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Casamorati 1888 Mefisto by Xerjoff

Much has been said about the similarities between this and Creed's Silver Mountain water, but I think they are only ostensibly similar. Mefisto is smoother, longer lasting, more masculine and has much better sillage; two sprays and I'm set for the day. Thankfully, it also lacks the Creed's harsh metallic note that many, including me, find off-putting. The superior citrus notes - a Xerjoff speciality - of bergamot and grapefruit, along with the addition of lavender, put this a class apart from the Creed. Pricing wise, Mefisto sells for $345, compared to Creed's $370, so they are more or less the same price, and Considering you'll be using much less per wearing, this is also better value. Also, I know many people care about this, so I'd like to add that Mefisto receives a fair few compliments too.

P.S. Millesime Imperial is my signature fragrance (I don't hate Creed :D)
07th November, 2015 (last edited: 25th November, 2015)

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Coolwater is to Green Irish Tweed what a bootleg copy of a film (complete with kids crying and people standing up) is to Blu-ray. Similar content, but worlds apart.
20th May, 2012

Virgin Island Water by Creed

It really boggles my mind how this has received as much praise as it has. This smells like coconut and lime, and little else. I also find that, while it lasts, it is quite cloying and nauseating, so I really can't imagine this in the heat at all; if you were to wear this in the summer I would liken the experience to being car sick in a hot cab with cheap air freshener. It smells alot like a mixture of suntan lotion and Cif toilet cleaner, with poor longevity. This is an Ostensibly safe blind buy, but don't be fooled and always sample first.
14th May, 2012
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Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Smells like Millesime Imperial's Androgynous first cousin. This hovers more over the feminine side of unisex in my opinion. While it's a lovely fragrance, I find owning this as well as MI a bit redundant, so I opted to stick with L'eau D'Issey, which, while not entirely similar, is definitely in the same vein as Silver Mountain Water.
06th May, 2012 (last edited: 07th May, 2012)

Original Santal by Creed

Smells like the equally terrible Amouage Reflection Man minus the corn chip smell. It's tawdry, synthetic, and headache-inducing. This will definitely get whoever wears it alot of attention, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Eau de Midlife crisis.
02nd May, 2012

Reflection Man by Amouage

Smells okay....for a pesticide. I'm not prone to exaggeration, but this is just awful. I received 3 complaints the first time I wore this! and someone sitting next to me actually had his hands over his nose, and was too polite to tell me I stank; it was very embarrassing. I'd only done two sprays on skin, not clothing. Avoid this.
17th March, 2012

Aventus by Creed

Even though this doesn't seem to last at all on me, (batch #A42B11S01) the smell itself is top notch. It starts off with a sweet pineapple note for about an hour and then it starts getting smokey and ever so slightly floral, and that is pretty much it until it dries down. Simple, but lovely nonetheless.
17th March, 2012

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Words can't describe how beautiful this scent truly is. I have a 2009 batch, and even on days I don't wear it, I take it out just to smell the sprayer. At the risk of sounding like a complete burk, this smell really makes me feel happy. Many bash this for supposed poor longevity, but I get a solid 8+ hours every time. I also get a ridiculous amount of compliments; I was at a party and I met this girl who rang up a mutual friend the next day just to tell him "your friend smells amazing". The best.
17th March, 2012