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Quorum by Antonio Puig

A perfume to not hesitate

It breaks my schemes. I don't trust cheapies but, with it, you can save money for a lifetime without regrets. I don't understand the word "powerhouse" but I'm sure this is not, because is mild. This is turbid, very powdery and flowery in the mid notes. As you can learn reading this reviews, maybe is a happy reformulation. What strikes me more is the confidence of the way it conveys its message. This is something to learn from it or, as you wsih, from its author. The drydown is very soft tabac.

Pros: Clarity of message: turbidity & boldness
Cons: People´s state of mind is somewhere else"

10th October, 2013

Yatagan by Caron

The review: Awesome in the opening. You receive a sour kick of herbs, pine resin and eucalyptus. Because it’s art, not bare nature, the beauty comes from the way the parts are put together. These aromas come knotted with lavender and patchouli. You get slight sweetness mixed with the bitterness. Middle notes are milder: A bunch of coriander assorted with wormwood, parsley and other herbs, like sage and caraway as Luca Turin says, and, yes, celery (celery belongs to the same family of coriander and caraway and has full rights to inspire love and poetry, as roses, daisies, carrots and broth do). The syrup grows a little in the drydown, from musk and sandalwood, unremarkable, even shy, with hints of powder and bubble gum… Allegedly, this fragrance used to be bold all the way, but nothing lasts... I would do it again but just with the vintage. This is now safe after minutes, suitable for any occasion or stepfather: it is water, not liquor. The software is dazzling but the hardware is unsupportive: the juice is fatless and synthetic, without quality.

The metaphor: It remembers me a cool morning in the forest, in my childhood. All was new for me and I touched, twisted, scratched, smashed, crushed, pulled up and tore every branch, root, flower, bud, sprout and leave that called my attention, most from the ground. Then my hands got sticky and fragrant. That smell, sticky also in my recall, is now Yatagan.

The anecdote: At gym, after workout and shower, I was feeling great. That´s why, I suppose, I was heavy with the trigger over my chest, arms and back of the neck. I was facing the mirror and fancying about the putative changes that workout had brought to the naked torso. Then a guy, who passed behind me, returned and, with worry face, said to me: “Do you smell? Someone was smoking pot here!”

Food for reflections: How was the development of this outstanding artist called Vincent Marcello? Who was the great designer of the segmented sword in the vintage flask? What happened to a brand with such a lofty past as Caron (a genuine past, not a made-up one) which now is so far and beneath from the seventh heaven of the top-notch?

The method: As a bullfighter put it long time ago: “disposition, courage and fear”. I wear the fragrance on daily basis, until the last drop from the 125 ml flask, for understanding and enjoying purposes. I read reviews and threads; researched at produce counters and so on... Furthermore, I did a lot of introspection.
30th April, 2013

Royal Oud by Creed

2.5 fl.oz of juice are over and I should clean my review (by the way: to read the batch number A4311T01 was a formidable task):

I got a sweet anisic first appearance but thanks to Darvant`s review, I got wind of a minty aroma that reminds me those minty flavored confections some restaurants offer to the customers when they quite the joint. Then, a classful drydown, with golden (not garish) glow. It is very elegant and transparent. The high quality of its raw materials is self-evident. Exquisite sandalwood, very near to the skin, but I am not able to talk about the oud.

This frag is oriental not in the spicy common place but in the substantial way: as a glance inside a peaceful tent, amid a desert, where someone behold, with his eyes shut, an spiritual quest, and decide to chase it to the end, deep inside.

The longevity is poor. Because this, my experience was not the one its great style prefigured when, bravely, I bought it. But, as Proust would say, in any Creed`s fragance, everything, even the greatest disillusions, could be reduced to a batch problem.
05th January, 2012 (last edited: 05th March, 2012)
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