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24 Gold by ScentStory FZE

24 Gold by Scent Story
I have no hint whatsoever, about the perfumers behind the 24 Gold fragrance but I am assured that these people are gifted with precocious talent. The wizardry and flair involved in the making of this godly juice sets the benchmark so high, that even niche houses would find hard to contend with. With such influential notes and ingredients, categorizing this scent in one particular genre would be a heavy load to bear. For me this fragrance has an oriental soul with a sweet gourmand structure, enveloped adequately with smoky traits.

Presentation = The bottle is fashioned to look like a Gold Bar with 24 engraved on it. Nothing over the top is done with the presentation; the makers chose plain and simple approach in the making of the bottle.

Scent = Right, this fragrance kicks off with the note of Oud which has a special tinge of holiness to it. Gradually after few minutes, this saintly opening takes a 360 turn as the Oud note jumps into the pool of very sweet Jasmine. The marriage between Oud and Jasmine creates an aura of magic and mystery, as it gives birth to a Raspberry smelling note. Now the smell grows up with the backbone of juvenile raspberry note, which gleams bright on the skin. The scent smells very delicious and esculent, a definite treat for all the people who have a sweet tooth. After two hours, the Raspberry note reaches its prime youth and encounters stranger called Sandalwood. Sandalwood brings back the lost holiness in the life of the scent, adding a bit of warmth and character to the smell. The alliance between Raspberry and Sandalwood is a long term contract, extending up to 20 hours of sheer opulent delight and sensuality. As the scent reaches its last phase, Amber and Vanilla provide a solid base of creaminess to the scent. With all these twists and turns, the scent never loses its power of projection at any point of time. With Majestic scent trail, everybody would detect this smell on you; even the people with sinus infection and flu would easily compliment this scent. Testing this juice in an upscale event and cold weather would be the right choice. This fragrance has the innate class to be called a niche creation, go for it and relish the 24 golden hours of enchantment.

Analogy = This smell transports me to a beautiful ancient palace where a grand ceremonial procession is funded to celebrate, after the recent military triumph. And by sheer serendipity I am the king sitting on the throne with a supercilious smile. The walls and floor of the palace is decorated with nattily glazed golden tiles, representing the symbols of nature and God of victory. The audience chamber of the palace is jam packed to see the glimpse of the victorious king and most importantly the scheduled dance performance of beautiful women.
I am surrounded by powerful officials and members of Royal family, who are all heavily bathed in the exotic and luxurious scent of Oud and Sandalwood. Jasmine and other flowers are showered to welcome the ladies before their performance. The whole chamber is filled with sense of glory and contentment, but all of a sudden a mystical smell of coffee and vanilla hits my nose. This seems unreasonable; the smell gets even more potent—Sir, here you go a smooth vanilla coffee for you, a very elegant waitress wakes me up. An expression of perplexity occupies my face, but soon I realize that I was sound asleep in a coffee shop. The king, the palace, the royal ceremony all were indeed a dream; somehow, I pulled myself together to enjoy the coffee, while watching a TV show. I was scared to death when I realized that the TV show is based on an Egyptian emperor, who is rejoicing his victory in a lavish palace. Further, I see 24 Gold fragrance Advertisement displaying on the bottom of the screen.

Scent Life= 20 hours plus
Projection= Beastly
Season= Winter and fall
Overall= 100/10 ( A Masterpiece)
25th August, 2012 (last edited: 12th September, 2012)

