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Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

Not really worthy of the Dior Homme name. The only one i dont care for in the dior homme range . Starts off ok then smells of something very generic and boring. This misses what make dior homme great (IRIS)
28th February, 2018

Extreme 1920 by Bois 1920

Bois 1920 Extreme

I really do enjoy this scent. I was so happy to have some cold weather to wear this one and share my thoughts. To me this one opens "extremely" strong and very green and herbal with some bitterness.(bitter in a good way) .It than gradualy turns into a very clever mostly tonka scent with some vanilla and just enough bourbon to counter the sweetness of the tonka and vanilla combination.Would not describe this is a boozy scent but its in there but not dominate at all. I should mention there is also some of that green herbaceous feeling from the opening remain in the background to various degrees throughout .Definitely enough variation in the development in this scent to entertain. To me this is an excellent masculine scent I thought for sure .However when my girlfriend gave this one a spray.(the attractive bottle gets you every time) it smelled so different and feminine on her skin.The jasmine really steals the show with this one on her. It smelled incredible and now we share this one. I guess that make this one an obvious 2 thumbs up! My very favorite from this house.

Excellent projection +7hrs and longevity +18hrs
26th November, 2014 (last edited: 29th November, 2014)

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

refreshing summer fragrance

Opens with a beautiful natural lemon with a hint of ginger in the background for freshness and some spice.There are florals as well but its is mainly dominated with the ginger/ lemon combo. Its really has the ability to make you feel fresh and cool and smell great when the tempters are unbearable. It last and projects pretty well. I can still smell it on my skin 6 to 8 hours after applying.I live in sub tropical climate and this is a great scent to have in your summer rotation it really cools you off.

Christian Dior is an amazing house and this is another one of there many great scents.

Pros: sport/flanker worthy of name sake
Cons: none"

14th October, 2013
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Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Thierry mugler cologne

this cologne completely renewed my interest in fragrances. Having not tried or purchased a fragrance in over 10 years it was time to find a new one or as it turns out many new ones .Well back to mugler cologne

 Went online to find one and saw men's magazine recommendations which lead me to YouTube reviewers  who lead me to basenotes . Amazed with basenotes and read reviews and forms for months and finally joined the forums but was very intimidated to write a review being a novice as well as finding it difficult to verbally express my impression and or more accurately my feelings and emotional evoked by a fragrance. 

Went to our local Dillard's and tried several and this one was love at first sniff and I instantly loved it . Even though the hot SA was telling me to buy Chanel blue and one year latter feel the same way  by the way  2nd and third place were Chanel blue and A*men.

There is a lot written about this one and a lot of information that really only confuses
Rather than informs and glad  my first impression was from the scent rather than any pre conceded  notions.I find it not similar to any of the creeds i have sampled or any other scent that i have tried and i tried to find some other fragrance similar that I like as much, but could not.
It opening is incredibly satifying and gives me solace when I'm blue. It really makes me feel happy. Theres a Limey/lemony opening thats the neroli petigran and orange flower. Its wonderful fresh and clean. Once that dies down I get the smell of fresh bathed skin. Like you are in bed with someone and inhale deeply with your eyes closed. After that it dries down to a clean musk smell The opening fades after maybe 15 minutes than the bathed skin smell which people associate w soap last maybe 1 hour and then a clean slightly flora musk last for 4 hours but get occasional whiffs here and there after that. Incredibly versatile and a must for any collectors. its a real winner!!! 
23rd August, 2012

Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

Ice Men is totally gross. I kept it thinking it would be better in the summer time but it only got worse in the heat . I now understand the meaning of the infamous urinal cake description described by others. This is what they use to make cleaning product to me. Truly a awful scent. Try before you buy this one.
15th May, 2012