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Ma Bête by Eris Parfums

Blast of animalic spicy bouquet of poisonous flowers...smells vintage...smooth and polite...completely genderless...just sort of hums and glides along...dries down to some woodiness but maintains that beautiful animalic touch throughout...this is a keeper...detect some patch and resin also...has a nice Oriental flavor to my nose , a similar fragrance would be Salome or something from Bogue...
23rd February, 2019

Journey Man by Amouage

awesome initial powerhouse burst of a mix of bergamot/pepper/juniper...very aromatic and exotic...the tobacco and a touch of incense slowly work their way outdoor smell, remind me of being in a forest with some pine trees around...has a classy retro vibe...projection is awesome...toward the end it is joined by a faint trace of leather and gets nice and smooth...highly recommended for lovers of tobacco or leather scents...of course, sample before you buy...i love this stuff and am on my second bottle...
22nd February, 2019

Night Flower by Eris Parfums

beautiful...bergamot flavored suede...classy and classic...totally genderless to my nose...i think this can be worn by anyone...just as an aside, my morning scent was Cuir Cuba Intense and this ( my evening scent ) fit on top of the drydown perfectly...besides suede this does exhibit a flowery scent side and I think the name Night Flower comes from the fact that this is a darker flower scent...fits nicely with the suede...nice assist from a non head shop patch...the birch, cinnamon and musk also seem to combine to give this a broody ever so slightly animalistic quality...excellent fragrance that is a pleasure to my nose...
22nd February, 2019
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Cuir Cuba Intense by Nicolaï

initial sparkling burst with some lime in there...smooth and sophisticated...i can picture walking into an old wooden barn...smelling the wood and the fresh piles of freshly cut tobacco and hay...the breeze blows in the scent of minty herbs and touches of flowers as i stand there and chew on my black licorice stick...get a little gourmandish touch of something resembling caramel fudge or sauce...a pleasure to the final phases get just a trace of tobacco scents and i found this to be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe...
21st February, 2019

Liqueur Charnelle by Huitième Art

opens with promise...aromatic tobacco with a fresh spicy fruity touch...goes downhill after that...a mellow aromatic fresh tobacco accented with a fruit essence of peppery raspberry...feels somewhat a nice and pleasant fragrance...the pepper gives it a zingy mint feeling at times...a better alternative to this is PDM Herod...bottom line - a basic slightly sweet - slightly spicy - slightly woody tobacco...the icing on the cake is that this has horrendous projection and longevity...move along...get something else...nothing to see here...
21st February, 2019

Join The Club : 40 Knots by Xerjoff

yeah, i suppose this could be an aquatic , but it's one of the most unusual i've run across...i close my eyes and picture cruising on the open seas...walking barefoot on the beach with the breeze blowing the scent of flowers and greenery around...i get spicy wood with a touch of what seems like a boozy caramel...has a little of that metallic/ozony vibe...a little musky too...would easily fit in with Erolfa/Himalaya/SMW...good all-around fragrance for spring and summer...
20th February, 2019

Explorer by Boadicea the Victorious

i'm a big Boadicea fan and i love this soon as i sampled it i sprung for a full bottle...opens for a split second with a juicy/aromatic/bright/fresh blast of bergamot/orange that suddenly morphs into the total opposite " dark side " citrus...wood note quickly make their appearance...i get a sort of cedar/cypress mix...very dry and very's like a bespoke take on a classic men's cologne made for John Wick...a little dusty ambery resin/leather undertone...a scent that can make you feel like a bad ass...
19th February, 2019

Vogue 125 by Comme des Garçons

kind of disappointing...was expecting something a little more daring, exciting and avant-garde from the CDG laboratories...yeah, there is a little taste of something like old photo film or glossy magazine pages...bottom line though, is that, this is just a fairly nice floral fragrance...don't really get much else out of with a little background mish-mash of ink, vetiver, tobacco and leather all coated with flowers...nothing to write home about...
19th February, 2019

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

awesome exotic Oriental...opening makes me think of Opium Homme with a huge blast of Amaretto...smoky/incensey flavor...very nice projection on me...goes through a lot of nice subtle changes throughout it's life and keeps things interesting...get an occasional whiff that brings to mind Jaipur like a couple of others have mentioned...has a green quality to it...a sheer rose that is barely there , but adds just the right touch...a little woodiness...for me, it dries down to a very moist feeling smoky vetiver with just a dab of patchy resin/amber...great stuff all around...totally genderless in my book and I love wearing it...
19th February, 2019

