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Coven by Andrea Maack

As soon as I first inhaled this i flashed on the smell of being at The Botanical Gardens and walking into a humid/muggy greenhouse where the soil was just turned and the vegetation is old and ripe...misters are at work in the background adding a little more juciness to the can't get much greener than this...vanilla smooths things out a bit...i actually get a faint touch of caramel in the vanilla...intriguing and interesting to sample and study , but not something i would go the Pagan route, shoulda been just a wee bit more dark and gothic...
20th March, 2018

Balenciaga pour Homme by Balenciaga my top 10 fragrances...this is another case of great reviews that have said more about this fragrance than I could ever say...well , I have to throw in my 2 scents for what it's worth...I am a big longtime fan of Lapidus and Kouros and I can see why there is a lot of talk associating these 3 fragrances...each is totally unique and stand apart from each other , yet there is a common thread that is elusive and hard to pin's like they are all part of the same big family , but not close , like brothers...more like second cousins...still, i can't help but to see them as some sort of triumverate...they may be second cousins , but they party a lot together and get into all sorts of far as the scent itself , I see it as a very exotic and unusual incense fragrance...the scent goes through a multitude of changes but , throughout all of it , I get whiffs of an otherworldly incense smoke drifting in the background...opens kind of wild and probably scary for some , sour/aldehydic/vinegary effect...theres spices and herbs and woods - oh my!!! feels kind of serious and the base I also get a cherry oud M7 others have mentioned , this juice could be thrown in a fancy bottle and given a cool sounding name and sold as a high end niche scent...3 thumbs up and a solid 11 out of 10...
20th March, 2018

Geir by Geir Ness

The more I wear and smell this, the more it grows on me...I liked it the first time I sampled it , but it just seems to get better the more I smell it...this strikes me as an all- season , all-purpose scent...perfect for the office, family gatherings, a first date , you name it...sweet, but not gourmand...flowery, but not feminine...image I get is standing in a wooded flower garden up in the montains with a fresh soft breeze... fresh and mintlike...citrusy and flowery...agree wholeheartedly with comparisons others have made...there's resemblances to Issey and my nose, this could be a flanker of the Channel Allure Homme line...maybe even a liitle touch of Bleu...bottom line- Fresh Aromatic Citrusy Flower
19th March, 2018
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CB Musk by CB I Hate Perfume

I had high hopes for this...I'm always on the lookout for good animalics to add to my wardrobe...well , this turned out to be rather dissapointing...there is a pretty awesome civety musk thing going on , but it's ruined by that funky semirotting fungal smell that others have my nose, I sometimes also get that odor and nosefeel you get from a fresh coat of latex of the few accents I pick up on seems to be cinnamon , and even that smells moldlike and past it's prime...not a bilgy fragrance, but gives me that same yuccky kind of effect I get from bilge...applaud the effort , but no cigar...
19th March, 2018

Green Valley by Creed

Creed has some nice fragrances , but there's a lot I haven't had a chance to sample yet...To give you an idea of my favorite Creeds , I have full bottles of Acier Aluminium , Orange Spice , and Bois de you can see where my main tastes that I've smelled this ultra green citrusy beauty I'm very sad that it's discontinued and going for big bucks because I would have loved to get at least a 30ml split...totally agree with other observations that this is kind of like a blend of GIT and SMW and/or MI...has that overall aura and air about it that , when you smell it , you can right away identify it as a Creed...bottom line - Aromatic Citrus Green
18th March, 2018

Prelude to Love by By Kilian

I'm on the fence about this day I like it , then I try it some other time , and not so much...its a nice citrusy flavored neroli with a dab of pepper/gingery spice...but , I don't really get anything awesome that makes it stick out from the crowd of similar fragrances...sometimes I get a artificial vibe from it...along with that is the poor longevity and projection that pushes it back even further into the crowd...When I find myself yearning for a neroli fix , a very similar fragrance , that I much prefer over this , is Xerjoff Oroville... bottom line - Mediterranean style citrusy flower...
18th March, 2018

Massive Patchouli by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Tries so hard to live up to it's name...starts with a blast of heavy patch that knocks me in the nose, then very quickly dies down...robust with a heavy woody/earthy quality...dark dusty vanilla flavor...decent enough, but i've smelled a lot of patch better than this...for myself, I find this to be more of a layering agent to add a touch of patch to another fragrance...seems like the closest thing I've smelled that reminds me of your typical hippie/head shop patch smell...
15th March, 2018

