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Back to Black by By Kilian

Oh hello there sly niche that I didn't really pick up before I had sampled it several times and was equally fascinated each time.

This is probably the most extreme powerhouse I've ever sampled.

That tobacco and honey firework hit you straight away as you apply, but it's the way it transform into something more spicy, with the raspberries and spice that really makes this fragrance epic.

That, and the fact that it lasted about 26 hours on me, with a shower after about 18 hours. I could smell it on my wrist 25 hours after application from the sample. That's just absurd.

I love this fragrance through and through. The hit of that fantastic and smooth tobacco mixed with the top quality honey, the longevity, the spices transforming and mumbling in the background. Everything comes together on me in a way that Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille just can't match (on me, at least).

A fantastic fragrance. Sample asap if you like tobacco or honey.
29th July, 2012

Vetiver by Murdock

Imagine your L'occitane Vetiver turned up to 11, only not in a horrible way.

You are greeted by a strong citrus, followed pretty much instantly by vetiver. This continues for a while, but slowly introduces - for me - something musky and masculine into the mix, alas the tree moss.
This continues for a LONG time - this fragrance easily lasts eight hours on me, radiating a very masculine and musky vetiver.

This is a gentlemans perfume in my opinion. It's not as fresh as Tom Fords Gray Vetiver, nor as green as Creeds Original Vetiver and not as fantastically strange and wonderful as Fat Electrician. It's probably classier and more masculine than any of them. Think a more mossy, grown up Guerlain Vetiver.

All in all a huge thumbs up for me - because this was just what I wanted. A very formal, gentlemansvetiver where you can feel your englishness seeping through and out to the less fortunate or common. Mmmmmmm aristocracy.
30th May, 2012

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Sampled this fragrance now several times, and this is what I'm ending up with.

The first 30 minutes to one hour is great. Why? The tobacco-part dominates, keeping the absurd amount of vanilla at bay, displaying at least a whisper of masculinity and presence.

After that, it all goes horribly wrong for me. I'm treated to an explosion of vanilla, and it just doesn't want to quit it's extreme vanilla-game. It's overtly sweet, and I just can't deal with it, and find it extremely feminine.

I've also received numerous feedbacks on the fact that I smell less than masculine. Could it be a cultural thing? Yes, I suppose. It could also just be the fact that sweet vanilla just isn't very masculine, at least not for me.

I'm giving it a thumbs down because of the absurd price, and the fact that it way too quickly morphs into the vanilla monster from your sugary dreams. Even though, it's very well put together, and the longevity and projection is EXTREME!

If you really LOVE vanilla, go for this and never look back. If you, like me, came looking for tobacco, continue your search.
14th April, 2012
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Black by Bulgari

My first fragrance from Bvlgari - black is truly something special.

Most people think rubber when they try this fragrance, but you should really just have a soothing cup of Lapsang Souchang-tea before you discard this fragrance as just endless rubber.

The smokey, tare-infused smell and taste of the tea will dictate what Black is all about. Dark, sensual and slightly ... let's be honest here - both naughty and kinky due to the darkness of the fragrance, mixed with the vanilla.

You're met bya prominent "rubberized" smell, which is the Lapsang Souchang tea. After a little while, the leather and wood mid pokes forward - and is joined by a prominent (at least on me) vanilla-note in the base. Still, it's not overtly sweet like a lot of vanilla scents.

It's easy to see, and understand all the comments about rubber, and to many people that's what you get initially, but if you know your teas, you'll recognize this as "something else", but still very influenced by the lingering and somewhat naughty "rubberized" feel.

A wonderful but very special fragrance to be worn with confidence and a slight desire to express your kinky inner person. One of the few designer-fragrances I really like.
06th April, 2012

Hermèssence Santal Massoïa by Hermès

Been enjoying this as a part of my four piece set from Hermessence, and this fragrance just keeps growing on me.

It's a fresh and woody scent, but toned down and never extreme or irritating. It's subdued and smooth, while giving the impression of being in a deep forest far away (think Asia).

The smoothness is fantastic, it's well tied together and I get compliments on it. Still, this is not a shouty fragrance, and it follows what the other Hermessence-fragrances does so elegantly - subtle beauty.

I really like this fragrance. Enough for a full bottle? Maybe, but I'm not sure. I still suspect this one will grow even more on me when the weather warms up.

I'd really recommend this as one of the four you can get as a sort of sample-set from Hermessence. Well worth the money.
23rd February, 2012 (last edited: 17th April, 2012)

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Hello smooth summery island-flavored scentness! It's me, your somewhat masculine but curious reviewer.

Let's get this straight - this is not a very masculine scent. My girlfriend took a whiff and exclaimed "oooh coconut", followed by "yeah, this one is for me .. oweee" then sat back and smiled - content with her judgement.

I gotto say though, I get what she's saying. It's a very good, fresh and summery frag, but I couldn't really imagine myself wearing it. It's just too light, too modest and without a certain "weight" I prefer.

As said, a lovely scent strongly flavored by coconut (that's basically what I'm getting 20-30 mins after application), but it's just not masculine enough for me. Wouldn't recommend blind-buying this, but you should really sample it if you're interested in smooth, creamy coconut blended with a tad of citrus.
29th January, 2012

Original Vetiver by Creed

Blind bought this from a fellow BN'er more or less because my father had this a long time ago, and I just couldn't get that fantastic looking flacon out of my head.

Looks aside (even though it looks gorgeous with it's dark green bottom), Creed Original Vetiver smells as clean and smooth as I was hoping for.
It's very grassy and clean, with a distinct soapy nature my girlfriend just adores. I detect a sort of pine-note in the drydown - and I just love the smell and the feeling of cleanness and freshness.

I get around six good hours out of this fragrance, still easy to trace after eight hours, although by then it's not very prominent, and I have to really sniff my wrist to detect it (I always do four sprays, two to my wrists and two to my neck).

If you want to smell clean, soapy and fresh - a sort of "fresh out of the shower" scent, this is the one for you. It's probably my best blind-buy ever, and I'm sure I'll get another one when this one is empty.

Bottom line - A great looking flacon and a fantastic scent.
27th January, 2012

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

As other people have stated, this is a very soothing fragrence.

Immediately I can appreciate the candied apple-cinnamon, caramel, honey and dried fruit (figs?), but then it all tones down a bit converting (for me) to a sort of tobacco / rum scent that just stays there without imposing.

After a grace period, it dries down and you're left with the wonderful tobacco / rum-scent that's warm and friendly.

I can't detect much of a vanilla-scent going on, and the sweetness gives way to something more akin to "warmth" in my book.

Sophisticated without being shouty - sweet but not intrusive and just generally grown up feel-good.
30th December, 2011

Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande by Hermès

You're greeted by a smooth, peppery scent with a sort of woody chilli, calming down to a smooth wood and pepper-base.

I'd call it smooth and sofisticated, without ever being shouty or aggressive. My girlfriend really liked this one, and claimed it lasted way longer than I could smell it.

I have to chime in with others and agree that the sillage is pretty low. That's probably the price to pay for an extremely smooth fragrance that whispers, rather than shout about itself.

All in all extremely sexy, sophisticated and smooth, yet understated and calm. If you're heavily into something like A*men, this could very well disappoint you with its calm nature, but if you're done with the shouting, this is the fragrance for you.
28th December, 2011