Red Tobacco by Mancera love a good tobacco fragrance...this is a great tobacco soon as I dabbed it on for the first time I smelled the rich odor of fresh tobacco leaf drifting up to my nose...a nice , thick, rich's definitely not the same smell, but the " feel " and spicy richness of this fragrance, and the cinnamon makes me picture this bad boy hanging around with Furyo and Witness...projection is awesome, and being an old school powerhouse lover, the intensity and smell of this is right up my alley...this would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe...along for the ride are nice touches of fruit and wood/ winner in my book...just enough of an oud note to add a nice flavor, but not enough to push this into being categorized as being an oud fragrance...
18th February, 2019

Rêve en Cuir by Indult

smooth and sophisticated leather...not a powerhouse or animalic gasoline vibes...not any huge projection, seems to sit pretty close...kind of plain...not finding anything to really get excited of those millennial-friendly " transparent", " I'm really not wearing anything " scents...semi-aromatic in a fresh/spicy sort of way...almost like just the illusion of leather, not the real thing...kind of heavy on the clove, but it is well blended in is pleasant, but hat's about it...just a touch of citrus floating around...that's about it...nice to have had a chance to sample it, but that's enough for me...
18th February, 2019

Accento by Sospiro

love it....after i sampled this i wound up buying a bottle...elegant and fresh...juicy mouthwatering pineapple note...general fruity/floral presence...touch of green and wood...just the right touch of pepper for a little spicy accent...dries down to mostly a sweetish musky patch/vetiver...doesn't strike me as a casual scent...more for formal events, a night out on the town, romantic encounters...recommended to try...
17th February, 2019

Aoud Blue Notes by Mancera

Starts out as a zingy/fresh citrusy/fruity/flowery candied concoction , but well balanced and not overly sweet...get a nice semi-aquatic vibe...settles down to a nice woody leather with hints of musk and vanlla...the sweetness pretty much takes a back seat at this point and gets darker...for me, this is a perfect casual scent for summer days...for sure , worth trying out....
16th February, 2019
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Black Line by Mancera

First thought...oh no !!! Not another rose/oud fragrance... Much to my surprise this turned out to be a tasty little treat...the rose is gentle and airy...everything else plays a supporting role...i get nuances and accents of musk. woods, patch and a faint spiciness...i find this to be a pleasure to wear...
15th February, 2019

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

It's a heads up battle between tobacco and vanilla for dominance... Thick , rich , sweet and syrupy...kudos to the very realistic tobacco leaf that pops out here and there...a very fine fragrance , just a tad too sweet for me... I like my tobacco fragrances a little more on the unsweetened side...this is almost like a gourmand tobacco...has that chewy mouthfeel effect...i'm good with just finishing my decant...
13th February, 2019

Shooting Stars : Blue Hope by Xerjoff

Very elegant scent that leans nicely toward the dark side...opens woody/citrusy , but the citrus is not bright and sparkly , more sort of dark and the citrus in Boadicea's Explorer...beautifull vanilla , but again , kind of rough and dark thanks to the awesome touch of musk/castoreum...I like vanilla/orange combos , and this is a nice one...but the price....ouch !!!
12th February, 2019

Attar by Montale

Another Montale take on rose...not as brutal as some...and not as gentle as some....kinda middle of the road...definitely a rose fragrance...i don't really get any of the trademark Montale oud...i get the rose sitting on top of sandalwood...not a rich solid sandalwood , but more like slightly dried out and faded sandalwood powder/sawdust..., elegant and very wearable...
11th February, 2019

Belle de Jour by Eris Parfums

A light and airy spicy green...a pleasing smell casually drifts up to my nose...has a feel of classic elagance...the coriander/pepper/pimento gives it an unusual but very nice spice kick....a flavoring of orange flower drifts in the my nose , the only thing it lacks from keeping this really great is a lack of projection...otherwise, nice job...Could easily fit into the lineup of green scents from Oriza Legrande...
10th February, 2019

Fougère Marines by Montale

This is a strange scent to my nose...I get the ozony aquatic idea but it is layered with a syrupy fruity blaket...and i get a feel of fruity/flowery fragrances of the 50s and 60s...also has an air freshner quality...major pass on this one for me...
10th February, 2019

