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Santalum Slivers by Kerosene

opens with a peppery citrus...a citrus blend...i don't get so much any individual notes as I do a fruit melange...if anything, the orange struggles to try to draw your attention...cucumber gives it a watery texture and refreshing quality...a very pleasant and enjoyable smell I am getting from this...would pair up nicely with a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian type it progresses a nice smooth sandalwood rises and weaves it's way into the citrus...overall, a very nice citrusy/woody experience...I can see enjoying wearing this...
19th June, 2018

Dia Man by Amouage

I've had the opportunity to smell 3 different formulations of Dia...the current magnetic cap, the pre-magnetic cap version, and now , the old Khangar bottle me, this is Amouage's most polite and laid back scent...the scent profile seems to say the same , but it seems to get progressively weaker as it goes along the years...the Khanjar version is definitely somewhat juicier and richer than the current version...a shame that in all 3 versions the projection and longevity are poor, because I do find this to be a very attractive scent and gives me much pleasure smelling it...I can understand comments that I've read comparing this in various ways to XXV...there's the incense, the flowers, the flavor of rich fruits and citruses...and there is a vague resemblance in the overall smell of the 2 me though , XXV is a true oriental , whereas Dia strikes me more as a quasi-oriental with a Western edge...I think if there was a designer scent at a decent price that smelled like this, it would be a smash hit with the general public...a gentleman's scent...
19th June, 2018

Tribute Attar by Amouage

This has so many things I love in a fragrance hitting my nose right from the start...I get the dirty and smoky orange rind that some people mention , but it lurks behind other facets...for me to get some enjoyment from that note i have to take a slow deep inhale and pause to catch on to it...dark/brooding/gothic/smoky are some of the descriptors that come to overall animalic civet or castoreum or anything along those lines...more of just an overall sense of wild feral animals roaming a dark wood with an ocassional wild rose blooming here and there...deep/rich/dark tobacco leaves...leather is there too...there's seems to be a lot of people out there that put this fragrance up on a pedestal, call it an oriental masterpiece and claim they found their holy grail...well, I have to say , I understand where they are coming from cause I'm on board with of the most awesome fragrances I've ever smelled...get some great wood tones as it dries down...and, it goes without saying, this has a tremendous sprinkling of incense throughout...another one for my wish list... ( I do have a small decant what I believe was the most current version )...not a harsh smoke in this to my nose...more of a sweet smoke...IMHO , I think that Myths Man and Interlude Man are a sort of offshoot of this blueprint....mysterious deep dark rich smoky orientals...but that's just me...oh, and overall...this was definitely a incense/tobacco/leather scent to my nose...the rose did not really stand out for's there, but not a key player to me..
18th June, 2018
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Rose TRO Attar by Amouage

awesome...a rose lovers dream...rose in all it's splendor and glory...unbelievable powerhouse projection...not much to say...could ramble on for several paragraphs about all the nuances and delights of this fragrance, but suffice to say, this is all about rose...the only other flavor is a citrusy amber mist hanging in the distance to give this a little balance so as not to be just an overpowering rose scent...if you love rose, I would recommend making an effort to at least sample this baby at some point of your fragrance journeys...
17th June, 2018

Dreckig bleiben by PMP Perfumes

This puppy goes through some rapid changes on me...when i first popped open the sample vial and put my nose to it , it was like smelling some beaker or test tube in the old chemistry class...pretty much the same with the first few seconds on the skin...then citrus rinds tossed on a fire somewhere between a campfire and an electric some nice resiny wood smoking away , but there's also that smell of toasted wiring mixed in there...then , a sudden appearance of pure fresh citrus for a short spell....for the rest of the ride things get woody and resiny with some nice dry vanilla thrown in for good measure...throw and lifespan are nothing to brag about...interesting to sample and explore , but that's about it for me...
11th June, 2018

Ablaze by Boadicea the Victorious

One of those scents that is well blended and comes acrooss to me in accords...i find it difficult to pinpoint individual notes...opens with a melange of spicyness and woodiness with a citrusy afterglow...As it goes into the mid i get some floral note i do detect here is a ghostly transparent rose....not enough to classify this as a rose scent , just barely enough to make its presense known...smooth , elegant and discreet...gets very cedary in the finish with a touch of suede/patch/sandalwood...a very smooth and friendly fragrance...medium longevity and projection...i personally like the house of Boadicea a lot and this is a very nice Oriental from them that i enjoy smelling and weariing...
06th June, 2018

2022 Generation Homme by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Opens with a nice bitterish fruity flavor...oud qickly kicks in...not a trace of barnyard or bandaid...a dry smooth slightly smoky oud with a little discreet sweetness to it....very Oriental, but at the same time has a western aspect that makes it easy to wear...I , personally would not hesitate to wear this to the office...gets just a little sweeter and resiny as it dries down...throw and lifespan are excellent...
04th June, 2018

Cédrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne

Excellent stuff....opens with an avalanche of bitter/aromatic/pcy/fizzy citrus with just a faint flavoring of fresh herbs and mint...the citrus , to me , is like a melange of lemon , lime and graperuit. if i read right , cedrat is said to be the ancestor of citrus...this seems to capture that essense of a generic , but very awesome citrus combo...not a sweet citrus fragrance...bitterish , but pleasant and enjoyable...overall , brought to mind Jo Malone citrus fragrances, especially Lime Basil and Mandarine...cousins...lots of similarities...a perfect scent for all summer occasions...also very nice mid to end...the woody aspects of vetiver seem to have been brought out for a smooth still citrusy woody/resiny drydown...for this type of fragrance i find the projection and longevity to be very decent...
04th June, 2018

Silence the Sea by Strangelove NYC

What is this? aquatic oud ? ...oud chips floating in algae and seaweed...super strong metalic bilgy effect that i'm finding to be rather unpleasant...a barnyard sunk in some murky seems like the truffle note adds insult to injury by coming across more like a moldy mushroom...i'm not a scrubber...i'll take the punishment and ride out a bad sample to the bitter end, but this came awfull close to making me want to throw in the towel and scrub it it dries down it just made me think that this is how toxic waste must smell...i usually give all fragrances some respect and give them at least a neutral...this, i believe , is the first fragrance I felt obligated to give a thumbs down...
29th May, 2018

Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

I can see why this seems to be probably the most popular JM fragrancce , or if not , it's definitely up there...what's not to like? aromatic/juicy/fresh perfect summer fragrance...the title pretty much gives away the story...exquisitely blended orange/lime -'s there in all it's glory with a generous sprinkling of freshly chopped basil...for a citrus the life on my skin is very 6 hours I can still smell a pretty good close to the skin scent...good stuff...skip the ozony aquatics and try rockin' this instead...
29th May, 2018

Ankh by Scents of Time

I've been lucky enough to have obtained most of the vintage and discontinued fragrances that I love to wear , but this scent is impossible to find at any price...I was also lucky enough to obtain a 10 ml decant several years back from a fellow Basenoter...on the very first whiff I took I was immediatly captivated and thought...hmmmmm...must get a bottle of this...not being able to find a bottle of this is why 10 ml lasted me so long...i used it very sparringly , taking my time to enjoy it...alas , as I write this , I am enjoying the last couple of sprays...firstly , this overall has the profile , charactaristics and quality of an attar...the difference is it is EDT strength , as far as i know, so it doesn't have the thickness/richness/opulence of an attar...what it does have is that multi-dimensional/layering effect and the way notes pop in and out among other incense , resins , spices and woods and this fragrance does a great job of checking all those boxes...OK... Enough of that ...let's move on to the scent itself...opens fresh and uplifting...a kind of citrus/resin/incense accord...sweetens and deepens...get one of those attar effects i mentioned , as different notes and effects start drifting in and out...a liitle honey...a touch of cinnamon...a smidgen of pepper...a sprinkling of some flowery smells...smells exotic and somewhat mysterious...oriental for sure...hard core oriental...after going through a kaleidiscopic-cornucopia of a seamless flow of accords this settles to a final resting place of a sweetish/resiny sandalwoodish incense...I will miss you...
21st May, 2018

Paradise for Men by Alfred Sung

Seem to run across a lot of these...aquatish fruity green summer fragrance that opens beautifully - makes promises and builds up your hopes - and then abruptly pulls a vanishing act...IMHO this smells absolutely me , not so much a tropical island with a nice beach...this strikes me as standing in a cool jungle with lots of ripe fruit hanging around and a river running through it...wait , hold that thought... it's been 30 minutes...must reapply...
15th May, 2018

Pi Neo Tropical Paradise by Givenchy

Opens with promises of a great tropical summer scent...kind of fruity/herby/woody smell with a touch of an aquatic feel...but , alas , like everone else has mentioned , if you want to keep enjoying the scent you have to reapply about every 30 minutes...does smell damn good to my nose before it dissapears...smell is a thumbs up...longevity and projection is thumbs down...which is why I give it the decency of a neutral...
12th May, 2018
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Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

