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Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Old Spice Rocks! I remember my father wearing this as a boy - I liked it then, too. Masculine and fresh, spice, vanilla, cinnamon - great longevity and projection, still smells good at the end of the day. I inherited a glass bottle of the cologne and after-shave from Dad: I find that the most recent plastic bottle production by P&G is every bit as good as the Shulton version in glass. As others have pointed out, AS lasts only about 4 hours, cologne a LOT longer.

I don't care about what is "Old Man", "Barbershop", "Soapy", or "Obsolete". I just like what smells good, and can last as long as I do throughout the day. The best parts? Old Spice is inexpensive, available at the corner drugstore, and will probably be available even after the apocalypse.
30th December, 2011

Horizon by Guy Laroche

Hit your local Dollar Tree NOW for the deal of the year! I cleaned out the shelf at one store, checked the other 2 in town - either they hadn't put any out yet, or someone beat me to their booty. As it is I scored 16 bottles. How sad that this has been discontinued. A pity - I guess that only myself, those I gifted, and a few others, will be wearing this scent in this town any time soon. If you can find some where you live, get some now. An earthy, clean, masculine scent.
24th December, 2011

Deep Woods by Avon

First received a "shotgun shell" of this scent (after shave) one Christmas about 35 years ago. Sweet, spicy, smooth scent that doesn't change much as it wears. Loved it then, found another "shotgun shell" in a thrift store a couple of years ago. Still love it. I use it sparingly. My wife is ambivalent toward it, so I wear it when I want to enjoy it. Since it is an after shave, it doesn't last very long. I think I'll try e-Bay to see if I can find a container (since they put this stuff into everything EXCEPT a bottle) of the cologne version.
24th December, 2011
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