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Wild Country by Avon

To my nose, this doesn't smell identical to Brut in any way. I was given a big bottle in 1970 marketed as "Mariner's Choice" in a bottle with a compass on it - this product has always been packaged in novel bottles. Hobson's choice; I was poor, and had nothing else. I guess it's fairly anodyne in an innocuous, inoffensive; vapid way. Quite a short lived effect, some might say bland, it was my go-to in my teens so I feel kindly disposed but only as one might relate to a familiar legacy aroma in the Old Spice class. Were it not for my fond memories, I'd possibly rate it as neutral.
18th July, 2014

G. Bellini X-Bolt by Lidl

Generally well perceived in try-outs, I have stuck with this as a cheap and cheerful daytime refreshment. Only at Lidls, priced like a grocery - even better when on half price offer - it has a Hugo Boss character, but I also like that it's a convenient fine spray, not a splash. To be honest, I keep some in the spare loo for pretty indiscriminate use when I want a post-handwash lift that leaves me and the environment sweeter. Quite lasting, actually, not heavy and doesn't scream cheap at you too loudly.
18th July, 2014

Umbro Speed by Umbro

Pretty heavy, far from citric, more pachouli, redolent of joss sticks in an Indian haberdashery. At £1 for 50ml in Poundland, it is ludicrously cheap, so I assess it with that in mind.
Surprisingly lingering, it will mix sparingly with other lighter cheapies, e.g. Lidl's Bellini or a drugstore musk, to make an experimental cocktail, rarely the same twice. Or try a dash with something with lemony top notes, e.g. Beckham Instinct, to add a bit of otherness.
18th July, 2014
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