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Fire Island by Bond No. 9

To summarize my review: Sunscreen.

Ok, now that that's out of the way here's my main problem with it.

When are you supposed to wear this?? This is one of the few that I feel is too cloying in the heat, but that's the only time I would ever wear this! It doesn't fit sitting in the air won't wear it in the winter...

I guess the only thing I could find a use for would be reminding you of a summery day, maybe brighten up a cold one.

It's just so limited on it's uses I couldn't recommend it. Unless you really love sunscreen. You better really LOVE sunscreen.
13th November, 2012

Royal Oud by Creed

Highly pleasant, but feels incomplete. If the fragrance was written out into a sentence it would read:

"Creed's latest offering is finally here, with the feeling of spiced woods and..."

Someone forgot the ending! At least that's how it feels. It's somewhat dull, but it smells nice. If you're expecting the oud from Montale, look elsewhere. The asking price must be part of the prank.
13th November, 2012

West Side by Bond No. 9

A gem in the Bond house. I'll have to agree with the others who say it starts out with a sweet and wine-like rose. Bordering on classy but never falling right into that territory, this ends up just being completely fun. After it calms down a bit it morphs into a sweeter fragrance as the vanilla makes its way to the front.

In the same vein as Noir de Noir and somewhat 1969 by HdP, but they feel way to serious compared to this. Take a look at the bright red bottle with music notes littering the face, you'll get a good idea of the personality it has.
13th November, 2012
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Eau Duelle Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

I've been spoiled. Ever since I started out with Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille nothing matches it. I can't ever give Eau Duelle a fair review.

The thing is I found it perfectly fine, but that's not enough. Vanilla is one of those tricky notes to me. Since it's used so widely it needs to be something special, especially if it's the main attraction. That's were I had a problem with this. It's very well done, it's comforting, cozy, warm, everything it should be...but I haven't found it to stand out on it's own.

Like I said, SDV spoiled me. I'm not searching for vanilla anymore. This does it's job, it's just not the one for me.
13th November, 2012

Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfume

Hard to review.

Less of a fragrance you wear and more something you want to just experience. The smoke note in here is almost surprising, you don't expect it to smell as realistic as it does. There's a slightly sweet undertone. I somewhat feel that if you didn't know the name was "Burning Leaves" you would assume it smelled of campfire or barbecue. I guess what I'm saying is, there are a lot of things that smell smokey, I'm not sure if this completely captures that exact smell of burning fall leaves.

But! It comes really close. I have no idea how hard it is to replicate something so exact, but if you love the smell, this will do it for you.

For me though, it's not something I can wear. I wish it was a candle, in fact if I got extra time I'd love to try and make one out of some of the oil.

(Another slight annoyance, and this goes for the whole line, is the water base. On my skin it just never quite dries up and leaves the spot feeling cold. It's just unpleasant and will probably keep me away from any of the water perfumes.)
13th November, 2012

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

This is rare...a Le Labo that smells like what it's named after.

...and honestly that's about all you get. It's very pleasant, a bright sparkling citrus that lasts and lasts.

It's not worth it though. If you come to it expecting something exciting and new, do keep moving along on your search. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd only want to smell like bergamote, it always seems like a supporting player, or a nice scent for some body wash...

In fact skip the fragrance, just buy the shower gel, it's much more enjoyable in those short but strong bursts of invigorating cleanliness than for an all day affair.
13th November, 2012

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

Say what you will about Bond, but I personally think they have a few worthy fragrances. This is the kind of thing that screws with my rational head, does it justify it's price tag (not really), do you agree with the business's practices (certainly not) ect... it's a natural reaction to take these into account. I'm going against my better judgement and ignoring that.

This fragrance pleases me.

It's a simple thing really, it just hits that spot. It's a better version of Montale's Black Aoud. Where that left me hanging waiting for the rest of the composition, this finished it off with a fruity plum note and a little more sweetness. It still has that sharp somewhat screechy faux-oud (hey Montale!) but it's not just left there with only some rose to liven up the party.

It's worth checking out, even if 90% of the Bond line isn't.
01st November, 2012

Vétiver by Christian Dior

This absolutely deserves more praise than it gets, and while it may not stand out as much as some of the fragrances in the La Collection Privee, it has to be one of the most pleasing,calming, and refined.

Dior's take is actually a perfect starting Vetiver, it took a note I didn't believe I liked and reduced it to a minimal composition, which really lets you appreciate the note. If you check their site you will see they list the notes as grapefruit, vetiver, and coffee. There is a definite citrus mini-blast in the beginning that stays in the background through the whole trip, but the coffee is nowhere to be found until you realize this is why Vetiver feels so smooth. The coffee isn't there as a separate note per say, but to support the vetiver and smooth out the rough edges that are typically there. This is what makes it so perfect.
12th June, 2012

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

I'm apologizing beforehand...but I have to bring this down a peg. This fragrance is single-handedly responsible for ruining amber notes for me for a half a year. What was the problem? THE HERBS! Something about the medicinal herbs and the overbearing amber pounding my head relentlessly, it made me sick. Then every amber made me feel sick. Be careful with this stuff, if it doesn't agree with you it will stick around and haunt you.

Honestly I can't even properly review this because I won't subject myself to this again, but this is truly one of my most hated scents. Amber and green herbs that shouldn't be there, that's what this is to me.
12th June, 2012

Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

This is the scent that snapped me out of my Maurice Roucel love affair, and it even fooled me a few times. But you know the saying...fool me once...ect. I guess in the end shame on me, but this isn't all negative, in fact it's perfectly pleasing. That is all it is unfortunately and in the category of high-priced-good-smelling there are much better.

There is a watery sweet basil and what I can only assume are violet leaves in the background. I don't get much if any pineapple. It stays relatively linear which contributes to it's boring nature.

I know Riverside Drive is a street in NY, but I think Riverside is a fitting name. I get somewhat of a picture of sitting by a stream, at least that's where the herbal/mossy vibe leads me.

This isn't the kind of scent that will get you noticed. If it's pleasing scents you're looking for this might be a try, but I almost feel like you'd be settling.
12th June, 2012

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

If there's one thing I know Hermes/Jean-Claude Ellena for, it's blurring the line between what we consider niche quality and what we consider designer quality. I'm not saying these 2 groups are scientifically proven to be leaps and bounds away from each other quality-wise, but in general niche is where the top-notch reside...and usually Hermes is right up there with them, breaking the boundary.

This is not Hermes quality. This is a mess. I expected this to be right up there with Terre D'Hermes, I was very disappointed. What this is is a very modern citrus, but I like to think of it like something that been distilled and filtered too much over time, at a certain point it becomes so refined that it looses what made it special.

There is a very lemony-citrus, a light tea scent, and the ever so spicy woody smell of cardamom, but it's very boring, very synthetic, and doesn't even try to hide it.

Jean-Claude Ellena has done much better than this. From the startling top to the generic citrus musk drydown I would recommend passing.
12th June, 2012