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Marron Caramel by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

definitely for gourmand lovers...sweet and caramely with just little accents of amber and vanilla...very nice smelling, but a little too sweet and gourmandy for me...on the rare occasions that I get the urge for something gourmandy along these lines I keep a bottle of Animale Animale around to take care of those moments...pretty much in the same ballpark....
03rd February, 2017

Fusion Sacrée Lui by Majda Bekkali

A spicy gourmand...bursts on the scene with a cloud of citrus that immediately dissapears...then i get a kaleidiscopic blend of spicy/boozy caramelized coffee... a thick rich coating of sweetness...has a dreamlike narcotic quality to me...normally not a big fan of grandiose sweetness or gourmands , but this juice just smells so wonderfull that i make an exception in this what I'm smelling...
05th January, 2017

Tropic Lime Vanille by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

In the same ballpark as Creeds Virgin Island Water... Heavy on a nice realistic aromatic juicy lime...a little touch of flowers and a laid back vanilla...very faint on the coconut...if you want coconut with your lime I would go with the VIW...overall, smells nice but fades away rather quickly...
30th December, 2016
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Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

The opening burst brings to mind AMen Pure Malt with a touch of caramel/patchouli that reminds me of AnimaleAnimale...thick rich dark rum...changes rather quickly to a very natural smelling cedar with a touch of spicy my nose, a very beautiful scent overall...only thing holding me back from buying anything more than a small decant is the lack of silage and longevity...
28th November, 2016

Gli Invisibili : Zio Agide by Hilde Soliani Profumi

Very aromatic lavender dominant fragrance...has body and substance...little touches of green/spice...similar to , but stronger and richer than 1725 and not as sophisticated and elegant as Invasion Barbare but is in the same camp and has mucho similarities to both...
17th September, 2016

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Tropical paradise...opens with some lime and coconut...sweet boozy coconut pretty much for the
life of this...nice for sitting around on a summer
evening on the patio and having a mini staycation...
16th September, 2016

Tobacco & Tulle by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Dirty/raunchy/musky tobacco...tobacco in a barnyard in the hot stepping into one of those walk-in humidors...decent throw...dry/bitterish....not a sweet tobacco scent...after a little while starts turning more into a rose fragrance...tobacco drops into the background...resiny...overall, like this a lot...a good olfactory experience...
Resiny Tobbaco Rose
21st July, 2016

Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme by Yohji Yamamoto

Starts out smelling like it has promise...nice burst of fresh citrus-then-poof, like magic it dissapears without a trace...this is quickly replaced by the ozony spice/wood combo that every mall fragrance seems to spend most of it's time doing...sorry, that's all I get...
14th July, 2016

Just Cavalli Him by Roberto Cavalli

Initial blast hits me very chemical/synthetic and then gets fairly nice ctrusy/spicy herby...the opening blast reminds me of the opening and similar smell/effect of Animale... Get a lttle flavoring of flower and it seems to be this fairly linear accord through the relatively short life span of this fragrance. Was a bargain buy at TJMaxx and served its purpose as a refreshing summer after shower scent and a nice room air freshener...
Citrusy Summer Fougere
13th June, 2016

Cuir d'Oranger by Miller Harris

A big fat juicy thumbs up on this... I get a boatload of some of my favorite notes making appearances in a major way... Orange by way of neroli... leather...moss and patch with the slightest touch of other flowers...seems to be very hard to find , but IMHO , worth the search. Even if you can only get a sample it's worth it to enjoy this awesome smell...
Earthy Orange Leather
11th June, 2016

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

An awesome entry in the category of tea based fragrances...Perfect for hot summer days...slightly smoky and spicy tea with a little honey sweetness...the spiciness gives me the slightest hint of chai...i can see why so many seem to enjoy this fragrance...what i'm smelling is from a several year old decant , so i can't speak for the current version
Aromatic Spicy Smoky Tea
10th June, 2016

Hamdani by Parfums de Marly

this was a blind buy, and for me, turned out to be a good one...very happy with this...kind of a combo of 2 other scents I really like...IMHO...starts out like ELDO Rien with smoke instead of aldehydes....then progresses through the mid and into the drydown to a slightly smoky smell almost like Eau Sauvage Parfum...basically leather/resin/smoke to my nose...starts out kinda fierce but dries down nice and this a lot...
04th June, 2016

