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Black Suede by Avon

Ok, here goes... I have long avoided any fragrance produced by Avon. I am a younger fragrance enthusiast in my 30s, and always felt Avon fragrances were cheap and old-fashioned. However, I have been experimenting with a number of “old school fragrances”, and have loved them. The key with older fragrances is very light application, lighter than I would normally use with more modern scents. For example with most modern fragrances (although the strength of each varies) my standard application for my skin is a MAX of 3 sprays...

1 chest/upper neck
1 stomach,
.5 sprays on each wrist.

This gives me a subtle aroma bubble for most modern frags.

I may nix “the stomach spray” (bringing it down to 2) for stronger modern frags. But I rarely find a fragrance that needs 4 sprays. At 4 sprays I hate to tell you, but you DO SMELL like “THAT COLOGNE GUY”, at least with my skin. If I have a weaker fragrance, my stomach spray will be on the back off my head instead, for projection. Now with an older fragrance, especially a so-called “powerhouse” fragrances I’ll generally use 1 full spray to the center of my chest, and the scent is perfect all day. This is how I wear Van Cleef and Arpels, Quorum, etc. When I do this it smells amazing. Complex, but not overpowering. Especially, because I normally wear a full suits. But I digress...

I finally decided I would try a few Avon fragrances. I tried Wild Country and hated it. It had that weird Avon smell, that’s cheap and old-fashioned. The epitome of “OLD MAN smell.” It smelled like the chemical they use to scent old "Baby Wipes". My girl agreed. And then I tried the current iteration of Black Suede Leather. Just boring and linear, and still had this odd Avon vibe I didn’t like, which translates to me as cheap.

Then just recently someone gave me 2 bottles of the original, and new version of Black Suede. I actually prefer the new version the best. Some people will say any time a fragrance is reformulated it’s watered-down. And for fans of the original it may feel that way. However I think in many instances the company is merely tweaking the formulation for a more modern aesthetic that will resonate with a new generation of consumers (as well as the need to eliminate ingredients that may cause allergic reactions...aka Oakmoss) I for one having smelled both back to back prefer the newer. It’s less aggressive and even more subtle and cozy.

And for the record: I DO love Black Suede. Actually, for me this is mildly embarrassing. But it’s a very, very nice scent! It would have to be because for me to go out and buy two more bottles just to have as the safety when I openly admit I hate Avon fragrances is very telling. Now to be clear I’m not a fan of the top they still have that cheap Avon smell like old baby powder. But on my skin, right out of the shower... with the NEW formulation of Black Suede this “opening” only lasts the first five minutes. Once I get into the mid and basenotes it’s fantastic. And on my skin it lasts 6 to 7 hours. I have no idea what the note breakdown would be, it’s not really about breaking down individual notes with Black Suede it’s more the overall feel, or “aura”. And this is the “aura” when lightly applied (3 sprays, as mentioned above as this is not a powerhouse)-

WARM, INVITING, SAFE, SUBTLE. COZY, SEXY – Think curling up in front of a fire on a cold night, with a snifter of cognac (or glass of whiskey), a warm blanket and a good book (or old movie), with your girl at your side. All the while the aroma of some delicious, warm baked goods (cookies perhaps) is wafting through from a nearby oven.

This is definitely a fall/winter scent. It screams autumn in New York. The image of a sharp dressed, casual man, with a scarf and Peacoat, strolling through central park with his girl.

I have no previous associations with this fragrance, as I’m too young to remember it in its heyday, if it ever had one. It’s not modern. But it’s also not dated. It’s unique. And my girl who is in her late 20’s loves it! She’s not a fragrance enthusiast, but this is one she always snuggles up to sniff ...when I wear it. Well played Avon, well played.
01st March, 2017

Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

Brilliant. Unique. Not in vogue anymore to smell like this. But still smells sexy and sophisticated. For the guy confident enough to be different and small like a sophisticated french gentleman. Fine french perfumery at its best. 10 out of 10. But utterly unique.
31st May, 2014

