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L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

My positive review will probably be lost amongst all the other positive reviews but either way here it goes.

A masterpiece from Guerlain. Citrus and cocoa. Enough said :)

But seriously, citrus is always a representation of 'nice', 'fresh' and 'clean'. Couple that with sweet aromatic chocolate, you get an interesting fusion. It is a mix of sweet and dirty eroticism but with a safe clean fig leaf holding the story of L'Instant together.

07th January, 2012

Davidoff Adventure by Davidoff

I was pleasantly surprised by this scent.

Nothing gimmicky about the bottle, it has a flask style design which complements the travelling man who loves his adventure.

The scent is citrusy with a bit of spice and a mild wood touch as well.

This lasts reasonably well and the ladies seem to love it :)

Oh and for the price, a no brainer.
07th January, 2012

Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

I never thought rose could be this dark. The oud certainly casts a shadow over the rose and I totally see why this scent has been named a dark entity. It is very intriguing and certainly meant for special evening occasions where you would want to be noticed as daring and mysterious.

People may believe this is feminine owing to the rose, but believe me, the 'darker' ingredients make up for this by truly injecting testosterone into the petals.
07th January, 2012
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Perfect Man Alternative by Bella Bellissima

Met Bella at Selfridges in December and she went through the range with me. This stood out to me amongst a few others, but this is really special.

You definitely get some citrus here by the beach but with a forest right behind you. A well put together fragrance with great lasting power.

A warmer day fragrance which will make you stand out from the crowd. I guarantee it :)

07th January, 2012

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Wow this is simply beautiful.

The leather is certainly very strong at first and probably will scare away a few people. However once this juice dries down slowly, you really start to love this.

It oozes confidence and smells so special.

I actually use one spray of Tuscan Leather and one spray of Noir de Noir. I once told this to one of the TF counter girls and she thought I was a little crazy until she tried the same and nearly died of being overwhelmed by the glorious fusion.

Try it :)
07th January, 2012

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of Creed just because their fragrances don't sit well with my skin very often.

This however gets a tick from me as I truly like the smell and I can still sniff a hint of it on my wrist the day after.

It comprises of the best tobacco you can get hold of coupled with some sweetness to tame the potential strong nature of tobacco. This perhaps gives it a unisex nature, however it does not matter, whoever wears this gets a quality fragrances that lasts and will make not only yourself happy, but the people around you sniffing you.
07th January, 2012

Royal Oud by Creed

It's ok. The scent is spicy and DOES have oudh in it.

I didn't want to talk about the price but when I feel that someone may be getting ripped off, I have second thoughts.

I feel there are other houses that, to a much more successful degree, work with oudh much better. To call it "Royal Oud" is a big statement but unfortunately it's not perfect.

Having said that, it is still a warm and interesting fragrance.

07th January, 2012

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

At first I wasn't impressed, but I have learnt to allow a fragrance to develop and boy did I learn.

Take the softest smelling tobacco leaf and wrap it around a heated vanilla stick and allow them to fuse slowly while sprinkling down a gentle concoction of spices and brown sugar.

The tobacco burns out a little quicker but allows a smoked out beautiful vanilla take over your realm.

It is another poetic fragrance.

(personal hint : perhaps add just a little dab of Tuscan Leather to really stand out)
07th January, 2012

Royal Water by Creed

This is a wonderful fresh scent. I smelt a bit of Hermes Terre but then this train just sped off into the distance.

I smell citrus, the basil and I even smell earth. It's a summer musical.

This is certainly unisex but whoever wears this oozes sophistication and clearly embraces the surroundings into a peaceful state. This is what Royal Water does.

BTW, I add one spray of Tom Ford's PB Oud Wood on my chest.
This makes this scent more masculine and will work magic during the summer.

So one spray of Oud Wood on the chest and two sprays of Royal Water on the neck. Good to go.
07th January, 2012

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

When people think "Tom Ford Private Blend", they often picture the price tag first and desperately try and find substitutes, to be honest most us do including me, in order to nullify the desire to purchase one of his PB scents.

On the other hand, let us appreciate independently and carefully what we smell.

Oud Wood is no gimmick. It is a careful fusion of oud with what people in the west can tolerate in terms of smell level and intensity.

It is a mildly sweet scent with a heavier woody undertone. Somewhat unisex but perhaps better for men who desire something a little different from mainstream.

