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Himalaya by Creed

An enigmatic wonder of scented bliss. Yes, this begins with something odd, but very spring-ish! I feel clean wearing this fragrance. Then the drydown comes into play and I have an occasional blast of woods out of nowhere, yet not a dirty forest, but a Coors Beer commercial vibe! Mountains, and clean water cascading over mineraly rocks. This is an excellent blend. My spring scents are this, GIT, Tere D'Hermes, and Black Touch for spring evenings.
05th April, 2014

Black Touch by Franck Olivier

Expressions of greatness! Like others have shared, I find this fragrance to be the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack if you will. A huge fan of Terre D'hermes, and Encre Noir, I found myself almost giddy to receive this bottle today. Thinking to myself how wonderful it would be if all the reviews were right that it is the golden child of these two juggernauts of the fragrance kingdom...
I open the box, and already Im smiling as the scent has somehow entered the Priority Mail cardboard it came in! I pop the top and gently lift my wrist as Mozart plays gracefully in the background. The first spray! Pssst! The sprayer whispers as it lets out a scented cry, nay, a gift of scented goodness. My wrist and frag make contact in crescendo of olfactory bliss!
Ok, reality time now! This frag is amazing if you like woods, dark, man fragrances! I am vehemently against vanilla in a frag as I just cant wrap my mind around around why a guy would want to smell like Vanilla when he should smell like a,! Anyway, this vanilla note at the very end has been placed with perfection. You cannot even tell its there, its just a balancer for the end game. I found a 3.3 oz on ebay for 23$ brand new, and I am just amazed! If you are on a budget and cant swing for Terre D'hermes, this is the way to go and save.
03rd April, 2014

Full Incense by Montale

What a fragrance! I recently recieved my sample, and confessional time: Forgive me father, for I have sinned! I have never owned a Montale fragrance in my life! Blasphemous I know, but better late than never!
This scent, is tantalizing to say the least. I am in awe of the warmth, and general feel good vibe of this fragrance. Everytime I try it, I immediately want a cold winter day with a fire and a cup of joe, or be in an ancient cathedral awaiting the presence!

FrGrance starts out bold, and warms a tad after an hour, after which it holds to a nice spice....for days on my skn. This is my fall/ Winter frag, period. Go easy on the trigger as this one will overload if not careful. Wear a fragrance like a hint of something, not outloud! I will post again after the winter to give full in depth report on this offering, chalice, and confirmation....
14th September, 2012
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Dirty English by Juicy Couture

In a world of pop video, xbox addicts, wearing colognes that smell like cotton candy laced with poodle-like wimpyness, it is absolutely refreshing to FINALLY find a cologne worthy of manhood. Young men take note: Stop wearing axe body sprays, and mall store gag juice, this is the frag of all frags. I like fragrances that smell crisp, woodsy, boozy, and manly. This is the one. Set a trend young men, of wearing colognes that smell like your gender should....REAL MEN! If you like a camp fire, chopping wood, rodeos, or anything else that can put calouses on your hands, get your hands on this stuff. I have searched for 3 years for a fragrance as solid as this with my chemistry. I am blond haired, , blue eyed male. Irish/ scottish descent, medium skin. My wife is picky with fragrance. She LOVES it. It is not expensive, and i hear they are discontinuing it. Stock up today!! Enjoy!!

Great bottle.
Fall/ winter frag
Sillage is medium
Charms on the cap are just strange

26th August, 2012

Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

I thought after reading many reviews of this frag that I had made the wrong purchase??? I was wrong! Yes, this has a standard House of Ralph vibe, but it's nice to my nose. This is not a winter scent by any means in my opinion, but spring and summer this fragrance bridges the gap nicely between a young college student to an older genteman. I was glad to see the drydown notes were driven by amber and patchouli as I am a patchouli lover, but it's so subtle and peeks out only occasionally.
Having said all that, I must say this is not a world changer, and it definitely has a Polo Sport vibe throughout, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Initial Spray: Generic
1 hour: nice/pleasant....Even got a compliment at the store
2 hour: Drydown is beginning....I smile with a grinch like sneakiness wondering what is next!
3 hour:....It's Gone! Bummer....