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Greatest men's fragrance in the last half century. A classic and a masterpiece. The CITIZEN KANE, of male perfumery. 10 out of 10. Wish longevity was 10-12 hours instead of 6-8. A brilliant landmark I. Fragrance history, and like a well tailored suit will be modern and chic forever. I pray they never stop making it.
31st May, 2014
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Cuba Blue by Cuba Paris

Everyone says this reminds them of chrome. But for me it seems an almost dead ringer for bleu chanel. Woody, sophisticated, not remotely aquatic. Chanel at a 6th the price. Smell posh. Longevity on my skin 8-10+. Great fragrance. And dirt cheap.
31st May, 2014

Cubano Bronze by Victory International

Aqua di gio clone! And a spot on perfect match at that. In fact I like the longevity and Sillage better on cubano bronze. I doubt I'll ver buy another bottle of aqua di gio, with his around. Got a 4.2 oz bottle for 10-11 dollars online. And it has the identical frag of something 4-5 times as much. Plus better longevity. It's a no brainer. If you love ADG you should already be ordering a bottle of this as we speak.
26th June, 2012

Tomorrow for Him by Avon

First: love the bottle. This juice got a simply but chic bottle that matches the style of the cologne.

Second: this is my most complimented cologne. Bar none. I always get asked anytime I wear it, what I have on....ohhhh it smells so wonderful. Where can I find it? When I say Avon, no one believes me and everyone thinks I'm joking.

If this was put out by any "real" designer it would sell for 70+ bucks, and be getting all kinds of attention.

The color is perfect. A camel, dark chocolate, ANISE. And a delicious scent. My wife usually hates licorice, but she drools when I wear this. I generally am not a fan of gourmand scents but this is so classy, and rich. It's like wearing a glass of fine cognac.

I got this on eBay for $12. What a steal. I heard they disconntinued it. I hope not. I was so sad to hear that, and I actually wrote the company. (never done that before). If you like manly, deep, spicy, semi-sweet, frags, that have a smoky quality. This is it. A frag people will think you spent a fortune on at some niche boutique. This is it. No one will believe its Avon. I have other Avon frags, just to have in my library of scents, because they are considered classics. "Wild country", & "black suede". They are very Avon. Smell cheap. Not bad, just cheap. They have an odd, "oh this is an Avon cologne" smell. TOMORROW DOES NOT. It smells as far removed from Avon as a cologne possibly could. I don't know who they got to designe this stuff be he is a scent god.

I've smelled the other colognes mentioned below, that reminds many of this- including micheal kors, and a number of others. They are all from the same DNA. But personally, even if price wasn't a factor I'd take tomorrow over them. However, when you consider the price it's a no brainer. If your going to have one gourmand in your collection let it be this one.

For me longevity is very good. Sillage is good as well. I get about 7-9 hours. The other day I grabbed a shirt I was wearing the day before and could still smell it on there. This is what a modern man should smell like. Manly. Warm. Spicy.
21st June, 2012 (last edited: 25th June, 2012)

Black Suede Leather by Avon

Smells nothing like the original black suede. No powdery note. I like the original black suede but it is a very old school scent. Black suede leather is very modern. Clean. Fresh. I sprayed Cuba wild heart, and Ed hardy's love and luck, and especially on dry down these smell almost identical to black suede leather. BSL is just slightly "less sweet" than the other two. But has the same semi-modern fresh designer scent. It is a wonderful scent especially for a younger guy. My wife loves it. Smells very expensive. Sillage is average, as is longevity. But at $10 a bottle, it's a steal. Not sure why it's not more popular. If more people knew it was so good, it wouldn't be so unknown. No one will smell this and ever think its an Avon frag. They'll easily think you spent 4-5x the price tag. Smells classy.
14th June, 2012 (last edited: 15th June, 2012)

