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Voyage d'Hermes Parfum by Hermès

I got these pure perfume samples as a gift from a cosmetic shop. Opening is wonderful, spicy citrus, grapefruit mostly, fades away pretty quickly. Then, it goes floral, I detect rose and tea notes (which I love) there. And... Very disappointing drydown happens!. I get musk along with heart notes at the end but dry down smells like it gets watered down (eh, may be that was the goal?). In general, this smells like cold, fresh, floral version of Terre'd Hermes.

Since it's pure perfume, just at the beggining, it projects damn good. I applied one sprey at the back of each ear. I was hardly getting the smell after mid day, so longevity wasn't that good for a pure perfume or my expectations were too high. I wouldn't bother to buy EDT version. Actually, I think like others, it's overpriced.

I give neutral, because for a pure perfume it didn't performed as I expected, also I don't find anything special about it and the price is just bleh! Still, this is a good fragrance for who wishes to smell just expensive, there you go.
31st March, 2012

Pi by Givenchy

I got this from my sister as a gift and it was very disappointing :(. Powdery chemical sweetness. Longevity? 8 sprays and 2-3 hours later nothing left o_0, I found the bottom pretty quickly lol!!! Thumbs waaaay down...

13th February, 2012

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Opening is similar to it's brother La Nuit, lack of the boozy note, citrus blast and of course cardamom is there. Middle notes are floral and very very similar to Azzaro Chrome, just a bit more intense and sweet. Progression is very quick on me. In 30 minutes drydown happens: sweet, creamy base and just a bit of violet leave (or something else green) left... Wait a second, think think think....Paco Rabbane Ultraviolet Man, yeah drydown smells like Ultraviolet Man.

On me, projection and longevity was not good like all other fresh fragrences in the market. Actually, I dont think it's drydown is fresh because of the sweetness. I stay neutral about this.
13th February, 2012
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cK be by Calvin Klein

I have a bottle of lavender cologne (500 ml for 5 bucks). Whenever I put this on, my sister notices immediately and compliments it.

When I put cK be on, it fades away in a few minutes o.O. There is no projection and longevity on me and nothing special about this smell. C'mon, seriously!
31st January, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2012)

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

You' re looking for a woody scent? How about a pure woodshed smell?

Opening is sweet, peppery and full of cardamon. After a while pepper and cardamon is almost gone and I get pure woodshed smell which I find very pleasing. I don't get how you find it feminine. Projection and longevity is pretty good on me.

In addition, I get some boozy not there but I can't tell what it is since I'm not that into booze world.
30th January, 2012 (last edited: 11th February, 2012)

Black by Bulgari

This is truly a masterpiece for me. I admire it's opening, nothing can get close. Drydown and longevity is amazing on me. Rubber smell doesnt fade away for two hours (waaay slow on me) which you may find disturbing, well some people do. End of the day it settles down and i get musk and vanilla still projecting. I feel happy when I wear Bulgari Black. Also, I find it better for cold days but not for below zero, its a sweet smell but not as sweet as Rochas.

You must try...
30th January, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2012)

Cavalli Man by Roberto Cavalli

This is my first review and I'm new to fragrance world. So, take it easy :).

True that it's acidic, powerfull citrus/lemon, powdery drydown. Funny thing, it stays more than 24 hours on me, even after taking a bath it was still on me. How about that?

Sure, its not a blind buy, there is nothing fancy about it. I think it's not for everyone but give it a try.

11th December, 2011