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    Amber Oud by By Kilian

    I really like this scent a lot but for the price I'm definitely not going to be buying a bottle.
    It just doesn't seem versatile enough.
    I'm giving it a thumbs up regardless.

    Amber Oud is very familiar but different, but it without a doubt gives the impression of a classic fragrance.
    It starts of with a heavy, smokey wood that gives it sort of a boozy feel, with quite a bit of amber. Its also a bit powdery with some vanilla and tobacco. not getting any bay leaf.
    as it dries down the woods fade away and the powder and vanilla become more prominent, a hint of moss or something green also seems to peeks out.
    A few hours later the powdery almost floral like scent dies down and your left with a very smooth vanilla and amber.
    I really like the way this fragrance smells after about 4 hours.

    Over all a really nice scent, albeit a little too "mature" for my taste. but like I said before I doubt I'll be adding a full bottle of this to my collection.

    27th February, 2012


    Love by By Kilian

    Wow! kinda shocked by all the negative and neutral comments!
    I'm another lover of Love! I think this scent is absolutely amazing!!! I'm aparently a big gourmand fan tho, definetly not for people who don't like sweet scents. This stuff is SWEET!
    This juices' projection/longevity and projection are out of control!
    I was kind of worried that it was too "girly" for me, being a pretty big guy (6'1" 210lbs). But I've asked a number of people and they didn't think it smelt very feminine on me at all (when I asked one person they said "What?! Girly?! I dont get that at all!")
    This scent is just intoxicating! whenever I get a whiff of it during the day my eyes roll back lol.
    It's very, very vanilla, very sugary with what I would call an incense type smell. I don't know if I smell tobaco or if that's an "illusion" from the vanilla. There's also a very subtle floral note at the oppening (even though all the listed notes are floral) and maybe a light woody/ smokey smell... I might just be making things up now lol. Oh! maybe some raw tea :)
    I also love By Kilians presentation, the box with the lock closed the deal! I imagine you could just get the 1oz travel spray refill for only $70 as opposed to the $250 pricetag, if you want to save some $ and don't care about box's (who doesn't care about box's though!)
    I just hope I haven''t been offending anyone with my scent now that I've read these reviews :P

    09th February, 2012

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