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Neroli by Laura Mercier

I grew up visiting my grandparents' orange grove often and I love the heady smell of orange blossoms up close. I was hoping for something reminiscent of that smell when I bought this but was disappointed. There is a neroli element to the scent but freesia and the balancing notes are interfering with my enjoyment of it. For some reason, the resulting bouquet reminds me of something distinctly intended to be worn by men. Very masculine. I gave mine to my son and he loves it.
24th December, 2011

No. 19 by Chanel

I don't understand why this scent was marketed as a women's fragrance because it smells completely masculine to me. It seems to lack depth and reminds me of nothing more than alfalfa sprouts with dry, dusty, cardboard. It's not a stinky fragrance, so I can't say it's downright bad- therefore, I"m giving it a neutral rating.
24th December, 2011

Amarige by Givenchy

In brief exposures, this perfume smells rather nice. Sprayed on paper it lasts distinctly for four days. I own a bottle of it due to my initial attraction to its smell in small quantities. Wearing it, I feel nauseous and completely unable to eat anything. I tried to scrub it off in the shower but it won't die. I haven't eaten anything all day. I think this toxic odor could be useful as a diet aid.
24th December, 2011
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Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

This is a scent for those who love tropical florals, and it's not for those who don't. It is powerful for the first ten minutes but after that it becomes quite subtle. In fact, it only lasts for about four hours on my skin. After that I can detect it if I really try to find it right where I applied it, but it's very subtle. Nevertheless, I love this scent for being well done. It never gives me a headache like most white florals do. I love the actual scent of gardenias in a garden but I have never been able to tolerate wearing a gardenia perfume until this one was created. The quality of the scent improves in the dry down; it's true that the opening notes seem a bit artificial, but it's worth the wait for it to dry.
24th December, 2011

David Yurman Eau de Parfum by David Yurman

This perfume is a good one. Sort of missed it's time frame; it smells like an 80's perfume. But, hey, I loved the eighties. It is similar to Paloma Picasso to my nose, although somewhat sweeter. Its earlier notes seem distinctly masculine, then the floral aspect emerges. In the dry down it seems woodier. Personally, I think this scent is a lovely fragrance for a man although it's marketed towards women.
24th December, 2011