Onda Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

A dark sinister aldehydic animalistic citrus opening blast...immediately made me think of Bogue...this smells like it could nestle right in between Cologne Reloaded and MAAI...bitter herbs tempered with a touch of a big fan of animalic blasts from the past, I am thrilled that there are perfumers crafting nostalgic brews such as this....has a slightly piercing minty like nose feel...get an intense flower flavored vetiver...a little spice , a little herb...great mix...there's a hyper-modern industrial edge bringing this classic structure forward...lurking far down in the base I detect something inky/plasticy/asphalty...adds to the edginess and mystique of this somwhat exotic and mysterious brew...definitely also has an aura of the erotic.. but brings to mind something more along the lines of S & M...woody and leathery nuances...little bits and pieces bring all sorts of associations...a liitle bit of Kouros...a slight touch of Macassar...a winner in my book...from time to time the citrus makes a misty appearance...
14th March, 2018

Mark Birley for Men by Mark Birley

First thing that hits me is fresh bright very natural smelling lemon...this is immediately ruined by a very chemical synthetic smelling wood note...IMHO , smells like any of dozens of mall fragrances...citrus spice and synthetic wood...if this had a better quality of ingedients and better blending it could have been something along the lines of Eau Sauvage meets Invasion Barbare...but alas, all i can muster up for this is a big Meh!...does bear some resemblances to Sartorial...guess the British gentleman style of juice is not for me...bottom line- slightly above average run of the milll citrus/spice/wood concoction....
13th March, 2018

Pulp by Byredo

Someone just grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into a bowl filled with a delicious very ripe fruit salad...what this really reminds me of is the compote that my mom and gramma used to brew up...all kinds of fruit cooked in a sweetened/spiced broth with just a splash of wine...i do get a boozy background and the kind of flavoring of spice that brings to mind mulling spices...a strong syrupy fruit intoxicating fruit ambrosia...i get great olfactory pleasure smelling this...only drawback to me is that due to the intensity and power found in this fragrance I find it hard to find the right time, place and temperature to properly wear this...bottom line - boozy spicy fruit bomb...
13th March, 2018

Satyricon by O'Driù

Opening slaps me upside the head with a bar of chocolate studded with cloves...there's an aura of a mixture of dry/earthy/bitter herb...has a piercing/pungent sort of olfactory nose feel...very earthy , like a dry dirt that was just turned over...interesting and very well done...quite a nice creation , just not to my taste...i find it to be a nice experience to sit and sample, just not something I would choose to I find with all of O'Driu: great ingrredients, exquisitely blended and has a chameleon/kaleidoscope quality of constantly changing/evolving/mutating...for me, bottom line - spicy earthy herbal semi-gourmand...and the name fits well...i can see a satyr frolicking and being his horny drunken self in the woods smelling like this...
11th March, 2018

Sybaris by Antonio Puig

A blast from the past...opens very animalic to my nose for just a couple of minutes...then I get this aromatic cloud of a citrus melange flavored with pungent this enough to have grabbed a large backup bottle...something I want as a permanent member of my wardrobe...very classy...cousin to Jules and Lauder for to Boss Number One and Tenere...has that spice/flower flavored honey thing going on...also has a close relationship to Versailles...dries down to a nice comforting oakmossy vanilla...bottom line - aromatic spicy green...respect...
07th March, 2018

Black Gemstone by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Dirty/dark/bitter lemon and woody opening that doesn't hang around very asphalt sprinkled with wood chips and a variety of dark aromatic resins and a few random drops of gasoline...hooded monks in black robes, chanting and performing mysterious rituals...spray it on and have yourself a religious experience...bottom line- dark and smoky resin/wood delight...
06th March, 2018
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Trèfle Pur by Atelier Cologne

Nothing really new to add that hasn't been said already...just throwing in my two cents...a refreshing spring/summer fragrance...freshly peeled oranges rolling around in a field of freshly mowed grass that has clover and aromatic weeds strewn about...typical/standart cologne profile...the orange does have a nice Italian my nose , somewhere between the citrus tones of Jo Malone and Xerjoff...might have been tempted to grab a small bottle if this had better throw and life...bottom line - aromatic green citrus
06th March, 2018

Eye, Hatshepsut by Charenton Macerations

Got a sample of this...tried it once...bought a my nose and taste , this was an instant hit...yes, it can be summarized as a flowery oriental , but very unisex general flavor and profile this just brought to mind Amouage Fate Woman which I also own and love wearing , and also bought after just sampling once or twice...this is smoky/sweet/flowery incense with a musky-patch animalic me a sense of something ancient/mysterious/exotic...another fragance that brings to my mind desert vistas , ancient temples and mystic rituals...makes me feel not just like I'm spraying on a fragrance , but more like I'm annointing myself...
06th March, 2018

