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    Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

    One of my favorite clean scents. Opening is a bit rough a lot of very sharp aldehydes, but the dry down is awesome. Clean soapy flowers, lavender and woods. I would say it can definitely be unisex.

    24th February, 2012


    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Wow, now this is what a musc should smell like.

    Off the top: Dark, earthy, spicy... wet fur? yes... fecal? hmm, maybe. Very animalic. Drydown is truly beautiful. Rose, civet, soap musk, and a bit of honey. The smell of sun-warmed skin. As another reviewer said, truly effortless to enjoy. I find this the sexiest smell I could smell on a woman. Truly, this is beautiful, give this a chance beyond the first hour.

    25th December, 2011


    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    This was the second gourmand scent that I smelled after Rochas Men. I find it amazing. While I also own the original Angel and consider it better, I find Angel too feminine too wear on most occasions.

    The opening is quite strong and I find very interesting. At first fresh, bergamot, citrus but quickly fleeting into a coffee, chocolate and caramel. Can smell like burnt chocolate from up close (probably from the tar) but is very nice from a distance. Drydown is truly sublime. Caramel, chocolate and vanilla all blended together over a powdery base. A smell of sweet, baked goods.

    I get over 15 hours of longevity, and good projection from the beginning to the end.

    24th December, 2011


    Aramis by Aramis

    Wow, this stuff is really strong. 1 spray is all I can tolerate. The note breakdown lists bergamot in the opening, but all I smell off the top is the middle notes. A strong myrrh smell with a bit of sage. I find it sweet, but not like gourmand sweet. More like sweet incense.

    I get a strong leather in the drydown, that mixes with the myrrh. Maybe a little patchouli as well. I don't get any of the other basenotes. The leather note is very well done, and mixes with the myrrh perfectly. Overall, I don't find this unpleasant, but rather a mature sweet incense/leather smell. Don't think I'm old enough too wear this yet.

    24th December, 2011


    Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

    Very inexpensive cologne. I get a lot of sourness in the opening, but it only lasts for a minute or two, then the sourness goes away and your left with a soapy, slightly powdery vanilla with a touch of lavender and spice. Smells almost identical to Le Male but nowhere near as strong. The drydown is also less sweet than Le Male.

    I actually prefer this to Le Male, as this smell is really a casual/day wear for me and I find Le Male too strong for that. I actually do 4 sprays of Cuba Gold, and I usually never go over 2 for something a wear during the day. You can even get away with this in the warmer weather. I get about 8 hours for longevity.

    Overall, great value for the price.

    12th December, 2011


    1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    I love the opening, very fresh, I get blood orange and a mix of citrus. Reminds me very much of the opening of many Joop! scents. (Especially Joop! Go.) It quickly turns into a very sweet candy smell, with a bit of leather and spice. The leather however is very light and very much in the background. The sweet candy smell really dominates the entire fragrance. I get over 12 hours longevity, and excellent projection.

    The problem is, I find it quite linear, and after 5-6 hours of smelling the middle notes, which are basically a sweet orange candy, (not citrus orange, just overly sweet orange candy) I get tired of it. Another reviewer said he could see this as a child's scent, maybe something endorsed by a disney character and I agree. Smells very young, something a 12 year old girl might wear. I've smelled the woods and amber in the drydown on paper after 3 days. Never had the patients to leave it on my skin for that long.

    Overall a sweet and spicy scent that's a bit too much for day wear, but might be good for a night out. I really like sweet frags, but this might be a bit too much.

    23rd November, 2011 (Last Edited: 24th December, 2011)


    Jaguar (new) by Jaguar

    semi-sweet orange/citrus opening that quickly devolves into a synthetic floral mess. I get a little woods/musk in the drydown, but overall the cloying synthetic floral/alcohol smell dominates the entire fragrance. Not good. Not good at all.

    20th November, 2011

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