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

212 Men
My divine flight of fragrances began with the insouciant acquisition of 212 men by Carolina Herrera, so with no doubt this fragrance holds a very special place in my heart. I remember very profoundly my first reaction after sniffing this juice was, just like any other individual out there = hmm yea, I got hit by something very fresh, clean and soapy but somehow it is very unique.
Well this uniqueness in the blend is certainly distinctive enough to mystify any untrained nose. Hence, could very well be the reason of this cologne being widely appreciated, especially in Tropical countries.
Presentation= I thought being a designer house; Carolina Herrera did a reasonable job with the presentation of the bottle. It’s a cylindrical shaped Bottle layered in metallic grey color, which is supported by a magnetic cap. Nice concept but it is hard to relate this bottle with the juice inside, both are poles apart. The sprayer has a wide reach and it works pretty decent. Now this fragrance performs best when you spray more and with a good atomizer, I think it is a safe recipe to ensure that people repurchase this bad boy in quick succession.
Scent= For all the enthusiasts of green smells, this fragrance should certainly be sitting at the top of their list. This fragrance opens up with a flash of moist and fresh cut-green grass note, which is very well supported by a crispy ginger smell and allusion of lavender. The fluent partnership of these notes lasts for at least one hour, ensuring the opening of the smell to be pleasantly unusual. After an hour or so, ginger note starts losing its influence on the fragrance and tames down enough to bring forth the sweet creaminess of the florals. The sweetness is not overwhelming, it is very tender and for some reason the projection of the scent remains potent throughout this phase. The makers made sure that the sweet and gentle florals notes didn’t affect the projection of the scent. Eventually musk emerges in the last segment of the dry down and fosters the scent till it fades away completely. The life of the fragrance is at least 8-10 hours on any given day, which is an ace for a spring/summer fragrance. There are good numbers of ingredients employed for this juice, but that doesn’t make it a complicated scent. The fragrance can be easily used for multiple intentions, hence amplifies the versatility factor to a great extent. So anyone who wants to smell good should reach out for this offering from Carolina Herrera.
Analogy= This fragrance celebrates its 13th birthday this year, but it still smells very much modern. I imagine a contemporary green house garden in the middle of a city on a nice summer morning. This garden is enclosed by the glass walls, so the smell of the fresh grass and flowers doesn’t escape and easily mingles up into a sensuous scent cloud. A man who just took a shower with a ginger shower gel enters the garden in a white T- shirt and Blue jeans, lies down on the grass bed and waits to feel, the first warming rays of the sun to kiss his face.
30th May, 2012

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

The universe of fragrances has become accustomed to welcome thousands of Aquatics every year and with this high amount of entries, it becomes exceedingly hard for the regulars to secernate these Aquatic smells. Gratefully, the House of Bvlgari endowed us with this profound and complex scent, which has substantially revolutionized the opinions about aquatics.

Presentation= The design of the bottle enlightens us about, how Bvlgari has seeped in the priceless experience and heritage of their jewellery designing into the making of this bottle. It is simply astonishing to see a bottle designed so perfectly to express the fragrance inside. The dark midnight blue color of the bottle is used appropriately to educate people about the sea and saltwater qualities attached to the scent inside. From every perspective, whether it is the shape, color or presentation, the bottle to me looks like a water droplet. So full marks to the spotless craftsmanship involved in the presentation of the bottle.

Scent = The moment you spray the juice, an acute uplifting smell of mandarins and oranges thumps the nose and this shock lasts for around half an hour. The citrusy opening rolls on a salty road, which makes this scent distinct from its competitors. The salty notes maintain an intense relationship with this fragrance in major part of the scent life, thus presenting an elegant stature to this scent. Eventually the note of Seaweed joins the road in the middle of the journey and provides the scent with deep and dark aquatic undertone. At this point of time, the scent takes you closer to the deep waters of the sea, giving a serene effect to the smell. In the last segment of the journey, Amber and woodsy notes provide the base for the scent, taking away the saltiness at last. Amber doesn’t provide any kind of heaviness to the fragrance, but grippingly with the woodsy notes the scent becomes more airy. It is one of those kinds of fragrance, in which every note speaks for itself and still the standard of complexity for the fragrance doesn’t descend one bit. This entertaining ride of the scent lasts for at least 6 hours, on good days even 8 hours of longevity shouldn’t be surprising. Getting complements with this fragrance is comparatively easy on a hot summer day/ warm summer nights than in cooler weather. Projection of this fragrance is moderate, making it a safe scent to wear in almost every occasion. It is hard to spot any downside of this scent, but people who are allergic to salty notes can get offended easily. Sometimes I get a glue like vibe from this fragrance, which may be objectionable to some noses. Otherwise it is a very well constructed scent and has managed to instill life in the market of aquatics.

Analogy= This fragrance takes my imagination to a small uninhabited island that has a prime vegetation of mandarin and orange trees. With its perplexing beauty, this isolated location attracts a young well built fisherman, the moment he reaches the coast the floating smell of mandarins and oranges draws his attention. This new discovery uplifts his level of satisfaction like never before, he embraces this opportunity and in no time he decides to fill his boat with the fruits. In the later part of the evening he begins his voyage back to his home town on a fully loaded boat. In the middle of the journey he spots storm inspired waters. By now the fisherman knows that this could very well be his longest and roughest night. The battle rages loud and long and the whole night goes along, the fisherman loses his consciousness before the peace return. The rays of the new rising sun awake the fisherman who is fully enveloped with the fresh smell of oranges/ mandarins, saltiness of sea water and deep smell of seaweed. The fisherman finds himself in a coast of an island which has everything divine about it, a fresh and cold breeze is flowing across this island. He plans to explore this island…………….
27th December, 2011 (last edited: 14th July, 2012)
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