White Musk by Montale

Chanel aldehyde effect...slight hint of animalic muskiness mixed with soapy freshness...a touch of violet...very pleasing and enticing to my nose...kinda like a Montale homage to Kouros...not too shabby...perfect for partying outside on a cool summer evening...
09th February, 2019

Red Vetyver by Montale

I am almost finished going through a full bottle of TDH... Yes, these 2 are very similar, but I have come to the conclusion that I like RV least , to my nose , it's more robust and aromatic ...better support action from spices and woods...good blending and balance...gonna get a bottle of this instead of another bottle of TDH...
06th February, 2019

Golden Aoud by Montale

Another Montale rose and oud presentation...intensity wise this is middle of the road on the Montaleometer...rose and oud are both pretty laid back even though there is no lack of projection...a little dab of sweetness and a big dab of wood...overall I find this one to be rather pleasant and very wearable...
05th February, 2019

Shooting Stars : Kobe by Xerjoff

Xerjoff is one of my favorite houses and I own a variety and have a lot on my wishlist...this , as nice as it is , doesn't quite make the cut...neroli is OK , but not one of my favorite me , this is a heavy neroli scent backed up with an underlayer of wood...there's touches and nuances of other notes, but my bottom line is neroli/wood...welll blended and quality ingredients, just doesn't float my boat...
24th January, 2019

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr by J.F. Schwarzlose

interesting and pleasant fragrance...there is a slight echo of Timbuktu to this...i get a nice laid back vetiver flavored with ginger/mango and just a slight herby/spicy touch...i have no problem smelling my nose, the projection is rather decent...the initial burst of ginger/mango is very aromatic and rather refreshing...would make a very nice summer evening scent for either gender...ries to a smooth and slightly " wet " vetiver dominated scent...wouldn't mind having a large decant of this...
16th January, 2019

Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud by Montale

there's some awesome Montales...there's some awful Montales...there's the middle of the road Montales...this is middle of the road for me...immediately recognizable as a Montale fragrance...has a bunch of those signature notes...the oud is the milder, slightly cheesy one...the Montale rose note is there, but not in your face...i get glimpses of saffron, sandalwod, vetiver and amber...trouble is, it's kind of jumbled...doesn't really give the impression of something that is smooth and well blended...not a bad smell...actually kind of pleasant and wearable...but it's middle of the road...
13th January, 2019

Rose Oud by By Kilian

here we go again...another entry in the rose-oud world...i feel like i smelled a gazillion of these in the last few years....still, it's nice to smell an entry like this that smells of quality blending and ingredients...slightly spicy/woody rose and oud prefer this one over a lot of others i've sampled...decent projection and my opinion, a unisex fragrance...good stuff...enjoy...
10th January, 2019

Ho Hang by Balenciaga

Wish current price wasn't so high...would love to get a bottle of smooth and elegant...starts as a wonderfully aromatic ctrusy/herby/minty lavender barbershop fougere...classic , yet with a unique flavor all it's own...develops into a sweetish dry woody taste of the orient...great stuff
31st December, 2018

Bal de Roses by Keiko Mecheri

There's a quality to KM fragrances that just makes me feel happy...wearing this puts a smile on my face...the dominant player is a rich, juicy , dark red rose...there are no doubts that this is a rose fragrance...Everything else is just there to add little flavor nuances...that something else being some flowery touches and a little muskiness...oud is listed, but all I get of that is a hint buried way underneath everything else...and that's allright by me. keeps it from being just another variation in the universe of rose/oud fragrances...i enjoy this as a straight up rose scent and get much enjoyment wearing it...
12th December, 2018

A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

I like lavender fragrances , but this one fails to thrill me...opens with a blast of fresh minty lavender the has bitter/vinegary/herbal accents from the my nose , the vanilla that kicks in is the kind that reminds me of wet cardboard...too much lavender for my taste and not enough of the rest of the team...
11th December, 2018

Panthea by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Delightful...light and airy citrusy my nose , this has an incensy quality/ a citrus/flower incense stick...nice and natural white flower smell without that bubble gum effect...settles to a light and musky flower accented tobacco...not every single fragrance by a perfumer is going to be a masterpiece, but this one is a beautiful work of art...very enjoyable and wearable for me...
10th December, 2018