall well balanced and pleasant. Sure, it's not for everybody, but the opening to me is the high point of the fragrance. And keep in mind, I usually don't like old school powerhouses.

Despite all the claims how this is sex personified into a fragrance, it's rather tame. This especially comes true when the opening is gone after the first hour and the dry down comes in. Rather than continuing into that dark territory, it simply retreats into being a very safe fragrance. Not saying I would want the entire fragrance to smell like the opening, but I saw the transition as some sort of condemnation against the wonderful opening.

And in that dry down, it is a pretty good fragrance, but nothing truly special. It's vanilla with some cinnamon and spices sprinkled on, as well as a bit of a smooth woody note. They aren't composed in any meaningful way, nor are they deliciously gourmand, but rather they are just there. The transition between the opening and the base was among the best part, but after that it becomes rather boring. I would honestly prefer the conceptually similar Tobacco Vanille at drydown.

While strong in the opening, after the first few hours, while it does last a very long time, it's very hard to detect on the skin. 2 hours of insane projection followed by 20 hours of insanely weak projection is not ideal. As for versatility, while it is no swiss army knife, I still think it can be versatile (and not a special occasion only scent). Just spray lightly.

And, as for the whole "sex" description of this fragrance. I think it's different things to different people. Fans will say it's hot delicious passionate sex. Critics will say it smells like an old man or an old lady. Both of these perspectives, a bit extreme in my opinion. I don't agree that this is THE scent for seduction, but it does have some sort of romantic sensual vibe and if you asked my opinion of a fragrance of that nature, I probably would nudge you in that direction.

To me it's not something that I hate or love. It's not controversial or extremely rewarding. The first two hours are impressive (though not shocking or bold) and the remaining hours are pleasant (though not amazing). In the end, it is a very good fragrance. Recommendable? Sure, but sample before you buy.

Musc Ravageur is definitely a feral sex-loving man-beast. But one that is tranquilized, chained and bound inside a cage (and whether this is a good thing is up to you).

09th October, 2013

Luna Rossa by Prada

A decent release, more or less

Soapy and sterile in the vein of previous Prada fragrances, yet sweetened and smoothened a bit with floral notes and a bit of vanilla. As confusing as this sounds, it has parts of it that are really unique, but in it's overall framework it does feel a bit on the generic side. At least on the surface, it's typical. But deep down, if you look into it, it's more than it appears on the surface.

As for what I would compare this to. Definitely Body Kouros, except without the eucalyptus and incense. Though it is less gourmandish than Body Kouros, safer and overall wellrounded, which is good if that's what you are looking for. The ingredient quality is well on par with the standards for a designer fragrance. It is a dualism between medicinal and sporty, which is perfectly wearable for a man and while it never crosses the gender boundaries, it feel a little bit on the feminine side of masculine.

In the end, what is Luna Rossa? It's a good release from Prada and surely worth checking out. It's not revolutionary or innovative in a meaningful way, though it takes a common formula for designer fragrances and ever so slightly changes it up a bit. It's not groundbreaking, but it doesn't disappoint.

28th July, 2013

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Was once a great fragrance; Not anymore though

Several years ago, Dior Homme was one of the best fragrances on the market. I gave it 5 out of 5. However, now, the reformulation changed this fragrance from a masterpeice to one that is decent and not bad at all, but not nearly as remarkable as the original. I rarely ever complain about reformulations because many times (most of the time) they are just minor and insignificant. This is not one of those times. This reformulation weakened this fragrance, though it's not nearly as much of a trainwreck as what happened with Fahrenheit.

What does the reformulation change? It still smells similar but it completely lacks the virility, power, energy, and uniqueness of the original. Now it's just a light spray of make-up powder and lipstick. This reformulation is much lighter and diluted. Even with several sprays the fragrance was weak and after 2 hours, it was really difficult to smell. The projection and longevity leave a lot to be desired.

Get the vintage if you can because this one just doesn't do justice to the original. As for the current one, don't make it a priority to sample this one, but if you feel you have to, keep your expectations low. It's all in all decent, but your money is better spent elsewhere.

28th July, 2013
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Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

Everything a fragrance should be

Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino is an exceptional adaptation of the note neroli (and an exceptional adaption of racy advertising). In addition to neroli, there is a light amount of orange, mandarin, lavendar. This makes it a fresh-floral fragrance without becoming too complex and muddled (as many florals do) or too generic (as fresh fragrances often do).