So, longevity is nill, fragrance is good, and the world is still rotating. Cheers.
11th August, 2012

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

nope, nada, nyet! piny open, sandalwood middle, end note? off key for me!
30th March, 2012

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

This fragrance opened so feminine, my administrative secretary who is female said, "Oh, sooo girly!" I agree! the only note I could pick out that I enjoyed was a tobacco-esque vapor that lingered for 10 mins. loved that! the drydown was boring for me to say the least. I am a blond haired blue eyed male of Irish/Scottish descent. maybe my fair skin just doesn't bring this out. anyone seen my patchouli oil? ahh, there you are! sniff, sniff, sigh :-)
30th March, 2012

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Normally I am not given to these type of fragrances. however, after years of well....LIFE, time and maturity has prawn my nose in different diirections. i remember when this first came out, everyone wreaked of this stuff. if you lit a match in a night club, it would have exploded instantaneously! Armanishima!
Recently I revisited this fragrance....tadaaaaaaa! not just liking it, but LOVING IT! the strange part? it's spring right now!!! the opening of citrus is so refreshing on a spring morning when it's still cool outside, but beginning to warm. the fragrance follows this season well. the middle notes of floral bring a soft warmth, and then the base notes kick in with the guiac wood and the tonka bean like a woody campfire evening wrapped up by a good dessert (Tonka Bean). Albeit, when the temps get too hot, this one will knot work for me. I don't enjoy a gourmand-esque type ending to my fragrance in the summer. Give me crisp, green, icy, and dirty patchouli like fragrances then and I am a happy man. peace and cheers all.
27th March, 2012

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

The opening of this fragrance automatically transports you to the halls of some castle in medieval times and gives you a sense of greatness, or you can imagine Earnest Hemingway typing away at his typewriter as the smoke from his pipe fills the room, mingling with the spicy incense in the bowls he had just brought back from a remote village in a deep african jungle. Ok, a bit over the top, but you get the point. This fragrance screams manliness, without screaming OLD MANLINESS. I keep a bottle of this one on my desk and often pull the trigger on it before i see large crowds. Many compliments.(However, I do not wear fragrances because other people like them. If you dont like the way you smell, kind of defeats the purpose.)

If you are not sure about it, get a sample. Thats is where i begin all my fragrance journeys.
16th December, 2011

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Recently I purchased a decant of this liquid smile, and was a bit frustrated at first as i could only pickup a faint pinch of cedar from smelling the spray top....
Phase 1: I touch my finger to it, then dab a tiny dot on my hand.....immediately I thought my nose was broken! Where is the scent?
Phase 2: As to not allow this scent to beat me and claim my hard earned money for nothin, i pulled the shirt collar back and gave a hefty spray to my chest.........Ok, a nice pleasant, dare I say, faint presentation of the woods i love. 15 mins go by...tick, tock,....
Phase 3: BOOOOMMMMM! Walked into a room where my administrative director, and cleaning staff were meeting. They turned there heads, and fell over in scented bliss as i lit a match and spontaneously combusted!
Ok, not really, but they were truly amazed at the scent. I remember hearing words like, Wow, and Great coming from them. Once i left that room and headed to my vehicle as my body heat spiked the frag and I received a pleasant gift of the cedary-peppery, almost piney smoothness of Molecule 01! I LOVE IT!

I have dry skin, blond hair, irish/ scottish heritage. Works great and always makes me remember the mountains, the rivers, a John Denver song on a brisk colorado morning.

Dab a little patchouli oil on before this frag is applied, and you have hit pay dirt in terms of earthy, woody scents. Cheers!
16th December, 2011

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Grapefruit burst n opening, followed by woodsy, green accord. This is the earthy cologne by which all others are measured. If you like the smell of moss pulled fresh from the rocks near a tennessee mountain cave, then this is your fragrance. If you like the smell of urban, fruity, chemically digital scents, go to the mall and find the store that if you lit a match it would explode. This is a mans scent. Walking by with this on, a female made this statement, and I quote, "Wow! That is amazing!" her friend said, "that smells so different!", to which her friend replied, "that is what a man should smell like!" Do all agree? No! However, I am fascinated with this fragrance, especially the Eau de Parfum. It has a depth and warmth to its middle to basenotes that soothe the soul. My wife cannot get enough of this fragrance on me.

Heres a little trick for those who arent fans of the top note of grapefruit, but love the middle pepper like movement. Spray some on arms and chest, then shower 5 minutes later...Top note goes, and middle to basenotes remain! England in a bottle.

As always,
wear what you love!
16th December, 2011