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    Connect for Men by Jivago

    A sexy, edgy scent from 2006 that is really only for individuals with the cahunas to pull it off.
    Disturbingly, I notice one or two of my fellow internet reviewers mentioning the animalic tones and sweaty aspects in the negative. This is something I simply cannot go along with as a lover of skanky juice. Furthermore, I don't think that it is an overstatement to say that for me this is a 21st century Kouros.
    Frankly, I'm shocked that this is not talked about more amongst fumeheads, even the bottle exudes a certain charm.

    Just a top drawer, highly wearable, inexpensive designer scent with above average longevity.
    I'm getting musk.
    I'm getting civet.
    I'm getting grapefruit,
    I'm getting sandalwood.
    Its all you get and its all you need, and without question a welcome addition into my collection.

    n.b. Anyone into hipsterism please stay away, its not for you!

    04 December, 2013


    Vie de Chateau Intense by Nicolaï

    The fruity opening offers an elegant combination of hay and grapefruit exhibited here with sparkling originality and dovetailing nicely with the low key tobacco, musk and leather all lurking around in the background, before finally drying down to a chypre base oozing with class and style.

    The scent also displays a lovely versatility that can compliment any season.

    Clearly, no perfume is without fault and if my critical faculties were set at 10 then the longevity can seem a little thin.

    At last, a niche fragrance that I am extremely happy with and therefore enters my personal top ten, furthermore I encourage any fellow 21st century urban nomads to take a closer look at this one


    22 September, 2012 (Last Edited: 17 October, 2012)

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