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Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

this was the first "grown-up" scent I bought, on a trip to Paris in 1972 before my French 'A' levels. I bought it together with "Jolie Madame" but I haven't bought that one again. Ma Griffe has stayed with me through all my love affairs and experiments with scents. It's a real "French Perfume" that conjures up the excitement I felt on a cultural trip to Paris. There will never be another like it. I've never been able to pick out the individual notes, it's just the story of my life!
20th May, 2012

Far Away by Avon

have bought this several times but I'm still undecided. The smell works better as a bath powder as it isn't distinctive enough as a scent. It's an oriental, a pleasant smell but something isn't right. I am on a limited income but dare I say it Far Away now smells cheap to me, like some of the teen scents I used in the 1970s.
20th May, 2012

White Satin by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

A very sweet, very powdery floral. It's a bit 'sickly' as it has an almost gourmand feel. Beloved of my 82 year old mother and a useful standby gift for her. It does last.
19th January, 2012
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Iris Noir Secrets d'Essences by Yves Rocher

I can't find any iris at all. A huge blast of purple berry, drying down to Tonka, which I love. It's not particularly feminine either and would wear just as well on a man. I'm on my second bottle.
19th January, 2012

April Violets by Yardley

I got this because I love the scent of violets. It's not as simple a violet as one would think from it's name. It's layered with neroli I think. But I just can't wear violet! It's OK if I buy violets to spray round the room but on my skin violet develops a horrible odour within a short space of time. It's indescribable and I can only say it's like raw meat. I've tried samples of other violets , Violets de Toulouse, Boise de Violettes which promised much and ended up the same way. What's wrong with me?
18th January, 2012

Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher

I always get compliments when I wear this! I was initially attracted to the violet leaf in the composition but have since learned that violet turns peculiar on me. Just as well that the violet in comme use evidence after a first blast goes away and other florals take it's place. And they're pretty! Not sugary but springlike smells, lily of the valley, Jasmine, Rose, and is that Tonka to anchor it all? Comme use Evidence doesn't Make a Statement, but one doesn't tire of it, it's not novel, it doesn't shout I just love it for saying one thing, 'I love flowers and I love smelling like them'.
16th January, 2012

Eden by Cacharel

This is the most horrible scent I have ever tried or owned, and yes I bought it blind as it seems to be sol everywhere. The most charitable description of the smell would be over-ripe pineapple but Eden smells like garbage actually! I wonder what the perfumer was trying to achieve? Obviously I'm too stupid to understand because Luca Turin rated it highly. It's awful.
09th January, 2012

Cachet by Prince Matchabelli

Nostalgia! I have to be in the right mood to wear this. It was heavily advertised in 'girl's mags' in the 1970s as 'being different on each wearer'. I had to order it specially a few years ago when I wanted something undemanding for my son's graduation, something comforting that would stay any nerves I might have at meeting new people. Cachet is a lavender, powdery, sweet comfort blanket with staying power thanks to the woody dry down. So it's a 'nice' scent when one just wants to smell 'nice'. I prefer my scents to be a bit more interesting on the whole.
09th January, 2012

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

Reading some other reviews I think I've got the notes the wrong way round! The first strong burst was of vanilla, almost like Pink Sugar but a moment later I got the almond. It wasn't a 'bitter almond' like cyanide it was a marzipan almond. I think most scent is based on nostalgia, in this case Grandma's house. After half an hour the woods came in, Grandma's lovely furniture, the carat smell of the drawers, and the spices she kept. At the end of the dry down Hypnotic Poison stayed with me all day, with the notes changing, first the top notes the heart and the dry down in quick succession, then all together like an endless kaleidoscope. I only have the sample bottle and at the moment can't afford a full bottle. However I think Hypnotic Poison is a masterpiece.
31st December, 2011

Avon Soft Musk by Avon

This is a scent for blending into the background. It isn't the kind of scent that stops you in you tracks. I can't detect much floral, just a very comforting powdery musk. It reminds me of being cuddled by my mother even though I don't think she wore this. It's lovely as a bath powder. Recently it seems that Avon have tried to keep prices low and quality has suffered with a lot of their lines. This one is the same as it always was, dare I say a 'classic'. It does what it says on the tin 'Soft Musk'. I'd wear it to work to smell 'nice'.
28th December, 2011

Cabaret by Grès

One of the notes I get from this is 'inside of a piano' which piano players will recognise. Impossible to describe but evocative of happy times in childhood. The Rose is very sweet but is mixed with incense and wood the only thing that makes this scent less than perfect is that a lot of sprays are needed to have an effect. Maybe just me but I like my scent to comfort and reassure me all day. Otherwise a beautiful journey that conjures up many pictures.
23rd December, 2011

Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

An evocative and wonderful lavender, but as someone brought up on Yardley Lavender eau de toilette and soap, I fear my nose has been spoilt. Caldey Island isn't a 'pure' lavender , the minty metallic scent of the shrub, but a more complex fragrance, I guess to give it 'staying power'. If one regards Caldey Island lavender as a scent with lavender in it rather than a soliflore, its easier to understand. I like it, but not for evenings or social occasions. Best kept to at home days when it's lovely.
20th December, 2011