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Eternal Return by CB I Hate Perfume

I'm tempted to give a thumbs-neutral rating because I don't think it's worth the price tag. Alas, Eternal Return is a lovely, light, airy fragrance. I catch whiffs of the setting CB tries to capture. Saltwater air, light wood, and cypress all appear and drift around without ever really settling into anything definite. It's pleasant, uplifting, and somewhat contemplative/moody. It strikes me as a safe, any-occasion scent. It's even one of those scents that could give the trick impression that you somehow smell wonderful but aren't wearing perfume. (CB does this so very well.) The water-based version took a nice, even hold on my skin (almost as salty air mixes with sweat on a hot beach, actually). Eternal Return didn't last particularly long on me, however; I began to wonder where it went after 4 or 5 hours. Fresh saltwater and vague woods dominate without the synthetic soapy perfume of many aquatics or the heavy spice that is typical of woody fragrances. Recommended for sampling. All in all, a fun boat ride home from a quiet island.
10th June, 2012

Rubber by Demeter Fragrance Library

I was really looking forward to my Demeter Rubber sample. Sadly, upon first spray I was reminded that even straightforward/single note fragrances are just interpretations. Hopes involved fresh tire smell, the delicious stench of new Converse or Vans, or even the rubber note in Bvlgari Black sans that awful (to me) vanilla it's cut with. Instead, my senses were blasted with something unpleasant that I can't seem to attach to any object, place, or memory. The best comparison I can think of is the smell of a piece of cheap plastic melting. I gave it a chance to settle down or even warm into a burnt rubber smell (more wishful thinking) but ultimately scrubbed it off within an hour. Might have to go outside and sniff my rubber Audi mats to redeem the olfactory faculties.
24th May, 2012

parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Skai by Comme des Garçons

The first CdC fragrances I sampled were Odeur 53, Odeur 71, Garage, and Skai. Excited by Basenotes reviews, I was drawn to CdC because I have a scent obsession with just about anything I probably shouldn't actually be sniffing (i.e. new car smell, new rubber tires, neoprene, the cheap new shoe smell that permeates Payless stores, etc.).

Skai was my least favorite of the four after the first wear or two. Three fourths of my sample vial later, I found myself panicking over it having been discontinued.

Skai is so beautiful and weird. The opening is pure PVC for me, and after an hour or so it warms up and I think of what it might feel like to be enveloped in a freshly unboxed white leather and vinyl spacesuit. The impression is fresh, clean, white, and airy. It feels warm and comforting in its vague consumer familiarity. The person who described it as clean in a "just unpacked" sense said it best. When I wear it, I feel like a human who was made in a factory, and it's a fun idea to entertain as the day has its way with me.

My only complaints are that it doesn't stick around long enough on my skin or on the market. Alas, I have a sample of CdC Tea on the way and I'm crossing my fingers that it freaks me out then calls to me like Skai did.
06th May, 2012
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