Gaïac by Martine Micallef

I'm on the fence on this one...have a nice sample...tried it twice and was pretty sure that I didn't care for it and was ready to put the sample in my give a way I just tried it a third time and suddenly - whoa !!!!! this smells pretty damn good...smooth plank of wood with a wet coat of vanilla flavored honey varnish and a dusting of cloves...not overly sweet...just the right touch that avoids going over the border into gourmand land...has a touch of class...nice winter scent for relaxing by the a feeling that after another sampling or two I might have to edit my rating from a neutral to a thumbs up...
05th March, 2018

LAVS by Unum

Big time incense lover , and this a big time incense...dark and brooding with a slight feel of smokiness...i dont get high mass in a brightly lit church...i get a stone cathedral/monastery...dungeons and dim hallways with flickering torches and braziers of smoky resins...ancient rituals and sacrifices...The Inquisition...welcome to the dark side of incense...a solid 9 out of 10 for me...the total opposite of something incense cheerful, like Cardinal , for instance...think I'll put some of this on and go make someone repent their sins...Amen...
04th March, 2018

Gulbadan by Tola

Barn yard opening sweetened and lightened by a flower/fruit/citrus like...its like some twisted take on an animalic cologne...the barnyard effect fades down rather quickly to an attarish bouqet of flowers that resembles and brings to my nose/mind conjurings of some of Sultan Pasha's wonderous creations...I get little sparkles of wood and resin tones flitting about...sort of airy and aromatic...the animalic effect has faded but still maintains a background presence...bottom line - a nice and polite fruity/flowery oud with little accents of many other flavors...i enjoy smelling this...
04th March, 2018

Gli Invisibili : Vagabondo by Hilde Soliani Profumi

Very pleasing aromatic wood...several types of wood very nicely blended...a little smokiness from the birch...can't really smell the rose or fig notes, but have a feeling that this is what gives this scent an exquisite sweetness...not gourmand aromatic sweetness that permeates the of my favorite wood scents that I really enjoy wearing...
28th February, 2018

Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire

Love incense this fragrance...thick and rich, but dry at the same time...luxurious blend of resin/spice/wood with a nice pine flavoring...comforting and mystical...feels like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanky...only thing i would love to adjust is the throw...starts out like gangbusters with a powehouse opening but seems to get close to the skin real fast, although it does hang out for awhile...a must to sample for any incense afficiandos...
27th February, 2018

Vetiver Veritas by Heeley

A burst of grapefruit for about 10 seconds and then it jumps back and hides behind the vetiver and just sneaks a peek once in a while...The mint is also just barely there...what we have is vetiver in all its rooty/dirty/soily glory...i like vetiver, but this ones just so so...smelled a lot of other vetivers that i enjoyed a lot more than this...
20th February, 2018

Réve Narcotique G1 by Sultan Pasha

Dark murky flowers...mysterious and exotic...narcotic...heavenly...addictive...resiny...hard to describe and nail down one of the Sultan's masterpieces...currently get banana the reminds me of Acier Aluminium...hard to give my nose a rest...just keeps going back for another whiff...get a dark/brooding touch of something sweet...a hint of incense and honey all of his creations, this is constantly evolving and flowing into continually changing scents...give it a few minutes...take another sniff and it's like a totally different fragrance...things get freshly spiced up a little bit...cinnamony and honey...overall, sorta falls into the L'air du Desert Maroccain arena...I could go on and on, but, suffice to say- bottom line - a gorgeous/exotic/oriental/dark/rich flower fragrance with dark and dusty spicy/sweet accents with touches of greenery and animalics...
06th February, 2018

Thirty-three by Ex Idolo

Let me see this the 56th or 57th rose/oud fragrance i've sampled? sorry, I lost count...well, I can see the popularity and is a great smelling combination that can be tweaked in a multitude of ways...I'm gonna try not to compare this to any other examples of this's been done in other reviews and I am in agreement with most of the comparisons already presented...OK, I'll just say - Montale Black Aoud...probably most mentioned because it's probably the one that most have sampled and has sort of become the benchmark of the genre, so that all others are judged as being better, same, or worse than MBA...OK, enough of that...on with the my nose, 33 opens up with the rose and oud duking it out for the top spot...the oud is smooth, very woody and refined...i get no bandaid or barnyard funk...the rose is dark/jammy/ a rose syrup being dripped on the oud...this, in turn, is sitting on top of a rubber mat...very plesant and relaxing to me...a slightly dusty feel...i find 33 to be on the mellower spectrum of this scent combo...overall, i think the rose takes the gold and the oud and patch get the silver and bronze...if you like this genre I would highly recommend giving this a sniff or two...
06th February, 2018

