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Nostalgie by Sonoma Scent Studio

This is all kinds of wonderful. Opens with something that teases at the edges of my memory as a very high-end old-fashioned talcum, yet not at all geriatric--more like what a sexually adventurous flapper would have worn. Maybe it's the aldehydes or the mimosa that keeps it bright? It deepens into a rich, satisfying floral, and it lasts and lasts, 6-8 hours which is unheard of for my dry skin. What I like best is that it evolves and plays peekaboo throughout it's long life, "now you smell it, now you don't," and never becomes heavy or monotone, which I think has to do with the high percentage of natural ingredients. It also melds beautifully with my skin, almost adding my skin-salt to the fragrance itself, if that makes sense. I bought a full bottle!
20th September, 2012