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Playboy VIP for Him by Playboy

I absolutely love this fragrance, yes I know it's cheap and I know it's generic but I love gourmand scents, and as far as gourmand go you won't find anything more foodyor sweet than this. It's most definitely no TM amen or Guerlain l'instant but for the price its got to be one of my favorites, and if you want a poor man's fuel for life then check out playboy london, almost identical!
12th April, 2013

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Really disappointed by this, I was expecting a stronger opening. It's most definitely no bomb, it's quite a nice fragrance but nothing at all special as I am sure I have encounter something very similar in the middle notes, MEZMERISE by Avon. It's totally different at the drydown, as I get a soapy,balsam very close to the skin smell. It gets 6/10 from me!
10th April, 2013