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Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

Maybe the first pefume out there that really smells like the sea/ocean.
Just forget the notes/accords they stated it has.
It's Incensy, it's flowery, like tabacco, old debubbled champagne, it's marine like inside of a seashell from a tropical sea.
A little bit pleasant milky. Drydown is great, im loving it - it smells sweet of flowers and "wet fur". I don't smell the metallic note in here however the smell was tested also on my female friend's skin and it suprisingly wasn't pleasant at all - on her it smelled like "mettalic try-hard wannabe scent covered with black pepper".
What a chameleon!

If you love sea, and You know how REAL sea smells like with it's pros and cons. This is it.
08th March, 2012