For me , this starts off with a half and half blast of bergamot and pepper with just a hint of oudiness and a slightly turpy faint incense...I'm really getting the bergamot nice and clear, way better than I can detect it in other fragrances...nice on juicy and heavy on the lemony effect...sadly , not projecting very well on my the opening slowly fades back , different smells of wood weave their way in...nice and woody in that semi synth CDG way...i get a nice cedar-sandalwoody blend ...not quite hitting it out of the park for me...but not too shabby either...for me, a more realistic lumberyard-wood shop smell with nice flavorings would be more along the lines of Vagobondo, Costume National , or She Came to Stay...pepper flavor hangs for a while...doesn't last very long on my skin...OK , but just sampling is enough for me...time to move on...
08th May, 2018

Le Roi Empereur by Rancé 1795

Smells ultra-synthetic...A chemistry experiment gone bad...i sprayed this again to get another attempt at capturing the opening...its like someone trying to do orange flower and just can't quite get it right...there's flowers and cinnamon and wood...i can see some like for this due to it's freshness and innofensive quality making it a safe office and summer scent...not worthy of being called niche...And, on top of all that , projection and logevity are virtually nonexistent...
01st May, 2018

Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Opens like a grapefruit/citrus flavored eau de cologne...evolves into a minty/herby grapefruit...I can sense the Fahrenheit DNA somewhere in the distance , lurking far in the me , this is a good thing , as I'm not a really big fan of the original...I always found it to be interesting and inovative , but somehow , never drew me in to enjoy wearing it...this fragrance though , stands on its own , and would be a welcome addition for summer wear...dries down to a nice comfortable leather...overall , zingy and fresh without falling into the average aquatic world...
30th April, 2018

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Opium was a staple in my wardrobe when it first came out...I remember the first time I smelled blew my mind back then...i was still a beginner collector exploring the world of fragrance and marvelling at all of my olfactory discoveries...Opium was instant was like doing a drug...that initial zingy fresh blast of spicy freshness would give me a rush...a truly elegant and sophisticated oriental...close friends with Jaipur Homme...they both give me the same overall vibe/aura/feel...nice sweetish quality throughout its life...dries down to a thick comforting spicy vanilla that seems to last as a skin scent forever on me....IMHO - a must for any afficiando or collector of orientals...
30th April, 2018

Memoir Woman by Amouage

Opens for me with a smoky mandarin flavored incense with a touch of spiciness...dark/thick/opulent...smell feel of stickiness and juiciness...smell of classic orientals from days past...regal in a gothic sort of of those compositions that is so well-crafted and blended that I find it hard to zero in on individual notes...I experience this more as accords and impressions...and right now i'm picking up an impression of an underlying current of a woody smooth leather...on top of this sits an accord of sweetish/ripe/syrupy fruit sprinkled with flower petals...very rich and decadent of the Amouages branded for women that I love a matter of fact , i'm wearing it right now...finishing up a split and will probably get some more...projection and longevity are great...
30th April, 2018

SIN Singapore by The Scent of Departure

Flowers in a grassy field with a stream or brook running through it...or , I get an image of paddling a canoe through a patch of lily pads...occasional whiffs of musk from the critters that hang around...flowery in a pleasant and gentle manner...nothing to get excited about...minimal projection and longevity...that's about it...end of story...
29th April, 2018

L'Aigle de la Victoire by Rancé 1795

love it...distressed old leather jacket laying in the middle of a barnyard...wonderfull skanky/animalic...herby/woody animalic leather...3 previous reviews say it all...but, buyer beware...most of Rance fragrances can be lumped into aromatic/aquatic/citrusy/flowery compositions...I read elsewhere that Rance came out and said they found this turned out to be somewhat intense for their regular clientele, so they came right out and said they were reformulating and toning it down a bit...I believe that they also said they were adding a raspberry note or something along those , if you want the real skanky deal , you need to somehow make sure you get a bottle of the original formula...I believe it's still supposed to be skanky, but not so much...but even this one mellows out somewhat as it moves along...still, glad to have a bottle of the original formula in my wardrobe...not for the office...i wear this at home for myself...and only when my wife is not around..LOL
29th April, 2018

Tenaz by Daniel de Fasson

There is something about this scent that I can't quite put my finger on that makes it a little unique to my nose...just a nuance of something i don't think I've ever smelled in any other fragrance...It's not a bad thing though...I find this fragrance to be very pleasant and a pleasure for me to wear...Overall a spicy/flowery/woody blend...smells perfect for office wear...projects nicely...glad I was able to add a bottle of this to my wardrobe for a great price...
28th April, 2018

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto by Comme des Garçons

I get incense , but it's the freshest and most gentle incense I think I've ever smelled...very delicate sense of smokiness....nice nuances of woodiness...very mild projection , but I thinks this fits the nature of this fragrance...bottled meditation/mindfullness...gets a touch resiny as it moves along...very nice...I wear this for relaxing , kicking back , enjoying the smell and listening to some deep soothing music...namaste...
28th April, 2018

