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    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

    I just don't understand all of the glowing reviews of Fahrenheit. I bought a mini bottle in the early '90's (which I still have half full!). To me it smelled like a engine repair shop. I asked my wife what she thought about it and she exclaimed "motor oil!".

    11th March, 2012


    Wild Country by Avon

    My Wild Country is in a guitar shaped bottle that I received as a birthday gift in 1974. It is almost full since I never really cared for it. I just revisited this scent and it isn't as bad as I remembered, hence a neutral instead of thumbs down.

    11th December, 2011


    Sycomore (new) by Chanel

    This is quite possibly the best scent I have ever smelled. It is soft and cuddly with rounded edges. It is the yin to Guerlain Vetiver's yang.

    10th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 08 September, 2012)

    Showing 1 to 3 of 3.