Neroli Portofino is not just another typical fresh soapy fragrance at a niche price, like Atelier's Grand Neroli (and even Jardin D'Amalfi's neroli note suffers from this flaw). Many people on here have smelled the neroli-based Mugler Cologne, but this is not just an incremental upgrade. This is a wonderful fragrance of it's own right that is miles better than Mugler Cologne. The soapy shrill and loud citrus-like neroli (redolent of bandages and alcohol) is replaced by a gentle, delicate, natural and smooth neroli. Think of how Encre Noire's shrill vetiver compares to Sycomore's smooth vetiver. If you removed the vetiver and replaced it with some fruit, comparing Neroli Portofino's floral vibe to Sycomore's wouldn't be entirely out of the question either.

Versatility is where Neroli Portofino shines. This is truly unisex, rather than just labeled such, equally acceptable for both men and women to wear. Age is no issue either, as it's modern enough for any young person to wear with ease, but still sophisticated enough for an older person to wear. This is surely meant for the summer and spring, but don't count out Fall either. This fragrance projects well and has very good longevity compared to most summer fragrances.

What this scent truly reminds me of is business. It's the perfect professional fragrance, as it safe to wear, but also unique. This fragrance is a clean-cut business man, sharp, good-looking, well dressed, both alert and vibrant but also calm and collected. It will last you throughout the day and you will be noticed, but it's never too strong or flamboyant.

This is not a groundbreaking or revolutionary fragrance in any way, but it does take what some fragrances have been trying to do and simply does it better. It is a dependable one suited for daily wear if you choose, one which might have you moving closer to smell it on various occasion. The progression is a bit linear, but it's good that it largely preserves it's wonderful opening rather than forgoing it. The price is not cheap, but it is well worth it's price of admission.

For those who do like fresh, clean fragrances with a little bit of a floral undertone, I cannot urge you enough to try this. Easily one of the best, if not THE best of the Tom Ford line, even giving competition to Tobacco Vanille. As a summer fragrance, it's easily one of my top choices and I know when my decant runs out, I am going to end up with a full bottle of this in my collection very soon.

Do try this one.


22nd July, 2013

Lavender Palm by Tom Ford

All short of bad

From Tom Ford's exclusive Private Blend line, Lavender Palm bases itself on a note (lavender) which has been used so many times and sets out to innovate from the crowd. And it certainly does do that. Lavender Palm has one of THE best lavender notes out there (and lavender is one of my favorite notes) , but one great note doesn't necessarily make for a great fragrance as a whole.

And as soon as it's sprayed, the lavender note comes out storming and trumpeting itself to the front of the pack. And what a great lavender note it is. To a much less synthetic grade than your lavender note in a fragrance, this smells exactly like a natural lavender oil. Not to say that they're aren't other notes accompanying it in the opening, but it is certainly the most noticeable one. But it is not just your typical lavender, but it has a herbal minty feel to it, making it feel less like a typical floral note, but rather something refreshing and cooling.

However, that is short lived. Within minutes, the lavender note dies down and hides behind the others, which are not nearly as masterfully done. Beyond that short (though heavenly) opening) is an empty husk of what it was minutes ago. The sweet-floral vetiver background is quite generic and perhaps similar to L'Homme Libre, but if you compare it aside many other typical designer scents, it's hard to tell that it will stand out. This is not a bad or unpleasant fragrance. It more-so borders neutral and mediocre and doesn't compete to all of the other lavendar fragrances out there.

Many people buy a fragrance based on their first impression, and it's clear that this is a front-loaded fragrance meant to impress. This is a fragrance that it meant to be smelled by the atomizer, but doesn't exactly pan out when worn (and I've worn it on several parts of my body, as well as tried it on different materials including paper). It's all the same unfortunate end. In addition, the projection and longevity (in which it projects) are incredibly weak and among the worst I've ever encountered. It doesn't matter how indescribably good the first few minutes are if the rest of the fragrance just isn't up to par.

The price range: $200 for 50ml and $300 for 100ml. Sorry, not happening. In no way would I recommend this to anyone. The casual consumer and the collector both have better options available. Even lavender enthusiasts looking for lavendar-based fragrance surely must have dozens of better options.