L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

Quite a pleasant and beautiful scent...A tangy fresh green , slightly woody/ herby iris sitting on a plank of wood...not a big fan of iris fragrances , but i really like how this smells...strrikes me as a very inoffensive fragrance that is perfectly suited for all ocassions...smells smooth and sophisticated and has aspects of both the mens cologne and barbershop schools of seems rather hard to come up with flower fragrances that most men would feel comfortable wearing , but I don't think any guy would have any issues with pulling this one off...
24th April, 2018

Akaster by Parfums de Marly

Well, another entry into the world of rose-oud...I'm really liking this entry though...very classy smelling western oud with some added woody oomph from the cypress...a very smooth and slick feeling fragrance...spicy tasting and get a nice hint of lemon in the background...aromatic/light/airy...i find this to be very pleasurable to wear...projects very nicely...semi-linear , which I find to be not a bad thing because i enjoy smelling this as is...decent life span too...overall , a nice addition to the rose-oud army...
23rd April, 2018

Oajan by Parfums de Marly

I get a vanilla flavored cherry pie drizzled wth honey and then sprinkled with a ton of of those scents to reach for when its time for winter holidays , parties and family get togethers...not a super big fan of gourmand type fragrances , but I enjoy wearing this...has a nice semi-smoky resiny touch...I can see this guy hanging around with the likes of Burberry London . Bogart Witness , Wazamba , John Varvatos and his older brother JV Vintage...only drawback for me is the lack of longevity and projection on my skin...happy with the decant I have of this , no need for a full bottle...
23rd April, 2018

Lost in Flowers by Strangelove NYC

Kind of like someone covered the barnyard with flower petals to mask the smell...being a huge fan and collector of animalic fragrances I find this fragrance very my slowly learning nose this smells like a quality oud...not sure if its real oud or a synthetic , but if it is synthetic , its top of the line...This is pretty much overall a flower flavored oud , but not linear...morphs through various versions of this composition...and what makes me think that this is some really good oud is that I get all those nice little real oud nuances...a liitle ocassional whiff of tobacco...and it has this feeling of great depth...the flower smell is very realistic and gorgeous...hey , did I happen to mention that this projects like a beast...wonderfull olfactory journey...a big thumbs up...whats really strange is that , here and there I get a babershop soapy quality , overall structure and vibe this , to my nose , brings to mind that this could come from Chanel or Guerlain if they were to do a flower/oud composition...
22nd April, 2018

BUD Budapest by The Scent of Departure

I get a nice wooden backbone flavored with citrus which , in turn , is jazzed up with aromatic fresh pungy spiciness...i get a peppery/clove/paprika accord , but it's very gentle...overall feel is of a gentleman's type of fragrance...not so much the scent itself but the feel and ambiance it gives me...this house has some very decent fragrances , but overall , almost all the offerings suffer from a lack of throw and lifespan...could have done without the aquatic accord...makes it smell very close to Cool Water...smells like the same ingredient was used for that the end we're left with a quasi-aquatic muskiness...OK , but no big deal...bottom line - a semi-niche fragrance that smells like it could be found at the mall , but would be one of the better offerings...another last minute resemblance that just came to mind as I took in another snort - Bleu de Chanel...
17th April, 2018

Black Vanilla by Mancera

To me , opens fruity-flowery with the vanilla hiding beneath...but not for jumps in and grows like a thundercloud making it's grand entrance...I find the name to be I was expecting a dark gothic or animaly oudy type of vanilla...instead , this should be something more like Beige Vanilla...this , to my nose , is more yin than yang...very enjoyable to smell but not for my wardrobe...accents that stood out for me were coconut/peach/violet/musk...
16th April, 2018

DOH Doha by The Scent of Departure

Nice resiny citrus melange opening...kind of a retro flower smell sort of floats up at you...initial impression is very pleasant and there's a feel to this I find very enjoyable...citrusy floriental...the 5 citruses listed blend together into a nice fruit salad that brought to mind the smell of fruit Kool Aid , which I happen to like... same with the flowers , I get more of a bouqete rather than individual notes...gets a little powdery....get a little vanilla flavored wood a the end...not bad...
16th April, 2018

Join The Club : More Than Words by Xerjoff

luxurious and opulent...another entry into the rose/oud scheme of things, but this one stands out to me...very Oriental...has the richness and exotic quality of an Amouage and that wonderful blending that brings the smell over in accords like a Terenzi...thick, dark intoxicating rose...a very decent oud note...projection is excellent...besides the oud , detect a nice woody backbone...a little touch of discreet wearing this...picked this one to add to my wardrobe over others in the rose/oud arena...
12th April, 2018