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Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée by Guerlain

Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée was perfect when it was introduced in 2003. None of the later iterations improved it. What is wrong with Guerlain? Shalimar Eau Légère was destined to be a classic. The first time I sampled it, back in 2003, I was hooked. For several years it was readily available. Then they changed the formula and introduced it as Shalimar Light. Not as good but okay. I searched for and continued to find the Eau Légère version until some time in 2009, when the supply dried up. For a year or so, I was able to locate a few bottles of Shalimar Light, but I finally gave up my search and moved on to something completely different. Guerlain claims that Eau de Shalimar is the same formula as Shalimar Eau Légère, but critics say some of the key ingredients are inferior in quality to the original. I do not know, because I have not tried it. I have moved on.
14th December, 2011