16th July, 2013

Sublime Vanille by Creed

pleasant, but disappointing throughout

Sublime Vanille follows a very simple formula. There is vanilla, and there is some lemon citrus and bergamot. That's it. Creed wanted to make a vanilla fragrance, but one that was safe, not too rich and cloying. And they did that successfully. It's extremely versatile. Men can wear this well, though it is unisex leaning slightly to the feminine side. The strong point of this fragrance is that it is a vanilla fragrance that is perfectly fit for the summer as it is fall.

As for what this smells like, it smells similar, and I mean very similar, to Midnight In Paris. Of course, it's a much better version of Midnight In Paris. It's fresher, smoother, uses higher quality ingredients, and has all the sweetness without the powder. But this scent is linear and it doesn't develop in any meaningful way. It's the exact same thing, from start, to finish. Which is good for those who want consistency, though the opening is not so great that I'd want to preserve it throughout.

Flaws aside, this is by no means a bad or negative fragrance at all. It is good, bordering the better side of average. It's simple and simplistic, not very creative and not very original either. When you compare it to other Creed's, it just doesn't stand up in quality or creative direction. And this is not just a regular Creed, this on their "exclusive" line. For, $225 (1 oz) and $640 (8.4 oz), I simply cannot recommend this. If you want to buy a vanilla fragrance at a niche price, just go with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.

That said, while this isn't worth buying, if you do happen to acquire it somehow, it still is worth wearing. I will still wear the rest of this decant, but I won't buy any more.

If you're a big fan of Midnight In Paris, you might be happy to know there is a fragrance that smells almost exactly like it, but better in every aspect (if you can stomach the price). Personally, if I wanted a lemon-vanilla fragrance, I'd go for Hanae Mori instead. And I wish the only reason for that was because Hanae Mori is 95% cheaper.

16th July, 2013

Antaeus by Chanel

Chanel Antaeus

If you mostly enjoy modern releases, you will probably find this one to be a bit dated. It's not really a powerhouse, but just a dirty musty floral fragrance that really doesn't stand out in a meaningful way. It's not unpleasant, but it's something I can only enjoy when I put a great amount of effort into appreciating it rather than something that is naturally just good. I hear it was reformulated, and maybe it was a beast back then, but now, it's on the mediocre side of average.

No, it's not that classic traditional scents are mediocre. It's that this one in particular is.

03rd June, 2013

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Giorgio For Men

Very old school, traditional and dated. A powerhouse that was made in the 80's and should stay there. If you mainly wear fragrances from the past 20 years, you probably won't like this one. Of course, it's relative to who you are and where your priorities lie. Still, the close as it comes to being good, to me, is tolerable.

03rd June, 2013

Fresco for Men by Ilum Dean

Fresco by Ilum Dean

Let's recap for a second. Early 2013, around February I think, a few Youtube reviewers were claiming that this fragrance smelled really similar to Aventus for 1/6 of the price and a lot of people ordered it to see what it was about and there was a lot of discussion. 5 months later, we don't hear much about it, so it's clearly a fad.

Moreover, Ilum Dean isn't even a real fashion house. They have no brick-and-mortar business and the sample that was sent to me was from a guy in his apartment. Also, they claim to be a fashion house, but only have one product: their fragrance. If the cheap web design rife with spelling errors wasn't enough, if you go to the Terms & Conditions as well the Disclaimer pages, they say "Coming Soon". What actual company would do that?

Okay, Fresco is essentially, a DIY (do it yourself). And for a Do It Yourself, it's decent. For an actual fragrance not so much.

It smells probably 1/3 like Aventus. Enough to notice a slight similarity, but not enough to ever mistake the two. It also smells a little bit like Bleecker Street, especially with it's grassy notes. However, it just lacks the well made base of vanilla, birch and ambergris that makes Aventus so special. As others have said, it's a much more lighter, inoffensive and wearable (of course, spraying less Aventus is an option too).

The key point is that this won't replace Aventus anytime soon and you are better off spending the money toward a decant of Aventus. If you have low standards and collect just about anything, this is an alright fragrance that would probably be middle of the road compared to most designer/celebrity fragrances. However, this wouldn't be a good choice if you are selective about what you buy.

