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Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

This is the best rose scent I've ever tried. I (like some others have mentioned) find most rose perfumes to be overwhelming and cloying, and I'd have to say that this is kind of overwhelming, but boy, in a good way. This is like cat nip to me. It's something that I wear for myself, and usually when I am by myself because the sillage is incredibly strong on me and I am hesitant to thrust it upon those around me who might not have the same positive reaction as I do (although one day I might try it out in public and see what people think).
It has something sharp and almost gourmand to me (even though it is not a gourmand), it stimulates my appetite, awakens my senses and makes me feel comforted all at the same time.
It is a fairly linear rose scent, but there is a complexity to it that you would not find in a typical rose oil/scent in my opinion. I've been wearing this on and off for a month now, and each time I wear it I love it more. I'm so glad someone made this. I wish I had more words to describe the effect it has on me.
05th February, 2012

Christmas Tree by Demeter Fragrance Library

Ugh, this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I bought this on a whim very cheaply in search of the scent of pine leaves but this is a plastic christmas tree if any kind of tree at all. It is more like pino clean detergent and even then, much much less appealing. At first it has a horrible toxic, plastic smell which dries down a bit but never goes away. Demeters Dirt (which I quite like) has a similar artificial note at first but that disappears quickly and leaves a somewhat natural smelling concoction. I can't even use this as a room spray (which is what I intended) nor even in the bathroom. It reminds me of a bathroom that hasn't been inadequately cleaned. I would give this bottle away, but I don't want to subject anyone else to it's disgustingness and I doubt anyone I know would like it so I'm just going to throw it away. Given the positive review above I'll give it the benefit of doubt and assume that the bottle I own is off, but I can't bring myself to give a neutral rating.
22nd January, 2012

8 Opoponax by Prada

I think this is wonderful. It starts off with a strong, refreshing bergamot note that fades quite quickly. The dry down starts with a pleasantly sharp resin accord between the amber and the opoponax and in the final dry down it turns softly sweet on the skin (hence the name 'sweet myrrh' I assume). The sweetness is not sickening in the least, very warming and pleasant to me.

The silage is not very strong but adequate enough. I actually think this is a good thing for this kind of perfume as the subtlety is part of it's charm. It has good longevity on my skin, the sweet dry down can be detected by the end of the day, however I do not have dry skin and perfume tends to last on me so this may not hold true for others.

I have always loved amber and resiny perfumes but had not yet found one that I could wear that wasn't too over powering on my skin. This is definitely the one (without being weak either) and I'm very happy I tried it.
03rd January, 2012
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Eau Ressourçante / Eau Tranquility by Clarins

Clarin's 'therapy' fragrances are so much better than their perfume lines, although have a very short lifespan as they contain natural ingredients. They are also much cheaper, I have picked up full bottles of Eau Dynamisante for $20, so I have no qualms about spraying them liberally. Another thing is that they are supposed to actually be soothing to the skin, and since I have extremely reactive skin this bodes well for me. It also means that I can dab it on my temples.

At first I didn't like Eau Ressourcante, I didn't dislike it but it had a plasticy kind of top note. I suspect that this may have been the age of the sample bottles I got, as well as the fact that the plastic cap did not fit well meaning that the perfume may have turned. After that dissipated this truly is a relaxing smell (for the time it lasts) . It's fresh and as with Dynamisante has a very clean smell to it. I like to use this before bedtime after a shower or bath, it helps me drift off to sleep (sometimes I use badger sleep balm or Shisedo relaxing fragrance instead just so I don't habituate to one or the other). I think this would be extra nice layered with the same-scented Clarin's body products. Clarins makes great body stuff, and this to me feels more like a skincare product that a proper perfume, but I like it for what it is none-the-less.

12th December, 2011

Chêne by Serge Lutens

Chêne smells awful on me. I hope to think that it is just my skin chemistry, the sappy top note is just way too pungent and overwhelming. Once the top notes died down it is much, much nicer and a scent that I would like to wear but it is not worth it for the first few hours of harshness on my skin. I love other SL creations, but this one just isn't for me.
12th December, 2011

Gardénia Parfum by Chanel

I purchased the 15ml parfum exclusive to the flagship store when visiting Paris - it is sublime, I absolutely love it and get compliments when I wear it. Amazing. I haven't tried the EDT version.
05th December, 2011

Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules

This smells fantastic on my clothes after I've worn it, but not so great on my skin directly. Unlike others, I can smell this quite strongly and it doesn't disappear on my skin. It's not dreadful on my skin but just doesn't compare to how intriguing and lovely it smells on my clothes. That said, on some days it's better than others. For this reason it's quite a mysterious, elusive scent for me, I can't quite pin it down, but for that reason I like it.
05th December, 2011

Eau de Naphe by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This doesn't smell expensive, but that doesn't mean it's not nice. To me this smells like jasmine green tea at first, it's very fresh and light and great for summer. A nice simple 'holiday' fragrance not readily available in my country, but available in most pharmacies in France.
05th December, 2011

Angeli di Firenze / Angels of Florence by Santa Maria Novella

I bought this on a trip to Florence in 2007, from the historical Santa Maria Novella pharmacy in the centre of town. Amazing memories and a beautiful fruity, sweet scent with a complex base. I am enamoured with this scent, however it is really, really sickeningly strong on me if I use more than one spray. It also lasts forever on my skin, the dry down is really beautiful, but again too strong if I use more than 1 spray. On the plus side this means it will last a while for me. 1 puff and it's perfect.
05th December, 2011