It has a friendly projection and on me lasts at least a full day at good capacity. I only need two sprays to accomplish this.

I can see why people smell M7, but that is a combination of having Tom Ford inspiring both but also because we want Oud Wood to have a cheaper uncle.

Personally, I truly appreciate the power of Oud Wood. It is unique in my collection and I can count on it a 100%. This is by far one of the safer niche buys in the PB range.
07th January, 2012

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

This opens up nicely with fresh bergamot which I am a fan of.

A flowery/soapy scent quickly develops behind the opening which is not unique per se.

This is a very very safe scent in his line up. No special magic with the blend.

It lasts very long on my skin and has good enough projection. A clear spring/summer fragrance that deserves a little warmth to truly stimulate and give effect to the ingredients.

Would I buy it?

No. I appreciate the quality I am getting here but there are other houses doing a far better job with bergamot and citrus in general. I would rather pay them to do the spring/summer job.

To me, the Private Blend range should focus on what they do best, namely darker fragrances that truly stand out in evenings or in the fall/winter months.

I just wanted to mention that longetivity for this is truly superb. Most summer fragrances get absorbed on me very quickly. I am pondering over a purchase more and more.
07th January, 2012

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Great strong citrus fragrance.

Starts off very fresh and very very lemony with a bit of apple that people have mentioned. If you like lemon, this will make you happy.

The citrus smell won't go away but it takes a seat and allows a bit of wood and spice to gently take centre stage as well.

I am happy with longetivity and projection. It is not the strongest fragrance in my collection, but for the price, smell and bottle design, it had to be purchased :)
07th January, 2012

Aventus by Creed

People always make a big deal out of Aventus. So I got myself a sample.

At first I smell a concoction of fruits. Fresh apples, pineapples and blackcurrants even.

But then I smell a beautiful fusion of apple and a light woody scent, mixed with a creamy pineapple. I can sense bergamot too.

The fruits are really framed well together by a sweet woody (moss/birch) tone.

This is not a heavy scent at all, very pleasant actually. I can see this being worn on warmer days (nights) owing to the fruity characteristics, as well as on colder days (nights) afforded by the woody, smoky even accords.

I can see why this is very popular. It is a sophisticated fragrance and safe enough so that you don't feel "ripped off" given the $$$ required for this juice.

I hope this stays long enough on my skin.

Would I buy this?

I think I would but I will look out for a deal nevertheless. I have plenty scents that allow me to play with the feelings evoked by Aventus. However I definitely see us being together one day.

07th January, 2012
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Black Aoud by Montale

I finally finally finally got this.

Black Aoud

It's starts very strong. The oud casts a huge shadow over a darkened and mysterious rose garden.

As the oud slowly loosens up, we witness dark roses start opening up their personalities.

Patchouli assists the longetivity of the story. I also sense a bit of Musk.

What is this?

This is a somewhat daring scent. It's a strong, exotic and mysterious play whose actors are the best seasoned actors you can find. Think dark, think sultry. It is simply a fascinating fragrance that lasts such a long time.

I like this a lot. My 50ml will take me a long long way. I am glad it's in my collection.
07th January, 2012

Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud by Montale

Got a great deal on a 50ml version of this. (blind buy)


Box standard Montale signature bottle, only miniature looking due to the 50ml. Came in the Montale black pouch with tiny 'square mirrors'.

Let's move on


Opens strong, at least not as strong as Black Aoud.

I pick up Saffron and rose instantly with the usual woodier culprits lingering on in the background (sandalwood and a slightly toned down oud). Still unisex but at the moment lingering on the feminine side.

The projection is very good with this one. My brother came into my room and made a comment of how good my room smelt an hour and half or so in.

Ok, as this juice settles down a little, the oud comes out a little more. Saffron, mild rose and stronger oud. Still unisex but a little more masculine now.

As for longetivity, Montale is known to stay for 6+ hours EASILY. I sprayed one on the neck and one one the chest about 3 hours ago. Still going very strong and effective.

Moon Aoud does not get much press probably because we have so many variations of the whole rose/oud spiel. Having said that, I believe Moon Aoud has taken the best bits of all Montales and put them together for this fragrance.

Does this make Moon Aoud the best? Not necessarily, I still enjoy Black Aoud with all its extremities. But if Black Aoud may sound a little to strong and daring, then Moon Aoud is the perfect scent for you to enjoy some of that Montale magic.

Thanks for reading
07th January, 2012