Just the dishonesty of the maker alone turns me off.

02nd June, 2013

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

Bleecker Street

A fresh fragrance, redolent of blueberries, violets and fresh cut grass. A little powdery and becomes a little bit musky and dirty as it dries down, but overall it's good for the spring. It is unisex, however, men can wear it perfectly fine. Projection and longevity are a little better than average. A big plus on this fragrance is that it is original and there is nothing that smells quite like it.

The problem I have with this fragrance is the ingredient quality. While the company certainly chose the recipe, the notes themselves individually are a bit too synthetic. That, and the fragrance loses a lot of it's flavor and uniqueness during the dry-down. I feel like this was purposely made to be sampled at the store and bought at first impression rather than be worn and deeply analyzed. Also, the expensive price of this fragrance makes these flaws even more critical.

If you can handle these flaws, then this would be a good unique fresh spring-time scent for you. However, this could have been more than just good, perhaps a masterpeice, if a better company made it.

01st June, 2013

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

Chinatown by Bond no 9

A very good fragrance and one of the better options of the Bond no 9. line, but it is very feminine (one of the most feminine of the line) and I don't recommend men wearing this one (at least, I opt not to wear it on myself). It's listed as unisex, but it's really a woman's perfume. It's a bit pricy, but if you can afford it, it's worth it. I would get it if I were a woman. If you are a woman (or a man looking for something for his wife), sample this. If you are a man looking for a scent you could wear, avoid this one.

30th May, 2013

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Fahrenheit by Dior

While I originally gave this fragrance high marks, but after a reformulation of the product which took into effect around 2011, I had to reduce the rating of this one.

What used to be a grassy green fresh bright violet scent with a little bit of a gasoline smell is now a bergamot-leather headache, which to me is vomit inducing and not pleasant at all.

This used to be one of my favorite fragrances, and it was a classic that endured for so long, but this reformulation wasn't just a slight change. It was a dramatic change which took away everything I loved about the original.

Try to find the vintage if you can, but otherwise, avoid this one at all costs.

30th May, 2013

John Varvatos 10th Anniversary Fragrance by John Varvatos

John Varvatos Platinum

John Varvatos Platinum is truly an abomination.

It takes everything I hate about the original Varvatos and makes it into a powdery Midnight In Paris wannabe.

Awful. Would not wear.

29th May, 2013
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Legend by Montblanc

Legend by Mont Blanc

It's not very similar to Platinum Egoiste, but it is very similar to Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce. Although it lacks the projection that Fierce has, the price is much better and more affordable. Still, being able to smell an Abercrombie from over 50 feet away in a mall has dampened my interest for this kind of fragrance.

29th May, 2013

Wall Street by Bond No. 9

Wall Street by Bond no 9

This has been compared to Millesime Imperial often, and while I see some similarities, this is completely different. This is a fresh aquatic fragrance, but completely different than the other ones out. With the salt, cucumber, and vetiver among other notes, it may be a strange combination, but the opening is magical, heavenly and is superior to almost every other fragrance out there. It is crisp, clean, green, modern, distinct and evokes the theme of cold hard cash.

However, after the first hour, the drydown becomes very average. It just smells like salt and seaweed with no character. For the next 14 hours.... A huge disappointment considering that if the drydown were as good as the opening, this could very well have been the greatest fragrance of all time. It's a shame.

29th May, 2013

Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

Riverside Drive by Bond no 9

A typical fresh woody fragrance with basil. A lot of basil. Too much basil. Is the inclusion of basil in fragrance a bad thing? No, not at all. In fact I like the note. But to this extent is ridiculous.

Still a decent fragrance aside, but doesn't stand out from the crowd in any meaningful way. As a niche fragrance, this offers too little for the asking price.

29th May, 2013

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

Straight to Heaven by Kilian

An interesting and unique rum and patchouli scent that is sweet and floral. It starts out less than stellar, but it develops very nicely. In the end, it is fun to sample, but I really have no desire to wear it again. It's not a bad fragrance, however it doesn't resonate to me in a meaningful way, despite its uniquness.

But when you add a $235 price tag for 50ml of this average fragrance, it only makes it certain that I won't be taking a trip to "heaven" anytime soon.

29th May, 2013

Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Timbuktu by L'Artisan

A dichotomy of clean and dirty. The soapy bleachy detergent-like citrus front a woody musky base. Half sterile, and half feral.