Orange Spice by Creed

2 big thumbs up...I love citrus and I love Kouros...this is the best of both worlds...opens with a blast of animalic/spicy/aromatic orange in your face...yes,it does have an antiquated vibe, but it matters not to me...I couldn't care less if a fragrance smells old when it smells this good and brings me olfactory pleasure...i picture the room and sheets smelling like this after a hot and passionate menage a trois between Kouros/New York/Habit Rouge...
just don't understand why the good stuff gets vaulted and discontinued...
06th February, 2018

Cooper Square by Bond No. 9

First thing I noticed was a feeling of warmth and comfort...someone spilled a little booze on the wooden floor of my favorite barbershop...the juniper gives it just the nicest liitle accent of fruitiness, but retains it's yang aspect...fragrances are genderless, so, rather than masculine/feminine, I see them as being yin/yang hard/soft...this has a classic/retro vibe with a modern twist to it...getting some nice incensy/resiny/patch flavoring too...i get the same feeling of a nod to past greats as I do with Bond's Great Jones...somewhat aromatic and ever so slightly soapy...but a very luxurious/foamy soap....for me, a pleasure to wear and full bottle worthy...closest, in the same ballpark vibe, that springs to my mind is Bois Du Potugal...
05th February, 2018

Land of Warriors by The Vagabond Prince

Right out the gate I get leather...a smooth polite leather with a dab of sweetness and just a hint of gasoline...if i was going to use a reference to any association with another fragrance, this made me think of Fahrenheit...some greenery floating around...nothing hard core about this...i would say that this is an office friendly leather...a little bit of sharpness that gives my nose a little bit of a tingly feeling...not really getting much in the way of any of the flowers or fruit/citrus that is it bottoms out it's like someone turned down the treble and turned up the bass...gets a nice woody/castoreum animalic leather thing going on...I think I would enjoy wearing this...
05th February, 2018

Jewel For Him by Martine Micallef

Often times a certain combo of notes winds up appealing to a large audience and seems like everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon...probably one of the biggest examples of this would be the rose/oud combo...just about every house out there has one or more takes on this popular combo....Jewel is one of the many variations on what I see as the citrus/cedar/vetiver combo...some others variatons of this that come to mind are TDH, Red Vetyver and Tzora...I really like this combo...To me, Jewel is the mellowest and most laid back of the bunch...after about an hour it stays pretty close...not much of a scent bubble...this is my only beef...really like the way it smells, so I just wish I would smell it more...
05th February, 2018

Lemon Line by Mancera

Awesome to my citrus and love this...opens like smashing a nice ripe lemon right under my nose...the aromatic smell of juice and pulp...the ever so slightly bitter tartness of the rind...Lavender and flower are mere accents to jazz things up a bit...perfect throw...I can see wearing this a lot in the summer months...just a smidgen of an orangey/limey touch...very aromatic and refreshing...bottom line is a truckload of lemon...the only thing wrong for me is that the musk at the bottom has a little bit of that laundry musk smell...but not as bad as some others I've smelled...
04th February, 2018

Flowerhead by Byredo

Oh yeah...the name says it all...conjures up visions of walking into a flower shop or opening the door of one of those flower coolers at a grocery store...there is lemon , but it's cleverly hidden and provides a weird sort of mellowing effect that keeps the flowers from going over the edge...a little touch of green to add to the freshness and gardeny effect...what makes me chuckle is that I seem to be one of those noses that gets an occasional whiff of bubble gum when smelling white type of florals , and I get that with this fragrance...not something I would wear , but I can see this being a fine choice for noses that like this kind of fresh and fruity flower...over time , mellows and dries down nice and smooth...
04th February, 2018

Underworld by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Opens nice and warm spicy blend of cinammon/clove...dark and dusty...medieval and earthy...dense and slightly bitter...I get visions of being in a thick dark ancient forest engulfed in's very damp and warm and the smell of roots and vegetation fill the air...nice supporting cast of amberish vanilla...oh yeah , did I mention that there is a boatload of veiver in here...bottom line - a unique and great smelling interpitation of vetiver...
29th January, 2018