Quorum by Antonio Puig

All I can say is...this scent is BOMB! Seriously it is amazing. Manly, sophisticated, did I mention manly? You have to be a large and in charge confident PLAYA to wear this. And I love it. One spray, and I'm good allllll day. (One right to the chest after a morning shower) Even under my undershirt, and suit, it wafts through all day. Very refined. I'm in 30's and just started getting into frags after a long hiatus. Wore some in high school, early 20's. My fragrance decade was the 90's (mostly Calvien Klien stuff...light clean scents). But this stuff is OLD SCHOOL. Like when I was a new born baby old school, but I love it. My wife smelled it on me for the first time today. (Just got the bottle) and she kept saying (WHY DO YOU SMELL SO GOOD? MMMM) Let's just say it was the response I like. It's warm, green, musky, complex, smells like a real man's (little boys need not apply) all grown up, night on the town, Armani suit cologne. This is how you want to smell drinking cognac in a high class New York Lounge. At 10 bucks on Ebay, how on earth do they make something so amazingly high end, so inexpensively. This stuff just emanates class. If you want a "BIG BOY" fragrance, for evenings out, that won't break the bank but make you smell like you did. Get this one! REMEMBER 1 spray, only 1, straight on the chest right after showering, then put on your best finery, and prepare to be transported to "OLD WORLD CLASS." When men smelled like men, and not like they're sharing the same perfume as their girlfriend. I could go on at length about the notes. But your reading them up above. Every part of this is great, and the notes play through back and forth over the life of the scent, until it drys down to a great tangy leathery musk. If you could wear the scent of the leather seats of a vintage jaguar, the dry down on Quorum would be that scent. What are you waiting for...go buy a bottle. And know this... if you can't wear it, or don't like it, its not because you not a real man....why lie....yes it is....
13th March, 2012

Cubano Silver by Victory International

I love all the cubano scents. Except this one. The best is Cubano Gold!!!!! Buy it now. A better version of JPG Le Male. I love it! Cubano Bronze - Is an aquatic, Aqua di Gio. Cubano Copper - Cool Water. If you like those frangrances, you will love the Cubano versions. They never smell cheap! They are awesome. But silver is horrid. Smells so cheap and synthetic to me. I sprayed on wrist, and it made me dizzy, after a few minutes. Never had that happen with any frangrance, no matter how strong it was until Cubanno Silver. And my wife detested it, when she smelled it. Get all the other Cubanos, but leave Silver where you found it. It is FOUL! It gets my lowest rating, right next to OLD SPICE.
22nd January, 2012

Cuba Brown by Cuba Paris

What all Cuba fragrances seem to do wonderfully is give you a quality scent at an unheard of price. How can they make this stuff so good, and so cheap. Trust me with the scent of have from this line, no one will ever think you are wearing a cologne that was $10 online for 3.0+ ozs. They will believe you spent at least 4 to 5 times that. And for that alone these fragrances are worth owning. My wife loves all the ones I own and I get more compliments with these and the Cubano fragrances than with any others I have.

What cuba does well is take a scent you already love, and imitate it nearly perfectly, but as it moves to the dry down, you get a soft but very man tobacco/powder scent.

BROWN to be is a more accessible version of CATALYST. At first spray, it is straight Catalyst. It's unique, and manly, but never over powering, Catalyst is a bit to in your face for me. But this is a wonderful twist on this scent. It warm, spicy, one of a kind. But on dry down it gets leathery and more tobacco, while never losing the subtle spice. The only issue I have with this cuba scent (that I have with none of the others) is longevity, This scent doesn't project, after about 20 minutes, and gets so close to the skin so quickly your not sure your even wearing it within 3-4 hours.

But at this price you can always reapply. This is your WINTER scent. Fall, winter, NYC cold weather, cuddle by the fire, reading a good book with a glass of cognac, scent. And you will not smell like anyone else, nor can this unique scent be confuses with any other cologne. If you have used, or sampled CATALYST and been intrigued. This scent to me is far superior, and drys down to a more pleasant natural scent.

It gets more pleasing and warm the longer you wear it till it "sadly" very shortly disappears. So just reapply. There's some cloves in their, some musk, woods, and tobacco. IT IS A WARM COZY SCENT, that never smells cheap or fem. Get some today.
31st December, 2011