Excellent development, scenic, bold and daring, but still very wearable for a cedar-vetiver fragrance.

When all is said and done, it's a decent fragrance and very interesting to sample, but when it comes down to buying a bottle

and wearing it regularly, I just don't think this one stands out in a meaningful way from the crowd.

29th May, 2013

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

L'Air Du Desert Marocain by Tauer

This fragrance is a beautiful work of art, easily evoking Andy Tauer's intended imagery of watching a Morrocan town at night from a terrace.

Earthy, woody, oriental, with some floral elements and a vanilla note that smoothens it all, adds the sweetness that the more bitter notes lack

and with the spices adds a gourmand element to it. It's musty and like a dirty dusty garage, but in a very pleasant earthy way. It projects solid throughout and the longevity is well above average, approaching 12 hours. It develops and progresses beautifully and dries down into an amber-vetiver combination which is not as resonating as its opening or mid notes, but still nice.

This is more traditional and masculine, making it a little less versatile and little bit harder to actually wear. But, it's definitely not anything like the cheap repulsive old man's aftershave, as what most people think when they envision a dirty fragrance. I virtually never wear or buy fragrances of this kind, and for a strong traditional woody oriental to be a mainstay in my collection, you know I love it.

On top of that, $100 for 50 ml (which because of the excellent performance will go a long way, as you only need 1 to 2 sprays). That is an excellent deal.

I think everyone who is into fragrances needs to try L'Air Du Desert Marocain because this is just a beautiful fragrance all around and can't be missed.

29th May, 2013

Original Vetiver by Creed

Original Vetiver by Creed

This is Creed's take on vetiver. While other companies have used vetiver for heavier smokier woody-oriental winter fragrances, Creed made a vetiver that is more accessible and versatile. Opens with a soapy citrus, smells a lot like neroli.

But the vetiver note in Original Vetiver is truly wonderful. It combines both the leaves and the roots. While many vetiver notes are one dimensional, this vetiver note truly stands out. It is clean, yet smells like a patch of dirt, but it is much on the sweeter side. It is not shrill or grainy, but rather smooth and rich.

Projection and longevity on this fragrance are better than most Creeds, and decent in it own's right.

Personally, I didn't like this one at first, but I appreciated it more and more over time. So please make sure you wear this a few times before you judge it.

This fragrance is often compared to the much cheaper Mugler Cologne, but Original Vetiver wins on all counts. Yes, it is very similar to Mugler Cologne, but Original Vetiver easily beat it out. Better quality ingredients (especially the vetiver note). Less synthetic and shrill. More mature. More safe and wearable. It is well worth the higher price if you have the money.

What may turn people off is the soapiness of the opening (which may be a bit medicinal) as well as the note of vetiver in general. More conventional minds may not appreciate this as much as you do, but it's as accessible as vetiver has ever been. Overall, aside from that, there is a lot to love here.

An excellent creation the Creed house. Vetiver lovers finally have an option they can wear in the summer. I would recommend sampling this one.

29th May, 2013

Himalaya by Creed

Himalaya by Creed

Cooling icy citrus with a peppery woody background, creating a dichotomy of both modern and traditional. Dries down into a cedar base with excellent musk, ambergris and sandalwood notes perfectly blended together. Classy, sophisticated, versatile. Best for spring, but great for any season. Can be worn by both a young man and a gentleman alike. Any man can wear this and there is no age barrier.

The one big downside to this fragrance is performance. The projection and longevity of this fragrance aren't up to par with the standards of other fragrances of this category. For a fresh summer fragrance, maybe, but for a woody-oriental, no. Also, compared to other fragrances of the Creed house, this fragrance stands out as a weaker link, and you might be better off getting the other Creed fragrances first.

Still though, the positives outweigh the negatives and Himalaya has a lot to offer. Try this one for youself.

29th May, 2013

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity by Calvin Klein

While the fresh soapy opening and lavendar mid notes are appealing, it dries down into a typical woody spicy fragrance that is rather typical and dated. Still some people will really like this, but us fragrance snobs have been treated to much better options out there.

