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Intoxicated by By Kilian

You know how they did those experiments where they put average wine in a fancy bottle and people rated its quality higher because they thought it was a finer, more expensive wine? That's sort of what's going on here.

This Kilian fragrance is a nice gourmand - but if you can say with a straight face that it stands out as far superior to A*Men Pure Coffee then I think you may be falling victim to the same forces as our friends in the wine experiment.

This is a softer Pure Coffee with maybe a bit of Pure Malt, so basically you're skipping to more of the dry-down phase with maybe a hint of nutmeg or cinnamon on top of coffee/chocolate/caramel notes.

If you've got the cash, I guess go 'head and give it to Mr. Hennessy. Or you could just buy Pure Coffee or Pure Malt and grab a nice bottle of wine with all the money you saved...
26th September, 2016