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

this is a nice take on a classic citrus cologne motif...initial blast of citrus is fierce and juicy...smells mostly orangey to me...the refreshing feel and overall scent vibe I get reminds me of being a kid and sneaking my dads 4711 and splashing myself with a good handfull...alas , like a lot of fragrances of this type it has a very short life...when I wear this I reapply frequently to get that initial rush...dries down to a soft cozy mossy/earthy skin scent...great smell, but neutral on it due to weak projection and longevity...
Refreshing Citrus
22nd May, 2016
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Karma by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

Orange...and more orange...a rich oily juicy orange...all the other ingredients give me a slightly dark side...a piney patch base...In structure it reminds me of Breath of God... the way 2 different accords/fragrances coexist...projects well but pretty linear to my nose...i find it to be mainly an orange scent with some minor accents...more of a novelty fragrance than something i would regularly wear...something i would occassionaly spray sitting around relaxing just for kicks and giggles...A flashback to hanging around an old head shop...
Aromatic Earthy Citrus
10th April, 2016

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

What can I say that hasn't been said already in over 300 reviews? Not much... But , have to throw in my two cents worth...i do think its a benchmark masterpiece fragrance destined to be called a classic in years to some others have described, I would go with this being an aquatic take on a classic eau de cologne citrus fragrance...i get a lemony citrus slightly flowery Italian type outdoor beachy smell that ends with a woody flavor...fresh and rereshing... great for all ages. and occasions...only downside to me would be lack of silage and longevity...
Classic Citrus eau de Cologne Aquatic
08th April, 2016

Artisan by John Varvatos

Well, on this one I don't have anything new to add... It's pretty much been stated in a lot of previous reviews...just to echo...starts out promising with a juicy/fresh/aromatic burst of awesome orange smell...quickly turns somewhat generic/synthetic musky wood smelling with a little touch of orange flower/blossom, and then...poof!!!!...disappears, hardly even a skin scent left...I honestly get maybe an hour tops out of this...disappointing as it does start out promising, and then it's downhill from there...
Aromatic Citrus Ghost
01st April, 2016

Cabochard by Grès

this review is for the current formulation...grabbed it at Ross for about 15.00...opens with a burst of aldehyde-cloud like-smell a tobacco/leather combo under the cloud-kind of bitter/herb/grass smelling-overall kind of grey and gloomy-a little spicy/herby feeling...not doing much for me...doesn't appeal to it gets into the middle I sense some mix of flowers freshening things up a bit and making it a wee bit prettier...dries down somewhat resembling leather...gloomy/boring/unappealing...not doing anything for me...would love to get a chance to try the original and update this review with , hopefully , a more positive spin...
not a buy for me ( current version )
Bitter Boring Semi-Leather
21st February, 2016

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

smellwise, this is a pretty good fragrance...I had a small decant that I've enjoyed wearing around the house...reason being I'm in the group that seems to get minimal projection and longevity from JV fragrances in general, this one being no exception ...I get maybe 2 good hours tops - and then it's almost like I never put anything it would not work for me for when I need an all day scent...the fragrance itself smells pretty good...I get a nice ripe/sweet/juicy/rich/syrupy fruit accord sitting on a thin layer of wood which then leads into a nice sweet/ambery/leathery vanilla....and then....poof!!!...gone...
nice while it lasts and I do enjoy the smell for the time it hangs around for me...
FBW...if you can get a good discount...because chances are you will have to reapply
Sweet Fruity Woody Leather
04th February, 2016

Bespoke : Vetiver Velours by Keiko Mecheri

2 things about Keiko Mecheri fragrances to is that , especially in the Bespoke collection, there is a common accord ( kind of musky/wood I believe ) that I detect lurking in almost every KM fragrance I've tried...a sort of "house" accord...the other is that I find pretty much all of the KM fragrances to have a relaxing/joyful feel that , to me, almost borders on being spiritual/meditative...wearing KM fragrances just makes me feel far as this fragrance itself, if you are looking for a vetiver dominant fragrance, this is not it...what I do get of the vetiver in this is of a background player that just adds a little flavor of earthiness/woodiness...borderline Oriental sitting on a cloud of sweetened musk...not bad, but not vetiver...for sure a perfect office scent...very pleasant and inoffensive...
possibly FBW if a deal can be found...
Spicy Woody Musk
25th January, 2016

Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Black No. 1581 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

well, right off the bat this has oud listed as the top note, but I'm sad to say I don't really detect any oud...not even one of those synthetic/chemical oud notes...nothing....maybe the supposed oud is what's giving me a little taste of tobacco... can see the references to John Varvatos and YSL La Nuit de L' has a general scent that reminds me of Varvatos and that sweet/spicy cloud sort of like YSL LNDLH...both of those do come on a little stronger and thicker...this is like a toned down more transparent version...the throw is not so hot and it fades on me after a couple of hours max...none of the listed notes jump out at me...everything sort of mixes me pretty much just a pleasant spicy/woody concoction...but for the price you can't go wrong for a quick short term pick me up if you're looking for a fresh pleasant safe scent...
FBW for the price it can be found for
Semi-Aromatic Spicy Wood
21st January, 2016

Unforgivable by Sean John

opens with a slightly sour herb flavored citrus...hard to pick out an individual citrus note...just blends into one citrusy accord...greenish herby flavoring...a little sweetness...agree a little with comparisons other reviewers have made...I can see this being a mutant offspring of a beachfront romance between MI and B#9 Wall Street...has somewhat of an aquatic fresh feel to it...this would be pretty good, and I might have kept it in my wardrobe, but alas, as is often with me and this type of fragrance-it starts with a nice blast, but the projection dies on me after about 15m and within 2 hours or so I can't really smell it at all...does have a half way decent ambery/woody/sweet mid and, this is one of the scents I'm purging from my wardrobe and gifting to a friend at work...
FB worthy if you're into this kind of scent and can get a good deal
Aromatic Citrusy Aquatic
18th January, 2016

The Secret by Antonio Banderas

yes, there is a resemblance to 1 Million, but to my nose no 2 fragrances are exactly alike...the bottom line is that I get a sweet/bubblegummy spicy leather with a hint of mint/grapefruit freshness and a whole lot of thick syrupy cinnamon with just a touch of apple liquor...not a bad smell...I really do get a pretty strong presence of leather...just a little too sweet for me to put this in rotation, but for the price you can't go wrong with this if it works for you...
for me, decant/sample worthy
Sweet Spicy Leather
23rd November, 2015

Versace pour Homme by Versace

Well, this certainly has a lot going for's fresh, safe, clean, inoffensive and actually smells pretty good...but, I do have a few issues with it...right as it opens, it smells very chemically/synthetic to me...the best way I can describe it is it smells like some sort of plastic... luckily, this quickly passes and the chemical effect seems to morph into a half way decent neroli smell accented with a little touch of is in the mold of todays sport/aquatic scents and, as a lot of others have mentioned I sense kinship to the Chanel Allure line...semi-generic and basic, but better than a lot of other options...maybe not a true aquatic but has that " ozony " quality...silage is good for a while, but like most scents of this type, at least on my skin, last maybe 2-4 hours tops on me...if you can find it for a good price this is a good summer workhorse...
FBW if that's your thing
Aromatic Citrusy Sporty Semi-Aquatic
20th November, 2015

Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

some synthetics don't do too bad by me, but this is not one of them..I get the impression of this chemical cloud surrounding me when I spray this on..The smell is not too too bad, but it smells like a good smelling cleaning product or some flavor of Fabreeze..a burst of citrus at the beginning that goes right into a flowery aromatic green smell..a little fruity-a little sweet..I can see using this as an air freshener but I find that I do not enjoy wearing it...don't really mind the's not bad..just doesn't seem like something to be worn...overall, sort of generic and I can see it appealing to those that like the fruity/sweet, aquatic sporty kind of thing..if it works for you it's definitely a good bang for the buck..dry down is sort of OK..hint of leather, but I don't see why they list vetiver or oakmoss..maybe when it first came out, but not now...
pass on this ( except to use instead of Fabreeze)
Aromatic Synthetic Sweet Fruit/Flower
02nd November, 2015

Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

for the price,this isn't a bad deal if you are looking for a semi-generic refreshing fragrance for something like freshening up after a shower at the gym...its pleasant and refreshing..and a plus for these type of inexpensive fragrances is it doesn't smell overly synthetic to me..a nice fruity fresh plum/pineapple opening with little nuances of spice/greenery/woods..but alas, as most fragrances of this type, it only has about an hour or two of action on my skin..agree with others that this bears strong resemblances to Curve..i'll go out on a limb and say to me it can also fit into the general ballpark of Unforgivable, Ed Hardy, creed MI...not bad for a cheap all around workhorse...for myself, had one of those little 15ml bottles...I'm done, not getting any more, but that's just me..
worthy of at least a sample
Aromatic Fruity Green
31st October, 2015

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

opens with a boozy/fruity wood that smells pretty good to me and definitely is immediately recognizable as an A Men me it sits somewhere between Burberry London and John Varvatos/JV Vintage in the general smell it conjures to my nose...the booze doesn't smell real alcoholy, but more like the smell of just nicely aged booze...I enjoy smelling this and am finishing up a decant right now, and then I'm done...nothing against this fragrance, but not planning on getting anymore...but it was a pleasure smelling it while I had it...dries down to even closer to A Men DNA, but without any bitterness or tar effect...nice and smooth...
decant to full bottle worthy...
Sweet Boozy Wood
20th October, 2015

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

To my nose, opens with about 20 seconds of a cough syrup/drop cherry smell that quickly mellows to a pleasant cherry smell as the tobacco slides in right underneath...the tobacco I picture as I smell this are large slightly moist leaves ready to be rolled into cigars...or a room where leaves are hanging curing/drying...after just a little while it is joined by a vanilla/caramel accord, but not too sweet to my nose...I agree with others that I like this better than Tobacco Vanille...starts out strong, but then dies down on me, but stays with decent longevity...just finished a decant of this...not full bottle worthy to me, but I would not rule out getting another decant somewhere down the line because I do like how this smells...
decant worthy Gourmand Tobacco
19th October, 2015

Touch for Men by Burberry

fresh/refreshing-nice fresh violet leaf-smells like a good choice for the summer-a sporty semi-aquatic feel...not bad smelling at all...has that ozony feel...don't smell orange but get a citrus freshness...artemesia gives it a touch of herby/sour outdoorness...a beach right outside a the mid I get cedar with just the lightest sprinkling of pepper for an all around scent-would be good for everything from the office to casual/date use...slightest hint of sweetness...the ozonic vibe seems to hang around for the duration but it doesn't shout at you...get a faint bubblegum now and then...get the slightest far away hints of things like Le Male/Grey Flannel/Reflection/Farenheit/Narcisso Rodriguez for Men...but only once it hits midstride...dries down to a Tonka sweetened musky wood...for the young urban gentleman...
not bad, but not a buy for me...
Flowery/Woody Sporty/Semi-Aquatic
05th August, 2015

Brit for Men by Burberry

opens with a crisp fresh citrus with a little zing from the ginger...right of the bat has a dry/dusty/powdery feel and powdery smell that transitional phase as the citrus dries down and right before the rose perks up what I get for a short stretch is hand lotion...seems to project pretty good...a decent, safe fragrance...dry/powdery transparent rose made even drier feeling from the faint cedar background...typical musky/woody drydown...
IMHO not a buy Powdery Citrusy Woody Rose
04th August, 2015

Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox

IMHO...Kind of what Geir Ness tries to do for Norway and Patrick for Ireland...this tries to capture the smell of a Swiss mountain forest-opens fresh and aromatic with a minty pine-has that cold air fresh feel I get from the initial bursts of Silver Mountain Water and me this has pretty impressive silage and longevity for what it is-on the sweet side, but not overpowering-a little background bitterness helps to keep the sweetness in check...very pine foresty smelling...laundry musk drydown...clean and fresh-giving this a neutral because it's nice and pleasant, but not for my wardrobe-but I can see the appeal of this to someone looking for a fresh clean fragrance-for the price, smell, silage and longevity, it's not a bad option...
Aromatic Mountain Forest
14th May, 2015