29th May, 2013

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer 2013 by Issey Miyake

L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Summer 2013 by Issey Miyake

While perhaps a bit fresher and more citrus based, there really isn't a meaningful difference between this flanker and the original L'Eau de Issey. If you own an Issey Miyake fragrance already, this doesn't do much to warrant the additional purchase.

That said, it's still a decent Japanese summer fragrance in it's own right.

29th May, 2013

Déclaration by Cartier

Declaration by Cartier

Whatever lens you choose to view Declaration from, you cannot escape the fact that a lot of people will find the spicy notes of this mediocre fragrance similar to armpit odor.

29th May, 2013

Back to Black by By Kilian

Back to Black by Kilian

This fragrance has honey, tobacco, amber, vanilla and some berries, but so do all other heavier niche fragrances. Truth be told, it is decent, but nothing special. Your typical niche, somewhat creative and daring, but musty and hard to wear. It does remind me a little bit of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, but more complex, heavier darker woodier and more involved, however I much prefer Tobacco Vanille.

Some collectors will try this and like it a lot, but for most people (whether you are into fragrance or not), paying $235 for 50ml of this is ridiculous and totally not worth it. If it were priced at $100 for 50ml, the case would be more compelling, but otherwise, there are plenty of better options out there.

Pass on this one.

29th May, 2013

Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

Brooklyn by Bond no 9.

Your typical fresh grapefruit fragrance with a slightly woody background, with a splash of gin a little twist of a metallic vetiver note. While it starts off shaky and synthetic, it improves during the dry down, so be sure not to judge this by your first impression. However, even at it's base, it's still a fragrance that doesn't really innovate in a meaningful way or supplement what my collection already doesn't have.

If this were a designer fragrance, this would be among the better summer scents, but for the price (considering the other fragrances of the Bond no 9. line, as well as other niche fragrance in general) this is lacking. Personally, it is something I would gladly wear until my decant runs out, but I would never buy it again. As for you, if you can heighten your budget and lower your standards, this fragrance might be enjoyable for you.

29th May, 2013

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Simplistic, similar to cheaper fragrances, and smells like suntan lotion? Maybe those are true, but they don't detract from what Virgin Island Water is in it's own right.

Burst of a lime citrus at opening, that dries down into coconut, rum, and sugar cane. VIW has one of the best basenote compositions of all Creeds despite not having ambergris. Pleasant from beginning to end, and while it is a wonderful summer fragrance redolent of summer beaches, it is still very versatile and wearable if you look beyond the cliche. Projection and longevity are below average, but not terrible and while it is a recognizable flaw, it doesn't change the recommendability of this fragrance

In my opinion this is a wonderful summer fragrance that towers above most others. It is something that you should sample and try on your skin several times before you make a judgment.

29th May, 2013

Rochas Man by Rochas

Rochas Man by Rochas

This is a creative and original fragrance at an affordable price, however, I personally don't like it and wouldn't recommend it to people. Just because this fragrance has a high approval rating doesn't mean it is for everybody.

My problem with this fragrance is not that it is sweet, or that it has gourmand elements or that it is borderline feminine. I love gourmands. My problem with this fragrance is that it is extremely synthetic, and the gourmand elements of it are dominated by fake nauseating leafy and woody notes that completely take away the focus.

Yes, this has been compared to New Haarlem, and while they are similar, New Haarlem is exponentially better in terms of note quality (as well as performance) and the fact that it is a richer more dedicated gourmand, and in my opinion, it is well worth the price difference.

Despite Rochas Man and New Haarlem being similar, New Haarlem is one of my all time favorites whereas Rochas Man is a bit unpleasant for me. And most fragrances are likeable but not for me, though Rochas Man is actually not pleasant for me.

29th May, 2013

Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

Concentre D'Orange Verte by Hermes

Basically, your typical grapefruit citrus eau de cologne opening with a mineral earthy peppery background, like most of Hermes' designer fragrances. This one is half of that typical Hermes formula and half orange. In the end, it's a decent citrus fragrance, not excellent, but alright, and you could do much worse on the designer level. But, why would you want to smell exclusively like an orange to begin with?

25th May, 2013

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

The One by Dolce & Gabanna

Typical gourmandish fresh spicy vanilla fragrance which has some good elements to it, but otherwise a very generic and typical cologne. It's pleasant, but it's not something I would personally wear. Performance, both projection and longevity, is terrible

24th May, 2013