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Happy Spirit Magical Nights by Chopard

It's LE, unfortunately. HSMN starts with a delightful and syrupy raspberry note, in a very rich way. Then, a spicy blood orange with all the sparkling fruity vibe, and finally, the most tasty praline-vanilla base. I love it.
20th June, 2015

Hypnôse Hypnotizing Elixir by Lancôme

Fantastic stuff. Heaven! This is heaven! So much better than the original one, a marvelous blend of vanilla, kind of almondy, based in a smooth and creamy hint of vetiver. Masterpiece!
20th June, 2015

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

Amazing oriental!

To me it is the most intrigant of all the Poison line. Patchouli at its best. From the opening notes to the drydown, everything here is to die for, absolutely unique, dark, seductive, mysterious...
26th October, 2013 (last edited: 05th January, 2014)
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Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

Very ladylike!

A very classy and joyful aroma! Sweet cinnamon, a concoction of peaches and abricots plus a hint of cardamom. Extremely lady-like, perfect for evenings, deep passion in a bottle! :)

26th September, 2013

Black Orchid by Tom Ford


This stuff is amazing, a wonderful blend of spices, wild fruits and dark chocolat. Mysterious, provocative, and sexy as hell. Extraordinary sillage. I love Voile de Fleur also, but this is my Tom Ford #1.

20th September, 2013

Escada Collection by Escada


A lot similar to Botrytis by Ginestet, a hidden gem, most of people did not have the chance to put the nose on this beauty, it is extremely rare nowadays. Vanillic and honeyed, plums and caramel and a sweet and soft tobacco vibe. Very special!

09th September, 2013

No. 5 Eau Première by Chanel

Fantastic stuff!

Modern and delightful, very very elegant, a rich drydown of ylang ylang and vanilla, a lot less powdery and aldehydic than the original one. I would recommend to try this one even to those who don't appreciate the classic version.

09th September, 2013

LouLou by Cacharel

A vintage masterpiece!

Ugly bottle that carries a heavenly juice! Perfect for cold weather. Just two drops and you'll smell divine for all day long.? The sweet and enchanting 80's aura!

09th September, 2013

Noa by Cacharel

Just boring!

Can't understand why so many people love Noa. The scent is weak, boring, definitely unnecessary, a waste of money (and nose). Actually I can't understand how could someone create a perfume that smells like nothing.
01st August, 2013 (last edited: 16th February, 2014)

Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino

Grapefruit all over!

Grapefruit is to I Love Love what Sicilian Lemon is to Light Blue. Citrusy, summery, and overall linear. Not really impressive, not really something I would wear, it doesn't have much complexity. Oh, and the bottle is repulsive.
09th July, 2013 (last edited: 14th February, 2014)

Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren


Absolutely nothing extraordinary about Ralph Hot, just a boring and cheap smell. Try Hanae Mori if you're looking for something deeper and with more character.
06th July, 2013 (last edited: 14th February, 2014)

John Galliano by John Galliano by John Galliano

Very unique!

Incensey floral, drydown has a slightly powdery duet of iris and violet, very unique, classy and distinctive, a must try for incense lovers!

28th June, 2013

Mon Jasmin Noir by Bulgari


Oh my, this is heavenly! A creamy and nutty white jasmine, it dries down pretty on the skin and becomes more and more addictive! Very delightful, rich and ladylike... Smells like elegance... Indeed the best of all Bvlgaris.

28th June, 2013
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Les Elixirs Charnels - Gourmand Coquin by Guerlain

Stunning concoction!

Prettiest gourmand ever! One in a million, creamy chocolate waffles in a very rich way, this is absolutely a masterpiece for gourmand lovers.

30th May, 2013

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

Purely divine!

An olfactory delight. Hot cinnamon apple pie. Just WOW!
29th May, 2013 (last edited: 07th April, 2014)

Giò by Giorgio Armani

The most exquisite floral ever!

GIò is an extraordinary and rare beauty. A burst of peach nectar, gardenias and sweet cloves blended to perfection. Extremely sensual and classy. My favorite vintage of all time. It's unique! It's timeless!

26th May, 2013

Alchimie by Rochas


Sooooo beautiful, soooo carefully blended, sooo harmonic! Oh, Alchimie is such an unique and amazing scent! A gorgeous light oriental, my beloved treasure. Such a pity it's been discontinued. Masterpiece, try it if you can!

26th May, 2013

Mon Precieux Nectar by Guerlain

A little piece of art!

This is by far the best creamy white floral with gourmand nuances that my nose has ever came accross. Honeysuckle perhaps? Drydown is to die for, sweet and almondy, I just can't stop sniffing my wrist. Superbly well done. Bravo, Guerlain!

26th May, 2013

My Insolence by Guerlain

A soft raspberry delight!

Oh, c'mon, this is one of most lovely Guerlain creations... The drydown has a slightly powdery vanilla, which I love... Very delicate... A citrus raspberry sorbet enhanced with a extremely delightful blend of almond blossom. This is my darling and lasts all day!

25th May, 2013

Orchidée Vanille by Van Cleef & Arpels

A cozy vanilla!

A very well blended vanilla, high quality stuff, with hints of orchid and dark chocolat, sometimes it reminds me of Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle, in the drydown. Must try! I really like it!

25th May, 2013

Amor Amor Passion Elixir by Cacharel

The best Amor Amor...

I recently discovered this beauty and I immediately fell in love with it. Omg what a gorgeous smell... It's very like the original, but this is sweeter, creamier, and more intense... The benzoin adds a oriental character... Very very precious!

25th May, 2013

Miracle by Lancôme

My scented good mood!

Miracle is absolutely radiant. You know when you spray it around you and you feel instantly well? I love the ginger note, it's kinda fresh, unique and perfect for daytime and casual wear. Great longevity. A must have!

25th May, 2013

Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

A tasty and luscious gourmand vibe!

You may trust me: This is brilliant. Marvellous from the beginning to the end, creamy sandalwood plus a potent and succulent fruity vibe, a very tasty and special gourmand! EDP or EDT they are equally delicious. All thumbs up!

25th May, 2013