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Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works

Spectacular fragrance, has elements of Spicebomb but doesn't get musky on the drydown, just a consistent delicious boozy vanilla. The top with blood orange is wonderful. Longevity, as with most Vanilla-based gourmands is great, 8-10 hours consistently, and on clothes, days..Honestly this stuff is better than many bottles triple the price definitely grab it, at $20-30 for 100mL this stuff is a no brainer.

I'm rather shocked by how good this is as Bath and Bodyworks previous scents have been cheap and hideous disasters. Hopefully this marks a change in direction for them, and hopefully they don't do something stupid like discontinue this for yet another of the crap aquatics they put out periodically.

Ignore the other two distractions in this line called "Alpine Suede" and "Whitewater Rush", those two are consistent with the nasty cheap fragrances from their older collection like "Ocean," "Oak" and "Twilight Woods."

04th October, 2014

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Dior "Homme" - Marketing over Manliness
So I finally got my nose on the newer Dior line, L'Eau, Sport, Intense, and I don't think it's worth tackling all of them in reviews beyond saying they're astonishingly mediocre. So I'll stick to thir daddy, the acclaimed Dior "Home", "Homme" in quotation marks as this is perhaps the most feminine thing I've ever smelled on either side of the fragrance aisle, Miss Dior Cherie is a butch flannel-wearing trucker compared to this delicate flower.

Look I'm all for a little gender bending in perfumery as long as it's done within reason, but Dior Homme smells like something straight out of the venerable Britney Spears line. From the vaunted lipstick (iris) top note to what strikes me as a cocoa and orange blossom drydown, this smells like the cosmetic-encumbered hand bag of a 15 year old girl. I don't get sophistication, and there's certainly nothing "homme" about this fagrance.

Dior "Homme" is, however, a testament to what good marketing and brand image will do for you. Frankly, this smells like something that belongs in the Katie Perry or Rihanna range of Coty-made air fresheners, it's not at all distinct and frankly, but not for the "Dior" provenance the scent could easily lost among the sea of teeny-bopper gourmands. I'm told what I smelled has been reformulated, but unless they pulled out a giant gob of cedar or oud in the original incarnation I very much doubt my opinion would change.

Ladies that are looking for a soft floral gourmand might want to look at this, but then again, Rihanna Rebelle does something very similar at 1/4 the price, so I can't even recommend it for the ladies.

Dior Homme is a testament to marketing savvy, the actual product is a middle of the road feminine gourmand. Fortunately I didn't go for a blind buy, I got a couple samples, and will be giving away the second, yuck.
24th April, 2014

Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir White No. 1585 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

It starts with a wonderfully sharp and natural smelling grapefruit buttressed by some cedar, rose and and pepper. This is a wonderful scent, very high quality ingredients. Sillage is average and as an EDC I get about 5-6 hours longevity which isn't bad for a citrus pepper. Easily worth double it's price if you're looking for citrus pepper this is a no-brainer.

This is a clean scent, sharp very mild sweetness brought initially by the grapefruit. This is a steal of a deal, buy without reservations.
14th February, 2013
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Oxygène Homme by Lanvin

Take an aquatic, add black pepper and voila, Oxygene pour Homme. Not offensive, just nothing mind blowing. A nice safe office scent.
04th January, 2012

Citrus & Wood by Yardley

Very clean and natural smelling little fragrance. Cedar and Lemon dominate the top notes, dries down and you get some more soft woods in the scent. Longevity is just average, but this is also a scent that would be amazing to layer with your favorite light aquatic. Thumbs up for this incredibly natural classic fragrance!
04th January, 2012

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

A vile sickening patchoulli bomb, the fragrance equivalent of high shoulder pads, tight blazers and red leather zipper jackets. Interesting perhaps as a historical study, but too dated to be wearable and evokes the excess silliness of all the 80's and their gaudy glory.

The scent has longevity, but so does mosquito repellant, you'll want this stuff to go away after about half an hour, but it just won't. I mistakenly wore this once to have a co-worker remark "umm oh, is that your cologne" followed by a disgusted expression. I'm forced to agree, this stuff is dated and simply unwearable, avoid it.
19th December, 2011