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Paisley by Etro

I have bought Paisley for my girlfriend, who's been wearing it pretty much non-stop for the last month (and that's with immortal classics like Loulou by Cacharel and Shalimar in her wardrobe).
As far as notes are concerned, I think the advertised pyramid is pretty much spot-on - what's not necessarily clear by reading it, though, is the amazing aptness of the name: this *is* olfactory paisley. Every single time my GF sprayed it, I got a different vibe (after a while, I stopped asking her "is it Paisley?" because I just felt dumb): it smells just like the fabric pattern, with several different colors very close to each other, always intersecting and bisecting without ever quite mixing down to a dull gray-brown.
The end result is utterly fascinating and absolutely enticing - I wouldn't call it a classic just yet, but it's certainly one of the most interesting feminine (or possibly unisex, for the more adventurous) scents in the designer segment.
16th May, 2012

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

I'll have to agree with Surge - even though I'm twice his age. Grey Vetiver is a very nice, fresh, clean vetiver on a citrus background. Most agreeable in the spring, but I guess I'll wear it more than happily in full summer as well. And I'll probably feel younger than I am.
04th March, 2012

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza by Acqua di Parma

After having tried all their current masculine lineup - Blu Mediterraneo fragrances included - I have come to the conclusion that Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza is the most accomplished and probably their best work so far.
At first spray, you are welcomed by a flamboyant, powerful citrusy accord, very much like AdP Colonia - that is, sweeter and more rounded that most "classic" cologne, possibly thanks to a generous use of petit grain (although I believe there to be some "regular" orange too).
After that, things get interesting: even as the fragrance takes a detour down the "you smell so good" lane, the patchouli starts poking its raspy, opinionated head through, dislodging pretty much all the "heart" notes, until you get an incredibly long-lasting (I can easily smell it on me after 12 hours) and, for me, rather unexpected patchouli-cum-citrus.
To me, the effect is almost like that of wearing a repeat application of a classic cologne: I smell good, but I still smell more like a man than a fresh-out-of-shower kid.
Currently, one of my top three fragrances. And I bet that it would be Clark Gable's too.
11th December, 2011
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Eau d'Ikar by Sisley

I can't really comment on projection and longevity, having only smelled this on a tester strip but there's something that I really feel needs saying: the opening is *exactly* like the old Drakkar by Guy Laroche (the discontinued, non-Noir one) - and the name certainly hints as much, don't you think? =)
24th November, 2011