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Mustang by Mustang

To me its all top notes; lemon, lavender and ginger. Very pleasant. But thumbs down for being pathetically weak. I put on four sprays 15min ago and now can barely smell it on my skin. At this strength, it's completely and utterly useless.

I bought this blind, in part based on the comments here about its strength, e.g., "sillage beast and longevity over 12 hours." That is either referring to a completely different frag also called Mustang, or this has been reformulated down to nothing. Or, as cbnnexus says, there are two different makers. My bottle is by "Blossom Concepts," too, not Estee Lauder.

Take 2: I've found that while it does not last on my skin, it does just fine on my clothes. It's weak, so I put on four sprays (one to skin, three to shirt), and find it longevity at least average. Projection seems modest, but I can still smell it on myself at 6 hrs, which is respectable. And I still love the scent. Its a very linear, predominantly ginger scent but dries down to a powdery nutmeg and the very end.
21st December, 2012 (last edited: 11th January, 2013)

Horizon by Guy Laroche

Reading through other reviews, I agree most with that of PerfumeCollector. Dark but fresh, assertive, and very masculine. Its projection is good, its longevity is superb, and I find it very linear. The scent itself is unique and complex, but I think the fennel, patchouli and oakmoss are most prominent to my nose. It is not an aquatic, but it may be oceanic. It has the ocean's richness and sweet pungency. To those who describe it as light, well, not on me. It may be the heaviest scent I wear, something of a capstone to the powerhouse era.

I'm probably not the only one here to have cleaned out a couple of Dollar Trees. Ended up with 22 bottles at $1 each. Several lifetimes supply, but I expect to trade some off. Everyone should own a bottle. It's distinctive, unique, and very wearable.
20th April, 2012

Halston 1-12 by Halston

Halston 1-12 was introduced the same year as Grey Flannel, the fragrance I find it most similar to. Both are green green green, but different shades, and 1-12 fades to a white soapy scent. (Think, skin fresh scrubbed with a bar of generic white hand soap.) GF is more linear. Both are industrial strength by contemporary standards, but the longevity of 1-12 on my skin is maybe half that of Grey Flannel. If you like GF, it is worth a try. If you hate GF, run away. If I could only have one of them, I'd take GF by a mile.
04th April, 2012
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Everlast Original 1910 by Everlast

On me, this is a very non-linear frag. The opening is a very sharp but pleasant citrus (probably just straight limonene) that I find refreshing, like a splash of 4711, but that zest is likewise really only cologne-like in duration. As that quickly tapers off, it reveals a mild and slightly powdery oriental base. The main notes I get are cinnamon, nutmeg and tonka. A lot of people say, too, "leather and musk." Probably, but those are broad and protean accords that I have a hard time putting a finger on.

Longevity and projection are not great, but that's ok with me. I consider this a private frag, something I spritz on some evenings when I want to freshen up (the citrus) and then enjoy a little spice. Pleasant and a great value.

Bonus review, from Chandler Burr: "An unlikely champ is the Everlast fragrance, from the boxing-supplies company. Initially it has a fresh citrus smell, giving the impression you've hit the showers. After a moment to settle in, it radiates a leather aroma. It's a traditional scent, and I would wear it in the office or ringside at the MGM Grand."
03rd April, 2012