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Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

I can dig it.

When I first sprayed this, I caught a strong peppery scent, almost masculine in composition. It's a very dominating first. After a bit of time passing, however, it does dry down to a very warm, cinnamonny, sweet fragrance with the traces of pepper still playing in the background. It's definitely a fall/winter fragrance and would be best suited under a thick cashmere sweater and riding boots...because this is very sophisticated but fun. This is a big girl's perfume, but doesn't feel stuffy or old. It somewhat reminds me of a stronger, more peppery D&G The One.
18th October, 2012

Jeanne Lanvin La Rose by Lanvin

I'll be the first to say that I am far from having the meticulous nose needed to pinpoint the entrance and outtro of the various notes within a particular fragrance. I just know what I like and I know what smells good.

Wit that being said, I must say that I absolutely ADORE this fragrance. What confuses me, though, is that I don't smell the raspberry at the top (hence, my earlier disclaimer), I smell an immediate assault of the most glorious rose fragrance, i've ever smelled in a perfume. I traditionally steered clear of rose fragrances, afraid they'd be too dated or matronly for my personality. I actually ordered the original Jeanne and was shipped La Rose by mistake. I was shocked and offended, as you would imagine, but after one whiff of this, I thanked my absentminded seller and have been wearing this more than any other fragrance since i've gotten my hands on it.

It's a very feminine scent, romantic, as well, so this would be a perfect accessory on first date night, or when you're wearing something "girly." Definitely wouldn't wear this to your local nightclub when you're donned in all black. It's not THAT type of fragrance.

The rose stays prominent throughout, but I also do catch the delicious white musk and green of the cedar and vetiver. Makes me think of Escada Magnetism, perhaps her more demure and sophisticated cousin.

Though I stated this is perfect for date night, I also think it's equally a daytime fragrance, and one that's worn typically in the Spring and Summer months (though i'm wearing it now in the middle of October).

Of all my fragrances I've worn recently, this is the one that has stopped a man dead in his tracks to tell me how great I smelled. Ladies, if you're looking for a sophisticated fruity-floral (more floral than fruity), give this one a chance. You will not regret.
17th October, 2012

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

I was extremely excited to receive the sample of this acclaimed fragrance, however, when I sprayed it, my husband recoiled in disgust at the smell. I put it to the backburner in embarrassment. Trying it again today, and smelling my arm as I type, I am not impressed. The initial spritz leaves a strong, almost overpowering aroma that is invasive and rude. The drydown is a bit better and has a powdery musk effect to it, but nothing to write home about.

11th January, 2012
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Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Chance by Chanel is my first fragrance from the Chanel line. When I was sprayed with a sample at Macy's, I was immediately captured by its full-bodied warmth. It is a very bold fragrance, strong and invading, but once it dies down a bit, it is utterly splendid-sophisticated and sexy all at once. This is perfect for evening.
15th December, 2011